#26: Find Me

“You’ve changed,” he would always tell me in my teenage years. You wanna know why? Because mom just killed herself and I had to live with a psychopathic, controlling father until I was 18. 381 more words


I remember

Whenever I get sentimental and feel like I miss you, I remember all your lies how you looked me in the face for months knowing you were cheating. 102 more words


It’s not my thing

To tell you when

To stop

Believing I

Took and put static thoughts on a page

That you might receive really… 291 more words


Good bye wordpress

So as you can see, the Greek ex not only found my blog but was threatening me because of its content. LOL. Of course this only goes to show what a disgusting piece of shit he is, to threaten a woman – but that is his style. 105 more words

Daily Life
We are good at opening dialogue. 
It's our specialty.
That and the goodbye scene
we could recite in our sleep.
It's the middle that defies us,
the substance, the ordinary progressions
that weave events into patterns,
textures, the three-dimensional.
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