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Whispering Cedars & No Sense

A heart a hiccup,

Purpose to hesitant steps. 

Each branch grimaced, a stretch, a warning or beckon.

“Find rest, find rationality in this”.  54 more words

I'm angry

  • I’m angry that I’m still having the same conversation with my doctors.
  • I’m angry that weedles are ruining my life and taking all my pokeballs.
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Take the Hit: endings

+ tired but thinking too much

+ comics are coming in late. Fuck. What else is new.

+What the fuck are you assholes thinking just sitting in the shop? 140 more words


We Make Love Under Pretty Lights

I get a feeling it’s a trippy night
Them other drugs just don’t fit me right
Girl, I really fuckin’ want Love, Sex, Dream
Another quarter to the face system… 534 more words


The intensity to which i feel

Is too fucking much.

Somethings got to give.


unsaid #13

h a i k u / 5-7-5

Like wild wolves, we fucked
not because I love her but
because we’re lonely.

by drsva

Love and Pain by Edvard Munch…
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