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Making bathrooms great again!

Great news on the bathroom wars front of World War T:

The Trump administration will rescind guidance enacted by his predecessor in favour of transgender students, the White House has said.

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New trending GIF on Giphy

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Absolute Desperation.

Torn away fae, the heat, and light,

Dragged tae the cauld, dark, dessolate night.

Soul destroyed, eyes sore and worn,

Too defeated toe even manage scorn. 91 more words

Work, To The Theme Of Jaws.

I am torn, gnawed, munched, and eaten. Well no if I am one thing it’s exaggerating. I’m trying to work on a new wee thing, but I don’t know if I want to write about a toilet I liked the looks of the other night when I was drunk, or do some kind of Glaswigian Odyssey. 118 more words


I think Yurio would love martial arts couple skating à la Ranma ½ (reference used)

Brexit Bill passes!

The expressed will of the British people moves a step closer to becoming reality.

Britain passed the point of no return in its historic battle to cut ties with Brussels tonight as MPs backed the Brexit Bill.

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