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'Bout That Time Again, Eh Chaps?

Probably the worst thing about dealing with depression is that you never know when it will come and when it will go. It’s like a really shitty brother that likes to bum room and board off of you. 492 more words


Do you want to fuck?

“So, do you want to fuck?”

This is the third time he has texted me this question in the last few hours. I don’t know what possessed me to tentatively invite him back to my apartment. 444 more words


Sara Jay Pornostar get fuck with a nigger in a pub from London

Sara Jay Pornostar get fuck with a nigger in a pub from London after get drunk. Sara Jay Pornostar has an amazing milf body who love to get fuck with any man who can make her pussy to scream hard. 11 more words


Doesn’t anybody else out there want to scream

Why don’t we scream collectively

One big fat endless fuck you

fuck. this. shit.

Would our agony-scream reach that 90 percent black matter mass bullshit… 132 more words


why (of other people)

i have always made fun of people questioning their existence.

“Why are we here?”

why would you ask such a thing, from what in-rooted human need does this question sprout? 94 more words

the recurring theme: its just you on this world

yes parents, they are evolutionary programmed to take care of you, which doesn’t mean that they will. 113 more words

The Aftermath

I’m writing this on my phone while sitting in the airport, so if it cuts off or autocorrects words in weird ways, I apologize. Had to get this out before I got on a plane for 10 hours though. 371 more words