The Drop - Thank the lord James Gandolphini made one more gangster movie before moving on........

HBO is running this movie. The Drop. Blue collar criminals in a blue collar neighborhood in Brooklyn. Bob bar tends in a bar that is used by the Chechen mafia as a “drop” bar. 1,339 more words


Fucking assholes. I’m probably the biggest most selfish arsehole there is but this is MY fucking blog and my fucking life and so i shall declare my hatred for absolutely everyone. 479 more words

Mishka Shubaly - Blue collar musicians rock - doug stanhope podcast opener - ex drunkard- sober but not an asshole about it....

Hunter S Thompson would have loved him.

He sings the opening to the Doug Stanhope Podcast.

Sad songs about drunk/drugs/women/and a life full of bad decisions and regret….. 64 more words

The Natural Disasters are Because of You.

Hello Dear,

I want to first begin by saying… you win. I mean, I’m sitting here with my bottle of rum writing about you aren’t I? 136 more words


"Fuck you, I can live without you".

I had a nice day today, babysitting for my cousins kids and taking them somewhere great (lots of animals)… Only downside is that kids never listen, gets to stressful after a while especially in the heat. 40 more words


Than you deserve

I’m going to be brutally honest with you in the next few words; I’ve shed more tears on you than you deserve.

It got so good so fast but it went downhill like a fucking freight train. 768 more words

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