sober reflections

last night was a whirlwind of emotions for me.

i played a game before i left for ro’s with andrew and mohsin. they hit it off well and i’m really glad for that. 473 more words


he got a girlfriend. end of story.

guess i wasn’t important enough to be told. leaving me in the dark was an active choice. 100%. fuck that. 31 more words

My question is why. 

After being in a relationship for five years and him telling me out of no where he no longer loves me was the hardest thing. Even harder dealing with it alone. 216 more words

Needing deep penetration

I’m just laying in this king size bed. It is 450am, I am alone, naked and my sheets are drenched, all I have is a puddle of juicies from this insatiable cunt. 215 more words

Addicted To Him

Bills and Father's Day

Happy Fucking Father’s Day! On Sunday I wake up to numerous emails and auto calls telling me I owe them money. Fuck off, all ov ya. 136 more words

Happy Father's Day: Whores and Addiction

This Father’s Day I will quietly, but unashamedly, denounce Father’s Day because my father was no father to me.

For years, I would listen to the sound of his voice echo throughout our house as my family would try to sleep. 366 more words