Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck off.

“Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck off”

Let’s be honest, we all think this. You? Maybe a couple of times a day. Me? At least 74 times a day.

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Black students' lives matter!! Being a teenager is not a crime!

Lots of horrible news coming at me about school/campus violence today. On the one hand, increasing mass shootings make military-style defense sound sensible. Maybe. (I’m waiting for more details out of Oregon before I comment.) 334 more words


Independent Spotlight: Cee Lo Green

Written By: Peter Huyhn Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Cee Lo Green is well-known as a singer and songwriter. He appeared on The Voice as a judge in 2011, and keeps coming back for several seasons. 23 more words

I’m fucking valid.
I’m not worth pitiful looks and stares.
I’m not worth tired sighs and rolling eyes.
I’m not worth neverminds and endless shrugs. 56 more words

Harping Still...

Have you ever just wanted to slap the fuck out of someone because they keep harping on the same shit over and over again?? Well I am in that position still. 169 more words