Watch me as I stumble

Watch me as I fall

Watch the world crash down around me

Watch me while I say fuck you all… 41 more words


I Don't Want To Be a Victim

An issue that poses itself after having been a “victim” of domestic violence is that if it happens to someone more than once, which is statistically quite likely, people can assume that you’re not very credible or don’t know what abuse is, or simply… 1,441 more words


But it’s likely the last.

Walk out without giving me what I deserve. He didn’t even try.

Well, I knew someone with that level of arrogance would NEVER learn to say ‘I’m sorru’. 30 more words


You don't have to be up to no fucking standards!

Art by ehscapist

Okay so what’s up with all the standards? Who sets them and why the hell do we have to be up to them? 766 more words

Dear asshole

You aren’t more special than me. Either you delete the slanderous page you’ve created about me, or I will put my posts about you back to public (since this is obviously what you think is best). Hurry up and decide.

Daily Life

I reposted those words ‘you are never alone, and although I thought about me, I didn’t destroy what should have been a healing moment for me. 182 more words


A Motherfucking Poem. Assholes.

I dislike writing poetry.

Most of the things considered “good” are basic and unoriginal.

People write about their “struggles”.

How their lives are “so hard”. 97 more words