and this guy

holy shiaaat! I woke up an hour ago, and here in Spain is 2 a of the m
were we have no pain…had to rhyme since it is mine. 22 more words


5 Lessons From #SONA2017

We can all agree that according to social media, 2016 was is hectic year – but how fortunate are we that as early as February,  we are able to… 352 more words

Cape Town


I want to apply the word to her;
structure it like scaffolding
against her body.
Snake —
like a slithering threat
over the toe of my boot, 97 more words


On Being Positive Right Now

The other evening, I wandered onto Facebook and followed a conversation that ensued after a friend posted Teen Vogue’s article about Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance… 781 more words

Social Issues

Bill Maher Tells Tom Brady And Bill Belichick "F*** You!"

We feature snippets of Bill Maher taking shots at President Donald Trump almost every week. He’s a vile complaining machine when it comes to our President and really anything republican. 41 more words


5 Things no one tells you about being a Marie Curie PhD student

Being a Marie Curie PhD student is great. I mean it! You get an amazing opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge by being able to participate in endless networking events, conferences and meet-and-greets everywhere. 1,071 more words

With This Ring (Continued...)

So, remember in June I posted a story  “With This Ring”“. Well it took me months to figure out my plan. Get the courage to follow through with it. 441 more words