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fought without thinking

so i have just recently acquired a new negative scanner, the trusty ole epson3170 for the equivalent of a bag o’ peanuts. which was kind of vital as whilst i remain distanced from the digital imaging world of fancy landscapes’ and “seen it all before” portraits i have somewhat been in limbo trying to catch up on developing film, but could never see the result’s…as in local council’s decision to shut down local community centre with the “in-house” darkroom going to waste and generally collecting a thick layer of dust visible from space… 54 more words



“I know karate, I know jiu jitsu, I drive like a gangsta when I’m comin to see you. ” -Kennedy

Stop limiting yourself while attempting to be free.

My life happened to let me encounter a lot of situations when people move to places for a short period of time and meet someone they feel attracted to (or interested in). 440 more words


                     of drones and dragons;

                                  a group au based on shadowrun

We write the year 2067. The world has changed after the great cataclysm, bringing magic back to the world, just as it begins to embrace the marvels of technologies such as cyberspace, omnipresent computer networks, genetic engineering, and the merger of man and machine called cyberware.

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On the subject of Experimental Writing (Insanity)

I feel there’s no such thing as being too ridiculous. Truly some of the greatest works of fiction have come out into the world with some of the craziest plots in history and yet are revered for being creative and full of raw emotional drama. 432 more words



For years, Canadians have enjoyed turning Sir Wilfrid Laurier into Mister Spock and Severus Snape on $5 bills. Sadly, those days are over with our new… 50 more words

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Who am I?

“Two Four Six Oh ONNNNEEEE”

I’m Zambonnie the leader of the parade and writer of this blog.

I am going to share my short stories, do online writing challenges and answer your questions. 37 more words