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So this weeks FOF is Amber Rose.
Not just because I love Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. But because I just think she’s behaving like pure trash. 87 more words


Debate Team

You may have noticed that the tosabarbell posts have been few and far between lately. Maybe you didn’t notice, that’s okay too. But for those who have and wondered aboot it, here’s why….I’m sick of the internet. 633 more words

I am not saying that it doesn't happen....

but I heard that someone was talking about wage equality at the oscars. I have never heard of someone making less than their coworker because they were a woman. 159 more words

Why shouldn't fat girls wear shorts?

If I want to show off my fat thighs, I WILL
You ain’t gonna stop me.
It’s my body. I’m proud of it.

I Blog.

Customer service

Working at the customer service area. I have realised there are different types of clients. And the client is not always right.

For me, the worst type of client is the one who comes thinks the staff should stay longer so that they can finish whatever they came to do. 317 more words



Well, now I am pissed. And I bet you guessed right, I am gonna tell you why I am pissed. Now, ya see, one thing we don’t do, is play the Academia game. 1,081 more words