Here’s A Big Fuck You For Making Me Believe You Actually Changed

I always try to see the best in everyone, time after time. I think that people change, that they’ve learned and that I should owe it to them to believe them when they say they’re different. 592 more words

Squash Me like a Grape

Every time I think about my relationship with Cadence (specifically how it ended), I’m filled with rage. It’s been like four months already, but when I see a status of his on Facebook or see Megan’s friends online, I get angry and frustrated.. 423 more words


Less than caring

I feel sick. I’m running a temperature, my ear is ringing, my tooth and mouth feel swollen and hard.

But what pains me the most is that no one has bothered to ask me if I’m okay. 180 more words

Mental Health

Fuck you.

To start this off I’d just like to say I know my job doesn’t pay much and I’m not full time,  but it’s still fucking work. 281 more words

Pure Alpha Essence™ - 10 Things Holding You Back From Success

Hello children.

I’ve recently come under an absolute flood of congratulatory adoration from my associates for the resounding success of my blog and my YouTube Channel… 1,963 more words

Panic Surfer

Black Lives Matter

Dear White People,

I know it’s very hard to understand what it is like to be a minority in the USA. I understand that you have been taught to think certain things and believe certain things, and that those beliefs can be hard to let go of. 568 more words

Hard Feelings

I get the feeling that I seldom cross your mind these days. You’ve shed the guilt that used to poke at you, conquered the worry of whether or not I could forgive you. 337 more words