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Canaan's Latest Leap

One thing I never saw mentioned about babies during my research while pregnant was the dreaded leaps/Wonder Weeks.

For those who dont know, leaps are a sudden change in mental development. 351 more words


Mom Fail

It has happened. A moment with my daughter I fully admit I’m embarrassed to share. My daughter played in a puddle of pee…What makes it worse is….it wasn’t her own. 181 more words

New Mom

Hurry up and wait

Yesterday was my second session with E. It’s becoming pretty clear that they are trying to establish an open communication style. Which, yeah…that’s what therapists should do. 1,387 more words



If you haven’t already noticed I’m a pretty open book when it comes to pretty much anything. Ever since giving birth I’ve been so open and honest about anything that is thrown at me, so this is why I am once again shedding light on another serious matter. 473 more words

Mom Life

My Experience With Suicidal Thoughts

I don’t want to live like this anymore. Whatever good happens to me, whoever I get close to and however many positive things in my life it all circles back to me sabotaging myself, me crying on my own in the dark, me wanting to cut myself or the likelihood of my future hanging in the balance. 1,248 more words


Fuck Being Fat: An Introduction

Hi, I’m Eli.
A fat trans guy.
A fat trans guy in his 40s.
A fat, white, trans guy in his 40s.

God, I bet you guys can’t click away fast enough. 380 more words


Gamer Mom

As a gamer mom I often find myself thinking about a very important question- how am I going to introduce gaming to my kid? Or almost more importantly, what is going to be their first game? 358 more words

New Mom