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F*ck You B*tch!

I have this one relative of mine who always (as in literally ALWAYS) takes advantage of people! Like, hey, how can you be so thick-skinned? Like they don’t want to tell me that they’re trying to get money from my Grandmom because once I have an idea, i’ll report it to my mom, which they don’t wa… 298 more words

Hypocrisy at its best

Here I am, after desperately seeking a medium to vent out my anger and the craving to be heard by someone. No, I don’t wish to be judged and yes, I would like my thoughts to get acknowledged. 913 more words


Styling Fuck Off In Orange

Styling F-ck Off in Orange by lizkzook featuring an aztec area rug

Fuck Off in orange is the most popular piece in my Society6 shop. People have purchased wall tapestries, notebooks, and phone cases of this piece. 109 more words

Liz Kelly Zook


Trust I have come to learn

I will never find

The only one I can trust is me

I will never again be blind

I will never again be vulnerable… 50 more words


The "F**K OFF" hidden message T-Shirt ($15)

All you have to do is connect the dots. 

This “hidden message” tee empowers its wearer to send a loud-n-clear message to anyone in close proximity.   137 more words


I don't respect bikers, biker culture or the candy ass fags who bow down to them, above all else i don't respect no bullies of any breed, I've always been hip hop as fuck

I made that perfectly clear today while dehydrated on the corner of head and esquimalt drive. home of the greasy eagles  puppets or what ever because if you got a patch chances are your a puppet and if your not a puppet and a stand up man what the fuck you doing standing around on the corner like a phat ass greaser when our communities need work, what waiting for your fentenyole hook up or something boys, funny yah didn’t send you young buck over to get ate alive probably the first smart move you cowards have made in a long time now make a smarter one because my culture is stronger than your culture by a few million like closer to a few billion or more. 2,238 more words

Change...when is enough, good enough

Change is uncomfortable…and important.

What it is not is mandatory.

Not a fan of external folks forcing an otherwise internal change on others…or on myself for that matter. 575 more words