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Day 2 - Jan 10th 2017

Second day back, and already I’m at zero fucks given about anything happening at work. I have that false face on where I’m all positive and cheery about everyone and everything, but quite frankly I could care less about the bullshit I know I will have to deal with. 669 more words


Day 1 - Jan 9th 2017

I* have finally returned to work today after two full weeks off during the Christmas period. You have no idea how refreshing it was to be away from work for that long. 1,179 more words



A new year, a new attitude, a blog

Before anything is even said, check out the date this was published. I think you’ll find I’m a little too late to call this, a new year resolution. 572 more words


I'm Old.

It’s amazing how your day can go from 60 to zero in a nanosecond.  When it all seems to be going okay, even in a place where you don’t feel like being.   1,180 more words


Weekend Coffee Share: Icebergs & Cats On Leashes

Another week, another measly post. Come on in and grab a cuppa. I’m using my own cup today, as in the one I drew based on my own dog for my own… 1,358 more words


10 Random Things

Hi there! Here I am! It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly that I don’t rightly know what to post, so today, we’re wingin’ it. 835 more words


10 Things You Should Pay Me To Do

My job sucks. Well, to clarify, I like the work part of work; I just don’t like everything else about my job. Before my company and I were sold a year and a half ago, I had my own office and a staff. 1,627 more words