Dear editors of "essential baby"...

…you are a bunch of fucking cunts. Well, maybe you are caring, well-meaning people who actually would like the best for everybody but when I look at your choice of topics I like to tell you “Fuck you and the horse you probably didn’t ride because it’s not safe enough”. 507 more words

How Do You Say "Fuck Yourself" in Poem?

When I started writing poetry, I think I was in middle school. I may have been even younger. I don’t recall. I’ve blocked out most of my past. 800 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

Dear Aging Hormones

Dear Aging Hormones,

It has come to my attention that you desire more one-on-one time with me. As I have a well established schedule, and my work-life balance is finally higher on my personal list of priorities than it has ever been, I’m afraid I cannot grant you full access to my “every waking moment, and most of the time you’re asleep,” as you so adamantly requested. 187 more words

take a look

You have completely shattered someone’s idea of true love. You have allowed someone to not believe in other people’s genuine actions. You have played someone a fool. 62 more words


No longer will I let it

take a toll on me

I gave you full control

I thought you were a once in a life time kind of love… 117 more words

This is the shit I actually think about

So, there are a pair of birds (my guess, swallows of some sort) that have decided to build their nest on the emergency floodlight in the breezeway right outside of our apartment door. 248 more words


Fortnightly Fuck You

This fortnight’s fuck you goes to hospitality workers who handle cash with their food preparation gloves… Why do you torture me like this?!

I’m not a germaphobe, but I do like things to be hygienic and there’s no questioning that money, does not fall into the category of hygienic. 485 more words

Fortnightly Fuck You