Pissed Off (hurt)

I went to bed really hurt.

I woke up really fucking angry.


Fuck High School

I graduate high school in 26 days. In 26 days I won’t ever have to walk through the doors of the high school ever again. In 26 days I won’t have to walk down the hallways and see people i despise, In 26 days I won’t have to wake up early or follow dress code or see people I hate and pretend to care. 279 more words

To the pax 17 minutes out: Would you like me to pick up some lube on the way?

Hey Chad, what’s up!

I see you just requested an UberPOOL when the nearest driver was 17 minutes from UCLA campus! During rush hour! And it looks like I’m the lucky guy!  376 more words

Fuck You!

Teamwork Haiku

I disliked playing
Devil’s advocate…. Ok
Perhaps I loved it


Bitch dont kill my vibe.

You have your own life my dear. Try to live yours. As long as I have people who appreciate my existence, so be it. I wouldn’t care about people who’s fond of giving shits. 12 more words