A response to Dean Esmay; part two

Ok, Dean Esmay’s book arrived the other day. Let’s have a look at it.

The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism (drum roll)… 1,342 more words

Soul GPS

I want to let my desires become expressed..Yet here comes the labeling again.
Between sky and land, there’s a hidden realm .
Accusations and categorizations of what people believe I am, or where I belong.. 62 more words


Bitch and Moan Hotline

Customer: (calls customer service) Hi, I was just in your store and got some kosher salt in a box, and the person sacking my groceries put it in the same bag as some frozen items and now the box is all wet. 152 more words

Newly Single Jennifer Lopez Joins Ex Marc Anthony Onstage In Surprise Appearance

Days after reportedly splitting up with longtime beau Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez isn’t sitting around moping — in fact, she took to the stage of New York’s Radio City Music Hall to join ex-husband Marc Anthony onstage for a surprise appearance that made fans go wild. 167 more words



There’s like a fist somewhere floating in the ethereal realm that crosses to the real world , each one clenching someone’s gut and threatening anyone that tries to speak of the ugly truth. 78 more words


Generous My Ass

Okay whatever. They report JOHNNY has made charity payments. I mean he’s made the first of a Amber Heard’s GENEROUS payments to the charities she chose. 233 more words

Amber Heard


I thought about it and the ONE thing that I despise about this world is RULES.

Made-up rules that make up the system.

And this whole system is completely filled with nonsensical rules. 152 more words