They dont need to understand

bagaimanapun aku berusaha memungkiri hal ini pada akhirnya aku tetap sendirian


seberapa banyak aku menyangkalnya aku tetap sendirian

kututup mataku, hanya terlihat masalalu dmn aku juga sendirian, rasanya seperti mengasihani diri sendiri. 1,742 more words


Think different, Wheaties
breakfast of champions
and Caitlyn knows ||
i’m so horny but for tail
no dangling pieces
And a Diamond is Forever
They’re G-r-r-r-eat! 118 more words


How to Start a New Avant Garde

Daulton Dickey.

  1. set down your pencil, your pen, your phone or tablet, or push away your keyboard
  1. stand up
  1. stretch out
  1. yawn
  1. visit the nearest museum…
  2. 42 more words

Lash Out

Being caught in a cloud of negativity is hard. I fight so hard to get out and some times I step out of it, breathing in but then… then I’m caught once more. 302 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: tip_money_

(Screen shot from KATU online… In response to large unorganized crowd taking up the burnside bridge )
So these (mostly) white people are able to block traffic on the burnside bridge in an unorganized fashion and not be harassed, bully sticked, maced, knocked to the ground by horses or crowded out by riot cops? 52 more words


Steal my bike on canada day will you

So some dumb sod made off with my mountain bike which was a pleasant day to start canada day. To dumb to realize the mods to that bike are all custom shit good luck fuck face i’m gonna murder your whole blood line you touched deaths bike and started holding his hand now you die better hope the cops find cause if it me i’m gonna chain yah to a pick up and go for a rip around town than tattoo fuck up bike thief on your fucking forhead if your still bresthing.


the 'f' word

I’ve had conversations over the last few years on my use of the word ‘fuck’. General consensus is that I use it far too much. Even the most ‘open minded’ individuals seem to think I use it far too much. 98 more words

Its All Me