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Yee-haw! Go, Mad Max!

#MaximeBernier quits Conservative Party, which he denounces as "too intellectually & morally corrupt to be reformed," announces creation of new right-wing party. Bravery is not entirely dead in Canada…

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Orphan Andy's - The Castro, San Francisco

Only a few things about America make sense to me.

1) You can turn right on red

2) Hot sauce


It was Pride weekend. 221 more words

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Gourmonade - The Mission, San Francisco

It was a day for discoveries. Today’s achievement? Gourmonade on Valencia St.

Unfortunately the situation that led me to this discovery, was watching a video online… 227 more words

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What the hell, canned wine?

🥂So canned wine is a thing now?

I recently drank it on 3 separate occasions with absolutely no shame. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. My previous observations of canned wine have involved yelling and trash bins (people were in trash bins when it should have been the canned wine). 267 more words

Fuck Yeah

I Just Finished Writing Book no. 10

I just finished writing book no.10

The Factory Line


Northern Gothic

A Teenage Suicide


Grand Trunk and Shearer

Dancing with a Switchblade

Down with the Underdogs… 46 more words

Something happened and now I live in San Francisco.

That something being, employer decided I would be more useful to them if I worked in the same room with them. Not a completely unfair call. 57 more words

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Ford narrowly wins Ontario Tory leadership

Make Ontario Great Again, Dougie!

Beat that commie lezzie granny!

Ford Nation, step up and take Ontario back!

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