What truth

Broadcasting a truth that only exists in your mind


Go shine


no thanks giving haiku

I want nothing and
Everything to do with you.
That too much to ask?



Meet the guy friend who you became friends with to get away from all the girl drama but ended up just getting him sucked into it. 389 more words

High School


He grabs my tiny wrists and I wince.

His eyes are still blue, and I am reminded of the intimidating blue flame of the blowtorch he’d use to light my cigarettes, a last resort when I’d run out of matches. 431 more words



Yesterday was full of reunions for me! In the morning I woke up early and got ready, then ventured out to pick up a couple girls I went to treatment with. 701 more words

Nobody said it was easy - 114.6kg again

A young boy swallowed a £2 coin and was rushed to hospital.

When his dad phoned for an update on his condition the doctor said: 120 more words

Fuck You

Till death do we part.

“You aren’t listening to me, are you?” (Angry)

“What?” (Too loud)

“You never listen to me, do you?” (Angrier)

“What?” (Louder)

“I could drop dead and you wouldn’t lift a finger to help me, would you?” (Kind of a simmering cold anger that is even worse.) 581 more words