Rude Peppa Pig

a couple are upset that their son’s first words were not ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ but . . . ”Fuck you’ – are blaming Peppa Pig !



Happy Now?

Happy Now?

Are you happy baby?
Pull my strings and weigh me
Cinch the ties and wrap me
Up against the wall
But make sure not to be there when I fall… 100 more words


The "Fuck You Allen" Chorus

The “Fuck You Allen” Chorus has been playing in my head all day.  It started after trying to drop my daughter off for school, she was already upset about her jacket, but when I said see you on Friday, because she goes to her dad’s on Wednesday and Thursday the tears really started.  257 more words


30 Perfect Responses For When Someone Says 'F*ck You'

Found on AskReddit.


“I love you, too.”


“Not if I fuck you first.”


“Fuck yourself—you’ll get more pussy.”


“I would die laughing and you would die trying.” 253 more words

I'm a Negative Person?

I will be the first to tell you that this past few years haven’t been easy. First there was the marriage (lies, cheating, abuse), Then the divorce. 998 more words


worse than the worst.

a week ago, i found out that the love of my life is getting married. not just married but movie drama kind of married. with enough juice like pregnant girlfriend. 406 more words


You can't treat people like a shit and expect them to love you.

Maaf ya, aku engga akan percaya lagi sedikitpun dengan kata2mu.
Cukuplah Allah sebaik2nya penolong dan pelindung buat aku dan anak2ku.
Bisa makan enak tidur nyenyak, beli ini itu, liburan, ketawa2 pake acara drama sedih segala -_- 37 more words