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Darlyng Clementine’s Top Ten Favorite Naughty Words When Sexting.

We all have those certain words that rev our engines and I’m no exception. Sexting can be a way to heighten anticipation during the day as you tease and flirt, but for some people, myself included, sexting surely can be the main event. 1,002 more words


Swear Words, Part 2

There are two different types of swear words: the calm, it’s-not-a-big-deal and the strong, offensive words like the word fuck. When I hear the word… 250 more words

English Language

Speed House For Gang Bang!!!

I increased the speed. With one hand I hold her tits and with other hand I held her hair.

Me: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck… it feels so good mam…… 153 more words

Gotta let these hoes know

Now she says she, gon’ do what to who?

Let’s find out and see, Ignacio M

You know where I’m at you know where I be… 426 more words


Good sex is sometimes only good sex

So I’ve been dating this guy who I am really into and it got to the point of me only dating him and no one else. 397 more words


abusive men
like a fucking carrot,
dragging the dream
into the burrows.
scream and scream
you fucking slut,
you bitch you whore,
I love you… 64 more words



We’d gone to the light pretty fast.

All of us. Me, Ben, Kim, Sam, and Sarah. You could say we were a diverse group of kids: Ben was black, Sarah white, Kim Latino, Sam Chinese, and me brown. 437 more words