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Change...when is enough, good enough

Change is uncomfortable…and important.

What it is not is mandatory.

Not a fan of external folks forcing an otherwise internal change on others…or on myself for that matter. 575 more words

To Tell Them to Fuck off or not - that is the Question

My best friend always tell me “when they go low, you go high.”  It’s very sweet when he does that, but I never listen to him.  406 more words

I shouldn't have met her

AqqjI’m not sure how much longer I can hold out before I need to hurt myself. I had to tell the transwoman I met earlier that I can’t see her anymore. 304 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Bitter Against ATR's (A RANT)

Hate to say this, especially since I thought Palo was my home. Now I’m very bitter against the ATR’s. Maybe because I’m not ‘meant’ to be in one. 397 more words

social media or a real relationship?

If I Was There Right Now…

For my sins, I often talk to a supposedly close friend at the telephone, and more often than not she will also be looking at things she finds interesting on her cell, tablet, PC…  Do I find this rude and annoying?   451 more words

Personal Style

Go Fuck Yourself, None For Me, Thanks!

Always an excuse.

Always another reason.

I could find an overnight cure for cancer, HIV. and all things that ail. Won’t matter. They’ll still be talking down to me. 345 more words

No More

My issue with Tim Winton's Breath

The rhetoric that women are either saints or temptresses is not anything new. However, in the 21st Century should we not be beyond the dangerous and toxic narrative that authors need to sentence their sexually active female characters to death. 1,603 more words