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Who ever you are...

I am not interested in any contact or any other thing either. Just saying. Fuck off. You know who you are.



You think you are righteous

Benevolent and pious

Saintlike, holy, virtuous

Heavenly and sinless

You think that you’re an angel

So reverent and graceful… 60 more words


Go Away

Go away now, Celeste Buckingham keeps on singing. I agree, go away. Beat it. Fuck off. Sounds great to me. Haha. Yeah, don’t ever come back… yeah, I mean it, you know who you are.


I Call My Critic Stephen

Oh, hello there, Stephen.  I recognize your scent, your taste, your touch.  You’re hanging onto me like a backpack or a koala cub.  I shake furiously to try to get you off, but you are a stage-five clinger.   421 more words


i'm an only child and i think it shows

at least i’m writing again
mostly whining and wallowing
and wailing in wanting i
want to be wanted
and in absence of wanted i go from… 13 more words

9.11.17- who am i

hey kiddos, its Ardent Anxiety here

no, im not depressed (even though i am a little bit). ive changed my introduction, mainly cause i was getting too tired of typing out all of my old introduction. 517 more words

November 7, 2017

Next tattoo. Back of right arm.

Hair is going darker as well.

I haven’t left her yet. Or told her I want to leave.

The cup isn’t half empty or half full, its just a cup, and its up to me to fill it up. 48 more words