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The Cobra Trilogy

Title: The Cobra Trilogy (Cobra, Cobra Strike, Cobra Bargain)

Author: Timothy Zahn

Nutshell: The Cobra Trilogy covers three generations of  super-soldier. In the first book, small town boy Johnny Moreau wants to change the odds in the war against an alien menace to the Human worlds. 414 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 182 (3/22/2017)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 182 (3/22/2017)

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Mandate Radio! This week, Frank talks Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, movies, and Solitarica, Fitz talks FTL, and Pete very briefly mentions Zelda!   57 more words


From Other Suns - Borderlands i FTL u jednom VR paketu

Proučavam navigacijske mape za svojim radnim stolom, tražeći najbolji put za bijeg od sigurne smrti koja nam je za petama. Mir povremenog zujanja elektronike odjednom prekine žarko crveno svjetlo i zaglušujući zvuk alarma. 210 more words


FTL - Faster than light ili Kako sam naučio voljeti i cijeniti posadu broda

Kada spominjemo roguelike igre bilo bi teško ne spomenuti jedan dragulj iz toga žanra. FTL – Faster than light. FTL je top-down roguelike simulator upravljanja svemirskim brodom, kojeg su razvili indie developeri Subset Games.  565 more words


Captain's Log Stardate February 2017

One of my main goals with having a blog is to record a bit of what’s changed. How I got from A to B. Like the log of a ship; or Jean-Luc Picard explaining why the Klingons are at it again. 624 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Zack Palm Travels Faster Than Light

Transporting stolen data and outrunning the rebel fleet is the easy part, whereas Zack Palm’s true test lies in being the captain of his own ship. 44 more words


What PTSD Has Taught Me

This series will take me some time to write.  My goal is to share with you a story that proves you can get better from PTSD.   135 more words