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I have cooked meat in methods that would make your head spin. Cochinita Pibil is a latin pork dish. You dig a hole in the ground, start a fire,  then place large to medium rocks around the fire with a few in the fire.   363 more words

Fuck 'n Right


Ok we about to get reeeaaaallll deep right now. You ready?

Today I was completing some paperwork for a hockey scholarship program I am in, and one of the requirements is to write a personal statement detailing your best qualities on the field, in the classroom and generally about your personality. 785 more words

We're All Cool (littlepoem) (mine).

We’re All Cool

I must remember

That just like how I wish I were a knitter or a baker or a pool player

Other people wish they were poets


Don't set your tent on fire

Zambonnie: Bye Mum! I’m off to Camp!

Mum: Wait, what? Camp?

Zambonnie: Yeah camp, you know cabins, people, setting things of fire?

Mum: What? Fire? What are you… it’s the end of March! 569 more words


Good news from France

The National Front made big gains, and even eclipsed the Socialists, in local elections.

Naturally, the Establishment is panicked:

the Speaker of the European Parliament has ordered a fraud investigation, accusing the National Front of siphoning off the assistants’ salaries to finance its political campaigns in France.

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The Kulturkampf

fought without thinking

so i have just recently acquired a new negative scanner, the trusty ole epson3170 for the equivalent of a bag o’ peanuts. which was kind of vital as whilst i remain distanced from the digital imaging world of fancy landscapes’ and “seen it all before” portraits i have somewhat been in limbo trying to catch up on developing film, but could never see the result’s…as in local council’s decision to shut down local community centre with the “in-house” darkroom going to waste and generally collecting a thick layer of dust visible from space… 54 more words



“I know karate, I know jiu jitsu, I drive like a gangsta when I’m comin to see you. ” -Kennedy