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people keep calling me a sad person...

people keep calling me a “sad” person bc of the things i do?? like fuck off? you ask me what im doing so i tell you and you start judging me and screaming at me and insulting my hobbies and interests? 11 more words

My body is not yours to sexualise.

I’ve always had huge boobs. I hate them, I love them, either way I can’t afford to change them right now. I like how they make me feel on occasion, sometimes they look okay, and where I’m a fat girl, they can make me look more proportional – great. 259 more words

Body Positive

Fingering Distraction

It’s the view, to the right, you moron! Stop distracting me (and my finger – the indicative one) towards the left!

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Roof Deck

Just Because

I am currently working on a project that has been stirring in my periphery for years. I don’t know why I feel compelled to do it, I’ve just kept coming back to it over and over for so long, and now feels like the right time to take it on. 903 more words


Fuck off, Yummy Mummy

Okay, I’m having a bad day. Reeeaaallllyyyy bad day.

Hubby’s at the football. Been there since… I haven’t seen him yet today. The kids haven’t and won’t. 316 more words


New planet to "Fuck off back to its own solar system"

Newly discovered Planet 9 can fuck off back to its own solar system and stop enjoying a free orbit around our sun according to right wing astronomers. 219 more words