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Weekend Coffee Share: Icebergs & Cats On Leashes

Another week, another measly post. Come on in and grab a cuppa. I’m using my own cup today, as in the one I drew based on my own dog for my own… 1,358 more words


10 Random Things

Hi there! Here I am! It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly that I don’t rightly know what to post, so today, we’re wingin’ it. 835 more words


10 Things You Should Pay Me To Do

My job sucks. Well, to clarify, I like the work part of work; I just don’t like everything else about my job. Before my company and I were sold a year and a half ago, I had my own office and a staff. 1,627 more words


The Thursday That Was Friday

This has been a terrible week; worse than average, but not nearly as bad as some. It hardly ranks in the top 40 of worst weeks, still, it has not been a good week. 684 more words

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