it's not your fault - a letter of apology

To all the people waiting for an apology from someone who has or is struggling with anxiety, depression or any other kind of mental health issue: 467 more words


The presidents

I do have my own opinion of both of these guys,
a lesser of one and a greater of one.
I just thought it was interesting how this “reporter”, 18 more words

My Thoughts

Fuck You, Father's Day

My husband has, historically, always worked on Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day). This is the first year he is home for Father’s Day. I asked him a few days ago what he wanted to do, and he said nothing. 416 more words


Fuck You Gratitude!

So maybe you are like me and started their spiritual path with the virtuous sounding practice of acceptance and letting it go. But sometimes letting it go gets so fucking distorted. 333 more words


Good Bye

I dont hurt. I’m not sad. You served your purpose and now I’ll serve mine. I feel a sense of freedom now. Getting out from under you is freeing. 23 more words



Definition by the great Merrian Webster dictionary “mental or moral strength to venture, preserve,
and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Actually that is true, the thing is that people throw the word “hero” wich… 32 more words


Dr. Albert Schweitzer was right 

Men simply don’t think.

To hell with your selfish insensitive ass! You never think about your actions or other people. I thought we had a connection, too many similarities, this had to be something more. 149 more words