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Micro: should you respond to phishing emails?

At a speaking engagement for the University of Texas Learning Activities for Mature People (LAMP) program, an audience member asked what to do about phishing or scam emails. 211 more words

Things To Do

Paying for a diploma? FTC halts alleged fake online school

There are several benefits of having a high school diploma. From getting a better job, applying for college, and being eligible for the military. But did you know there is such thing as a diploma mill? 294 more words


RoboEpic Wins big for GA!

Despite being postponed due to a snow storm (and almost another), the Gator Bowl 2016 was a success! The third annual CT FTC qualifying tournament was held at Greenwich Academy on Saturday, February 6th, and brought together teams from all over Connecticut. 295 more words

FTC Challenge to "Made in USA" and Other U.S. Origin Claims

Dear Friends,

We wanted to let you know about a lawsuit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed contesting an Ohio company’s use of U.S.-origin claims. 375 more words

Technical Vulnerability of Smart Cities

On the technical side, the main challenge consists in complexity and interdependency of Smart City systems. Cities and their infrastructure are already the most complex structures ever created by men. 708 more words

Internet Of Things

Scammy Sellers Of AF Plus, Final Trim Weight-Loss Pills Made Millions From Bogus "Risk-Free" Trials

You may have heard radio ads for weight loss supplements named AF Plus and Final Trim, promising “24 hours of fat burning power” and “maximum weight loss,” along with supposed real-world testimonials about how well these pills worked — and how you can try them now through a “risk-free” trial. 819 more words

Super Bowling for Dollars

by Jay Marshall Wolman

Yesterday, on Twitter (yes, I’m on Twitter @wolmanj), I shared an article by Mike Masnick from 2012 regarding the myth of the Big Game/Super Bowl nomenclature.   318 more words