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showing his true face.

I’m like.. actually speechless. I was just sitting in front of my phone for a few minutes, staring at the text message Kenny just sent me, and I couldn’t believe what I read. 578 more words


Firt post

With out signs can i do the writing ? Uh i think so


Fuck You, Miss Daisy: An Ode to Gun Violence, I am an Angry Bird

  I like to swear, not like a sailor, because I don’t own the uniform, but because it’s fun and refreshing for me.  If the title of this blog turned you off, well, fuck you too.   790 more words

Daily Musings

Make America Randy Again

Rand Paul is out of the presidential race.  There goes the opportunity to use slogans like “Why feel the bern when you can feel Randy?” and “All the other candidates want to make America impotent, stop the shrinkage of liberties and let U.S. 81 more words

The Short Big Whine

I’m honestly trying to write more, but everything is pissing me off to the point where it always feels like anything I start will turn out to be nothing but a big long whine. 192 more words

Daily Post


Bored alright
Reached finger
Everything good
Death calls
The balls
Crying for the ending
Guns in your home


Seek his kingdom

I just finished cutting.

My first time in 2016.

There goes my New Year’s resolution.
I haven’t been taking my medicine. Partly because it’s inconvenient, and partly because I’m tired of it. 144 more words

A Year In My Life.