F*#k You Very Very Much

When you’ve had one of those weeks, the kind when Friday can’t come quick enough. Everything goes wrong and you spend your time chasing your tail. 116 more words


I'm an airforce pilot!!!!

Damn I got to be bored to watch this, anyways this is much cooler than being
an infatry person….guy guy guy!!!! now women allowed so screw you women, 12 more words

My Thoughts

A Social Media Sermon

in a humble attempt
to convert no one
I wish to make a confession
to the God of no fair warnings
and preemptive first strikes… 124 more words


Wake Up, Get Ready, Go

As I write this, the harsh reality sets in that I have to wake up early and go to school tomorrow. The alarm will go off at 6:40, I’ll begrudgingly hit… 926 more words