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On the subject of Experimental Writing (Insanity)

I feel there’s no such thing as being too ridiculous. Truly some of the greatest works of fiction have come out into the world with some of the craziest plots in history and yet are revered for being creative and full of raw emotional drama. 432 more words



For years, Canadians have enjoyed turning Sir Wilfrid Laurier into Mister Spock and Severus Snape on $5 bills. Sadly, those days are over with our new… 50 more words

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Ah... I love my country

Who am I?

“Two Four Six Oh ONNNNEEEE”

I’m Zambonnie the leader of the parade and writer of this blog.

I am going to share my short stories, do online writing challenges and answer your questions. 37 more words


USA today

I think USA today is super obvious but WHATeverAHHHHHHHHH. how amazing is it that it got super cold the week we need to make the snowman?!!!! 54 more words

Bad Decisions


Scrubs. Whiskey. Best Tuesday night ever.



aries: waffle fries
taurus: baked potato
gemini: crinkle-cut
cancer: french fries
leo: hash browns
virgo: curly fries
libra: sweet potato fries
scorpio: poutine
sagittarius: potato wedges… 10 more words

**Mirror Talk**: Utter Anxiety

String of thoughts of an anxious mind. I’ve always been an anxious person, as far back as I could remember. I still have some nervous ticks to show for it. 184 more words