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The Plurals "Swish Tour" 2017

Catch The Plurals live and grab a copy of SWISH on vinyl before its street date of September 1st! The midwest, west coast, and southwest are about to have to deal with all kinds of clowning around from the fuzzy punky trio. 108 more words

The Plurals

To give credit where due...

… good on Trump for two things recently: rolling back the scope of America’s actions in Syria (moving away from toppling the Assad regime as the supreme goal) and trolling the progs and neo-cucks with his Twitter-announced ban on transgendered serving in the military. 48 more words

The Kulturkampf

I'm Fluent in Potty Mouth

I curse. I curse a lot.

I curse like a sailor, like a truck driver, like Tony Soprano – pick your analogy.

I could blame my years in the military, but that wouldn’t be fair. 584 more words


Frank and Earnest Farewell 7/1/17

On July 1st, 2017, Frank and Earnest will be playing its final show as a band at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, MI. In addition to the great support acts (including GTG-released bands Bong Mountain and Small Parks) this show will also feature a reunion of the “classic”/ … 2,085 more words

GTG Records

I can't even...

Since the 2016 Election I have had a hard time discussing politics. I haven’t posted since before that time and I’m unlikely to post again before the next election cycle begins. 15 more words

Fuck Yeah!

Well played, Azazel. Well played.

Day 63. 114 pages, 57,507 words.

Nothing much to add today. Here is a hilarious 10-minute video of Azazel struggling to simultaneously play a set and remain vertical in Hyvinkää … 34 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Alright THIS Is How You Do POP



She’s so unbelievably good. Two hits in my mind that are legitimately some of the best songs ever written in the history of the world. 214 more words