Life Update: Ranting

I’ve been dealing with numerous problems recently, but the most prominent to me right now is my family. To be more specific, not my parents or siblings, it’s my aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents. 1,190 more words



Do not mistake
My calculation
For hesitation…
I will still take out
Your execution in
Personified insanity,
You think you should
Fuck with me? 37 more words


A Word to the Asshat Who Catcalled Me

First off, my posts are going to be shorter and I won’t be able to put any accompanying art to it because when I try and grip a pencil for longer than five minutes my hand hurts like hell. 644 more words

Everyday Shit

i swear, you’re so fucking unreasonable. can you not? and like, fuck off and leave me alone? you control everything i do. you’re literally a dictator.


I will get over you. Go back to my usual self. Never get hurt again. Fuck you. You never wore the necklace, pussy.

Why should I believe you? 62 more words


The Christian Grey Wannabe

Found this guy online. He was incredibly gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet, hard-working, drive, really everything you want in a man! We hit it off really well. 1,010 more words

A Fuck You To My 20-Something Bully Neighbors

Dear Adjacent Backyard Neighbors (ABN),

We have co-existed peacefully thus far, frequently mutually and unobtrusively occupying our shared backyard space. You – usually a man, using his grill. 1,047 more words