Sundays are for being sad

Maybe this only really applies to college kids, but is it just me or are Sundays so fucking depressing? I don’t know what it is exactly, but my mood is always just at such a low. 448 more words

I have ten minutes

So I have ten minutes before I need to leave for class. I’m really enjoying this whole blogging your feelings things, I went to bed feeling like I got a lot off my chest last night. 193 more words

Don't Blame Yourself

Writing this at 11:50 P.M, should probably go to bed soon for my 9 A.M class. Surprisingly i’ve felt pretty decent today after being a fucking idiot last night, but then again i’ve had zero free time to even think. 471 more words

19/October/2016 pt2

I shaved the back of my head, cutting my hair is the best feeling. Just shave it all off. Shave away the past. There is still a lot of hair left and it’s actually turned out to look quite trendy looking. 381 more words


Open Letter To That Guy Who Rules Nothing

Dear A-hole,

I don’t give a fuck if you don’t know where this is coming from but you are about to get hit with some seriously real shit, like seriously R-E-A-L. 664 more words



You wanna sit there bathed in such audacity,

you wanna slap my face and kick out my teeth,

you wear some shitty robe and sit in judgement of me, 173 more words

Americana Injustica

I refuse

I refuse (that´s a cool picture)
and i will go on a short fuse
nobody, bitches, nobody is calling me on
to that tan tan, wo han han, 210 more words

English Literature