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ftfy (fixes text for you) 4.0: changing less and fixing more

ftfy is a Python tool that takes in bad Unicode and outputs good Unicode. I developed it because we really needed it at Luminoso — the text we work with can be damaged in several ways by the time it gets to us. 1,767 more words


Barbie, Remixed: I (really!) can be a computer engineer.

I am a PhD student in a computing department, so I guess it’s not surprising that my social media feeds have been full of outrage over Barbie’s “computer engineering” skills. 529 more words

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Lindsey Nicole reblogged this on Of Mind and Body and commented:

This needed a remix, badly.

Impeach James Clapper-by Andrew Roth

It’s very simple. The Director of National Intelligence needs to go. He lied to Congress about the NSA’s totalitarian PRISM program. That’s as serious and subversive a lie as can be told to Congress about any topic. 455 more words

curioser and curioser

just when you think you’ve got inbreeding and genetics sorted out in your head (almost — well, no, not really), they throw something new at ya. 401 more words

Biology 101

Internet Explorer Countdown, The Original Campaign.

Apparently Microsoft wants you to move off of Internet Explorer 6. Here’s a screenshot of the original campaign site:


No Democrat Left Behind

Eric Holder is at it again. After accusing America of cowardice in addressing race issues, Holder’s “Justice” Department dismissed a civil complaint of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers. 247 more words

Democrat Corruption