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FTL Ceases to Amuse

So my strategy so far has been to rely on luck too much. I see that now. Although I am quite capable of having over 300 scrap by the end of the third level, I can’t find the weapons or stuff I need to garuntee final victory in the field. 320 more words


Why I keep coming back to FTL

If you haven’t heard of FTL: Faster Than Light it’s a wonderful 2D top-down spaceship simulator game focused on exploring space and spaceship combat. The Rebel fleet is chasing you so every jump you make they get a little bit closer. 1,091 more words

Review - FTL: Faster Than Light

Hey, look at me go! I’ve decided to play a game on my backlog! Since I’ve been in this slump of “no new games to play” I decided to poke around my backlog and, well, FTL is a cheap game, so why not try it out? 434 more words


Board Game Development

During my last year in Chicago, I was finding myself creatively unfulfilled. My job at a large Chicago running company was leaving me exhausted on weekends (I was getting up for work when everyone else was stumbling back from the bars), physically worn-out during the week (from working at the company’s warehouse), and a combination of the two while working our events (my longest work day was 18 hrs). 1,688 more words

The Life Of A Halo Fan

Permadeath- Taking Games to the Next Level

As those of you who have read my Until Dawn review will know, I really dug it. I think that what made it really fun in that first play through was the sense of tension that came from knowing that any of my characters might die from any misstep. 783 more words

Video Games

FTL: Faster Than Light Review - Make It So!

Your weapons station is on fire. Your oxygen has been knocked out and your crewmen are fighting for their lives against terrifying rock creatures while your ship is pummelled by enemy lasers in the middle of an asteroid field. 782 more words


by Jack Williamson
first published in the pages of Astounding Science-Fiction, May 1940
short story

A brilliant inventor helps a space pirate wage war on the inventor’s college buddies as the last stop before conquering Earth. 693 more words

Short Stories