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Lawmakers set to overturn broadband privacy rules, as ISPs requested

Congress is looking to undo recently passed broadband privacy rules that industry groups have called “dysfunctional” and that consumer groups call important to ensuring that ISPs can’t sell customers’ data without their consent. 370 more words


Beyond fake news… How Google just became FAKE SEARCH by blacklisting independent journalism

By Mike Adams | Natural News

You’ve already heard about FAKE NEWS, the mainstream media’s repeated fabrication of false facts portrayed as real. Who can forget the Washington Post’s… 1,002 more words


Has Versace mastered the art of disclosure?

That Instagram contest you just entered to win free merchandise may be a violation of the FTC Guidelines! The FTC Endorsement Guidelines state that it is deceiving to have individuals participate in a contest for a chance to win without disclosing they are doing so. 302 more words

Feds Investigate Auto Lender For Its Use Of GPS Device To Remotely Disable Cars

Once upon a time, if you fell behind on your car loan, the repo guy came out in the middle of the night and took your collateral-on-wheels back. 265 more words

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Texas-based GC Services Limited Partnership (Houston) got a Valentine’s Day card it really didn’t want from the FTC!

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that GC Services entered into a Stipulated Order for Permanent Injunction and Civil Penalty of $700,000 (see above link for Judgment) in using unlawful tactics to collect on federal student loans and other debts. 204 more words

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GPS Kill Switches Finally Getting Increased Scrutiny

The FTC has begun investigating the use of GPS tracking devices and kill switches by two auto lenders, according to both Bloomberg News and the… 381 more words