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Massaging Lust!

***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***
When you’re a gay guy like me, and you have my job, you consider yourself lucky, what’s my job your ask? 1,503 more words


High Hopes

I know I talk a big game about being a fucking beatnik, but to be honest my favorite mind altering substance is that lovely cannabis. The list almost begins and ends there. 448 more words


The scars behind the blooming flowers. 

We all have been experiencing different kind of pains, disappointments, and happiness. It is just based on how we endure with our lives.

I could still remember that i asked God to let me ascertain what real life is.

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Some nights

It’s one thing to say one thing but it gets misunderstood even when you explain it. I get bored explaining things, that’s just me. Currently I just want to be quiet and listen. 743 more words

Up And About My Days


Sometimes you wake up but you don’t want to wake up you just want to roll over and fall back asleep because you hate your life and it’s all black and everything just stinks and you feel like a bad page of poetry written by some lonely talentless teenager but you realise that you’re not. 883 more words


Facebook can't handle this

(Update: my account is no longer disabled)

Well, thank you Facebook. I always felt like I wasn’t a real person. That’s why I write by the name IDK and why I use a cartoon avatar. 231 more words


Slut - Odd Walking Thoughts

It’s a funny thing. The hallway I walked helped me to remember which area to place my foot. If you’d like to control the guy at the club pushing another, good luck, it won’t work. 63 more words