Do you ever feel like no one even sees you, unless they are TOLD to?

Ya know, like a cashier or a doctor?

That’s how I have felt for ten months. 31 more words


Jew Seth Rogen Tweets “F*ck You” to Negro Ben Carson Over Holohoax Comments


Ben Carson’s comments about the Holohoax has the untalented fat Jew Seth Rogen afraid of being turned into soap.

The fat Jew actor Seth Rogen has tweeted “f*ck you” to Negro presidential candidate Ben Carson over comments he made relating to the Holohoax.   417 more words

Daily News

I Don't Think So

You used to tell me that I was lazy, that I would never amount to anything.

You used to tell me I was scared of work. 243 more words


White Rabbit - a loner kid pulls a Columbine in all the old cliched Columbine ways

He hears voices. His whole life. His red neck alcoholic father made him kill a white rabbit while hunting as a kid. That trauma stayed with him his whole life. 258 more words

Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck off.

“Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck off”

Let’s be honest, we all think this. You? Maybe a couple of times a day. Me? At least 74 times a day.

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