Post again

I know i just posted – I just felt the need to post again. I feel like screaming “FUCK YOU WORLD” to absolutely everyone and everything. 409 more words


Fuck you, Debenhams Mastercard

It’s a new day, and I’m pissed off with NewDay today…

FYI NewDay is the company that administers the Debenhams Mastercard and they’re a right bunch of incompetent, intransigent money grubbing twats. 477 more words

Fuck You!

Get yer Yahya out!

I’m having a bad week. People are pissing me off right, left and centre. The latest is Yahya Jammeh. Now I know what you’re thinking – “who the fuck is Yahya Jammeh?” Well, he’s the President of the Gambia and he’s just fucked up a very nice holiday I was about to take next week. 306 more words


Life sucks

I’m such a sad excuse for a person. I am affected way too easily by others. I’m not even taking the SAT. Apparently that’s really important and I just got chewed out by my sister for not doing it, even though we wouldn’t have been in town for it anyway. 385 more words


Fuck you, Asda!

I used to like Asda for wine. They sold my favourite white at an excellent price and I’d go down there regularly for 6 or more bottles. 495 more words


Chelsea Manning out of Prison!

Obama 2017 Pardons (Full List)

By Bruce Wright @bctw On 01/17/17 AT 5:00 PM

President Barack Obama issued Tuesday afternoon what will likely be his final commutations and pardons as commander in chief. 13,656 more words