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Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond is a twenty-six-year-old New York photographer, originally from Ohio, who has become something of a social media sensation. His presence is split between… 392 more words

Why Every Photographer Should Own a Light Meter

By FStoppers.com, Spencer Lookabaugh, February 8, 2017

While it certainly wasn’t my first time using one, a recent shoot I did for TEDx at the Ohio State University made me realize how much easier life is with a light meter. 218 more words


Light Painting Made Easy by the New iPhone App Pablo

by Andrew Faulk, fstoppers.com

For most, light painting photography is out of reach. Usually requiring a DSLR setup, most photographers don’t want to spend the time, energy, or coin to create dynamic images painted with light. 61 more words


The path

A day of mixed weather, brilliant sunshine and violent hail showers but even when things seemed at their darkest, the burning sunshine was always just behind.

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Long way to go

This is the bridge you have to cross in order to get from the parking lot to the beach. Its quite the journey but its so worth it, specially with a sky like this. 26 more words