Sunday Is 4 CAPITALism (& hypocrisy)

you’ve got the most peculiar way of being (and by “peculiar” i mean hypocritical).
you’ve got the grandeur of stances and your righteous beliefs.
you’ve got your “wisdom”, your “knowledge”. 99 more words


More on the scarf...

I’ve decided to name it “Hear in You”

Lol, For a cynic, I’m way too sentimental.

I thought I’d feel a bit more emotional (sad-emotional) about it coming to an end. 165 more words

General Speak

Hear In You

Finally finished my scarf. I’ve been working on it off-and-on for about 4 months now. I think. Well I know I started it after casting aside the one for x. 282 more words



Who was the first person you ‘hated?’
What does that word mean to you?
When did you know what that word meant?
Where were you when you first said it to someone? 127 more words


It’s past two and it’s been a little weird because people have different tolerance than I and that’s really hard for me to swallow I try to be empathetic and then it comes to fuck that point and if I were fifty hell thirty pounds heavier I would be pounding this asshole in the mouth but as it stands I stand small and his unequal bullshit makes me want to holler beat charge and squall… 79 more words

it's 2:41 in the morning and i'm still thinking about you.

but really, fuck you because i shouldn’t be.

i’ve only had 1 measly shot and a pint. i’m no where close to being tipsy let alone drunk (i’m not gonna go there again). 269 more words

Today isn't a Good Day

Whoops, I guess I lied in the last post. Ehh.

Im trying to forget you and its the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. 266 more words