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Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ich will euch nur kurz jemand vorstellen…

Ihr Name ist Yamaha XS 850 ’81.

Samstag startet mein erster Roadtrip!

To be continued…


Life advice, as handed down to me by pillows

I’m the first to admit, morning: not my thing.

So when I wake up in search inspiration, I don’t want to have to look too far. 449 more words


Uni Prep. Humpday Review

Well it’s 10:44pm, I’m tired and I’ve just finished doing shit for my first few days of Uni. Although it’s only a prep course, the habit of getting back into study has proved somewhat of a challenge. 150 more words


Quote of the week!

I saw this in the comments section of an article. I think it is a pretty good assessment.

Republican’s feelings towards Donald Trump can be summed up in this tale:

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Fuck Yeah!

How is Britain doing economically, a month after the Brexit vote? Just fine.

A month after the Brexit vote, seems the U.K. is managing just fine, contra all the naysayers:

It has been a month since the UK voted to leave the European Union — but something is missing.

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You Can't Make This Shit Up