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Put Your Phone Away In The Cinema!

There is barely a past time more fun yet unpredictable than going to the cinema. Whether you’re going with your family, your friends or a partner of some romantic/sexual kind, going to the cinema is a great activity with something for everyone to enjoy. 509 more words


trip power


trip power ( some 5-7-5 )

hopscotched high-vis man

shepherding the question not

fluorescent vest scam



You Can’t Sue The ACLU For Telling You To Fuck Off, Bob | Wonkette

And this is why I got into the business to begin with! This is a snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney, in a sneaky way, official court document. 220 more words


Nothing left 

What do you have to be

To exist in this world

What do you have to become

In order to survive it

What do you do… 15 more words


Scottish swearing is best swearing

A video emerged this week of an irate Scottish motorist swearing at an ovine roadblock .

While the English swear quite well, there’s nothing quite like a Scottish rant, so I cherry-picked the rudest bits and saved them as audio files to use as mobile phone notifications. 59 more words


My blog, my rules

I decide what I write. I write what I feel I want to write. If it bother’s you, put a comment in commentary. But afterall, you don’t rule me or what I write. 65 more words


Diary of an (unimpressed) Pregnant Lady - the first trimester symptom olympics.

So, we were going into week “anywhere between 6 and 10 but definitely not past 12”, without any actual answers or chances for medical advice, and we simply had to make our peace with the fact that we would be tackling my yet not officially confirmed and yet “oh so obvious by all the shitty-symptoms” pregnancy, by ourselves for the time being. 689 more words