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Steam Controller Review

(Originally published to Sackinima on December 11, 2015)

So I was browsing steam one day looking for some precious sales and I stumbled across an ad for the new steam controller before it was released. 916 more words


Fast, faster, FTL.

I am a dreamer. And we, dreamers, don’t see “what is”, we don’t even see what “will be”. We see “it would be awesome if it would be like this” in every possible situation. 1,315 more words

The Future Of Transportation - August 2017

Monday eXcursion: EVERSPACE

Of all the many video game species that have gone extinct in my lifetime, I think I miss the single player spaceship sim the most. Oh sure, there are games out there like… 2,188 more words


Kingsway is Like FTL With Wizards

Kingsway is a game about immersing you in its many strange layers and then surprising you at every turn. It’s a game that you’re much better off going into blind, so I’ll recommend that you go give it a shot without continuing past this paragraph. 413 more words


Temporary Flatgap DT FTL

Anyone who has ever skated Downtown Fort Lauderdale knows that spots are a dime a dozen, and usually a bust. 109 more words

Designing a game for EGX

In Febuary my game idea was selected for the Tranzfuser competition.  We recieved £5000 over a 10 week period, and in 1 month we get to showcase our demo at EGX 2017 alongside the 20 or so other teams selected. 994 more words


The Carneeg - Chapter 2 - Help Me Write It!

Written By Janr Ssor – Published By Janr Ssor. Copyright 2017 by Janr Ssor and Dr Joseph A Ross, 15300 Lake Wildflower Rd, DelRay Beach Fl 33434. 1,364 more words