Quick Like A...

I was going to say sloth, but upon looking for some witty and cute sloth memes all I came across was rape memes? WTF. SERIOUSLY, … 48 more words


Is my bitchy resting face not good enough?

.. Fucking strangers offering their unsolicited opinions.

So, I sat on the train today, wearing my headphones, which for me synonymous with: “Don’t fucking talk to me unless you want to get stabbed with my eyeliner”. 352 more words


The Bane of My Existence

It is a sad day when you are going to school with a group of people who are in general ten years your junior but for some odd reason, the universe has decided that there is in fact a necessity for a balancing effect. 467 more words

All Creations



Maybe I am
For believing in You
Your words
And your fake ass actions…
Like you spending money
On a plane ticket… 270 more words

Billie Simone - Poetry

Ear to Ear, Let truth gush

Half it

Piece by piece

Slice it

Anyway you choose

The sacred Name is BOAZ

And if the name is spake

Then your throat shall split… 44 more words