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Date Night

You know you’ve found your soulmate when…

You can listen to Tame Impala and drink red wine on your ‘quiet night’ in.

Let’s be honest.  This is not his usual cup of tea but he was willing and able tonight so who am I to disagree.   259 more words


The funniest thing I read today...

Saw a description of D. Trump in some article comments today. The person called him a “tangerine-tinted monkey-paw-wish created nightmare” and it made me laugh. Because it’s true.

Fuck Yeah!

My American "Prayer"

Still as relevant today as it was 8 years ago. I wish we could have elected him president-for-life or at least he could stay in another term (or two).

Fuck Yeah!

Can Demarcus Lawrence be the Cowboys next lead pass rusher?

Dominant defenses wins championships, but is this a recipe for which the Cowboys have the necessary ingredients?

In today’s NFL, a dominant defense means a dominant pass rush; one capable of stifling even the best quarterbacks. 2,401 more words

Dallas Cowboys

My Feminism: Olivia Huemmert


Feminism as a definition is simple. Equality for all individuals in all aspects of life regardless of gender or orientation seems easy to understand and something that everyone can get on board with. 432 more words


My tattoos - an homage to poetry

I’ve gotten some new tattoos since the last time I posted pics, and thought I’d share my tats again.  It’s also the first day of spring and getting warm and I’m itching for the time of year when it’s okay to let some skin hang out because I want to run around bra-less in tank tops and shorts like the good lord intended. 782 more words