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What does sex have to do with Socialism?

I could give two wet farts about Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner.  But I’m amused at how disgusted the other folks in this video are at the suggestion that… 235 more words

Liberal Fascism

At some point

This twat is gonna mouth off to the wrong person and get curbstomped.  I hope someone nearby has a camera when he finally does.

Liberal FAIL

So This Is What Being A Rightwinger Is All About?

I know this was covered over at the Mothership, but the story about stupid lefties claiming Independence Day is a “Rightwing Holiday” brought some feelings simmering under the surface for a while to the surface. 387 more words

Fun With Media

Palestinian Allies Engineer Aural Vector for AIDS

Surely this atrocity is in violation of Geneva or Hague…

If inflicting bad music is supposed to make me feel any sympathy, well,

Islam - A Religion Of Tolerance And Peace

Dear Leftist Douchebag College Students

Fuck you. Fuck your inflated self importance with the flaming fuckfist of reality in your hipster face. Fuck you for demanding that people such as me who fucking work for a living pay your way, while you fucking refuse to do anything about it. 93 more words


My State of the Union Response

*pours glass of Makers Mark*
*lights cigar*
*scratches balls*
*clears throat*

Fuck the bogus pile of shit I heard so fuckily that it comes to life and fucks back thrice as hard with its shit-encased fuckmuscle until leftists everywhere become impregnated with shitmonster fuckspawns and forced to decide between birthing the beasts or having to go to Kermist Gosnell’s clinic of horrors. 681 more words

Liberal Fascism