On My Mind

Things I’m Tired of thinking about:

  1. Talon and his new girlfriend
  2. Whether or not said girlfriend is Felicia
  3. Xavier
  4. If he’s seeing the girl I saw him walking with the other day…
  5. 402 more words

Fuck You

Fuck you, you sonofabitch piece of shit pussy.

I know you read my shit and save stuff as if you were building an arsenal against me. 243 more words


The Gender Template

The following is a blog post I wrote from my AP Lang class project on gender:

Gender. The word itself brings back memories of baby showers decorated in all blue, sitting through long sermons about how ladies should conduct themselves, and the rigorous dress codes… 1,272 more words


Execution Style: 130 Bodies in Mass Graves

(With the US waging so many proxy wars worldwide it is really disappointing to hear to hear leading journalists state, ‘should it come to war…’ War is everywhere. 352 more words


I guess I have to do this believing that there is no god, that there is no organizing principle to the universe, with love in my heart for those who believe, and then maybe I’ll get adopted by a spirit animal.


I am so fucking done with lying bitches!

I am an introvert and I am fucking proud of it. Then why the fuck do people try to make me feel inferior about it.

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