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Setting up a secure FTP server

I can’t believe I haven’t written this up before as I’ve been using an ftp server long enough! There are several different FTP servers available, including… 833 more words


Some Totally Batchin' SQL

I would like to think my struggle was unique, that no one else could possibly be stricken with the same charge. But as I wrote my notes detailing my solution, that existential facade faded in a realization that somewhere, sometime, a person will be Googling this exact circumstance, and I don’t want them to end up like this classic XKCD strip. 550 more words



Now those of you that know me, and perhaps have had loads of spare time and read one or two of my posts, will know that I ride for fun and to finish and sprinting or pushing myself too hard is not often (or ever) on the riding agenda. 797 more words




Upload File

   System.Object ftpo;
System.Object ftpResponse;
System.Net.FtpWebRequest request;
System.IO.StreamReader reader;
System.IO.Stream requestStream;
System.Byte[] bytes;
System.Net.NetworkCredential credential;
System.String xmlContent;
System.Text.Encoding utf8;

   System.Net.FtpWebResponse response;

   // Read file… 169 more words

You've Just Been Served - 3 Reasons Why You Should Host a Server

Hosting your own server is all about control. Whether you want to ban some scrubs on Team Fortress 2, create your own website, or transfer your favorite gifs to and from your home computer, owning a static IP address will let you host your own server and take full control. 401 more words

Static IP Address

FTP Client Test Upload

This evening I have run a test for my portfolio site FTP client, linking it to my host server and uploading a test folder with a basic html text file in order to confirm that all is connected and running smoothly. 70 more words

Design Studio - Web Design

AdVenture Capitalist - Sentence Review

Watching bars and numbers go up should not be *this* satisfying!

Ellen made enough revenue to afford this review. All non-profits will go to Hyper Hippo, the creators of the game depicted above. 24 more words