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Create simple XML files with Freemarker Template (ftl)

Freemarker is an open source java template engine which can be used to create text outputs in different formats. (HTML to auto generated source code). 458 more words


FTL Head Ships

Yes. This is a playable ship for FTL, fully operational and well-balanced. It has only 2 max weapons but has fully powered subsystems right from the get-go. 42 more words


Geek Eclectic Plays: FTL Part 1

In this episode of Geek Eclectic Plays, Nick does a playthrough of FTL (Faster Than Light). It’s safe to say that this is a Nick heavy episode, so it’s possible that there is some crude language…you’ve been warned. 9 more words

Video Games

FTL: Forever Time Loss

So a week ago I saw an indie game sell on Steam.  For those of you who don’t know, Steam is a video game PC client created by Valve, the company who brought you Half Life and Portal.   113 more words


Will We Ever Travel Faster Than Light?

Of course we all want to be able to travel through space like the Enterprise at Warp speed. But will we ever be able to do that? 104 more words


No, they haven’t invented warp drive!

The media is screwing things up again. With headlines about “warp drive”, they are not only getting the physics wrong, they are also misunderstanding Star Trek… 550 more words