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Loyalty and Lies

Loyalty is more than meets the eye, it’s the way she holds me by her grave as I cry

Loyalty knowing what ride or die really means, not run and hide at the first sense of insecurity… 46 more words

Mental Update (Two Years and 4 Months)

I didn’t feel much like doing a status update and I guess that’s why I pushed myself to do it. As I sit at my computer and the cats are waiting for the laser pointer to appear, I realize how far I’ve come in so short a time. 191 more words


[Rant] Can We Stop Insulting Larger Transmen Who Have Top?

It's already hard enough to find up to date information on surgeons without having to deal with people talking about "well, if you're bigger, your surgery is going to look like trash". 87 more words


Happy World Sleep Day


L did not get the memo. Sure, she’s napping now, but I doubt it will last longer than an hour. Don’t even ask about last night. 97 more words

New Mom

i feel guilty about being trans (rant and tw for suicidal thoughts?)

for context i am very young (8th grade) and i have such intense dysphoria that it makes me suicidal. i have been dealing with it since i was in about the fifth grade and i finally told my school counselor since my mother doesn’t believe me. 180 more words


Three newborn must haves items

As a new mom I was over-whelmed with amount of products I saw at baby stores. I thought I NEEDED to buy every item. Before my son was born I made trip to babies r us and bought things I THOUGHT I needed. 336 more words