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The moment when it was clear a sea change had occurred

Back in August:

That’s right; at the Hillary rally in which she decided to name and shame the ‘alt-right’, someone in her audience yelled, ‘Pepe!‘ when she did so. :)

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In the Halls of the Trumpen President

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - (mis)attributed to Gandhi (but still true - as we have seen! :) )


I don’t know what kind of president the Donald will make, but I’m glad the bitch lost.

For now, let us enjoy progs’, neocucks’, evanjellyfish leaders’, the Pope and others’ delicious, salty tears! :)

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The show is over

A spec of unrest

somewhere in the season

betwixt my love growing cold for him

and it’s utterly welcomed demise

It’s not a picnic of a walk… 98 more words



Stop being afraid of clowns, America, and join in ridiculing BLM! :)

#ClownLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/kkeM8j9m9R

— Michael McGuire (@MichaelMcGuire_) October 12, 2016

I just feel bad for the real clowns out here trying to make an honest living.

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Head protection versus turban-wearing: another culture war battlefront

A relatively new battlefront in the culture war; so far, in Canada, the proper side is mostly winning.

The Port of Montreal requires hard hats for all workers on its property.

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