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Somebody dance with me!

Many famous historical and modern figures hail from Switzerland– Euler, Escher, Giger, Dunant, the Bernoulli family, and Roger Federer, just to name a few. The Swiss are invariably proud to have such illustrious countrymen. 481 more words

The awesome principle

Ok, so think of something that sucks. Can you feel that? Now think of something that’s awesome. Feel that too. I’m betting you’d like more of that second, less of the first. 278 more words

Fuck Yeah

What the fuck do they mean?

I’ve been wondering this myself…glad I’m not alone.

Fuck Yeah!


Okay, I have a confession… I’ve found the absolute 100% love of my life!
… It’s Halsey.

I adore her, she’s sassy and I love her music and she gives absolutely zero fucks. 59 more words


Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ich will euch nur kurz jemand vorstellen…

Ihr Name ist Yamaha XS 850 ’81.

Samstag startet mein erster Roadtrip!

To be continued…


Life advice according to pillows

Let’s be clear: morning — not my thing.

So when I wake up in search inspiration, I don’t want to have to look too far. And so I present: the wisdom of pillows. 431 more words

Fuck Yeah