Love has gone

Breaking up with someone is hard and always will be.

Your first love is someone that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Mine came and gone and broke me to pieces and I don’t even know if he knows. 161 more words

You can play the way you want, even without doing anything, but this generates less points…
You love points, even if you still don’t know what the fuck is this. 13 more words

Fuck You

I Fucked Up, Mostly.

From the direction that the wind
had been howling your name,

I listened closely,
to its tune, lingering,
looked up to the sky,
to see each star on high, 40 more words

Americana Injustica


What a foul day. All I want to do is cry, and yell. My brain hurts. I wish I was a better mother.

I haven’t been very associative, interactive, talkative, whatever to people, to my friends. 715 more words

An open letter to my best friend's ex-husband

How dare you try to contact me.

How dare you.  What did you think?  That I would just blithely ignore the last year and a half of psychological, emotional, and eventually physical, abuse that you inflicted upon my friend???   242 more words