Detachment - Adrian Brody in a well written DEPRESSING AS FUCK assessment of education in America

jesus Christ……this movie had it all……child abuse, young female prostitutes being used and abused, uncaring parents, physcotic kids, and the declining public education system in America… 390 more words

DRUnk and Jaded and omf

Im a little bit tipsy, Not the cool kind. the kind where i drank alone from a flask becaue 1. the tsate of rum is goddamn fucking amazing. 176 more words


I finally understand cyber-bullying.

You can’t log off, you can’t block them, and you can’t delete anything because you’re so damn desperate. You need to know what they’re going to say next. 876 more words


The Hospital Bed or, Baby Steps

The man was completely immobilized from his right shoulder to his right set of toes. He could barely talk except for his multi-toned yeses and no’s that spoke volumes. 692 more words

Sean Alday

Give your monday some love #LoveMonday

Have you already told your monday how much you don’t love her this week?


GameStop sucks

GameStop sucks. I’m sick of this store and it’s fake ass employees. They’re so fucking phony. Oh you think they’re your friend? Tell them you’re not reserving anything or getting a membership. 139 more words

Things I Hate