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Top Ten: I Jedi

Title: I, Jedi

Author: Michael A. Stockpile

Nutshell: Corran Horn’s wife has been kidnapped. Ordinarily he would go rushing off after her, swoop in to her rescue, and they would kick rear end and take names all the way out of the enemy base. 515 more words


Top Ten: The Icarus Hu

Title: The Icarus Hunt

Author: Timothy Zahn

Nutshell: Jordan McKell is a small-time smuggler for a crime lord. It’s not an ideal line of work, but it pays the bills. 417 more words


FTL: Faster Than Light

In the decades that I’ve been a gamer, I’ve experienced many emotional highs, many in-game moments that delivered many personal exultations and reminded me why I’m a gamer. 688 more words

Take a Stand - Speak Out

This past Friday, as I was serving coffee at my part-time job, a text message came through.

“Hey, did you know there was a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport? 528 more words

Domestic Violence

Setting: Galactic Empire, part 2

In part 1, I wrote about the enormous scale of a galactic empire.  If we’re going to turn that empire into a decent setting for a story, we’ll need to understand its economics. 620 more words

Science Fiction

Do I Play Roguelikes Wrong?

Enter The Gungeon was one of the games I picked up during the Steam winter sale. And I enjoy it! The problem, however, comes from how I play the game. 571 more words


Shared economy in trucking - How does it impact the transportation industry?

Trucking is a highly fragmented industry and mostly considered a commodity by customers. A trucking company looks at 3 main areas to optimise their costs and increase revenues: 798 more words