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If a person is surprised by your intelligence.
Fuck ’em.
If a person doubts your commitment.
Fuck ’em.
If a person doesn’t listen to your opinion. 35 more words

Dear you,

You must be nice. Maybe that’s the reason I fell for you. Or maybe you’re good with words. Maybe you’re making a story. Or maybe you’re tweeting puns. 295 more words

Problem Solving

i find it so absurd that people will Blame others for their problem right off the bat instead of recognizing what the problem is and how to solve it… 14 more words



I can feel it. An internal sickness. Psychological, so I can’t be rid of it with nyquil and mentholyptus. It’s spread beneath the pigment, blocking neurons and electrons from going about their business. 160 more words

i want you

I’m working on a presentation that i already know i’m going to fuck up. I suck at speaking. To humans. I suck at basically everything. When it’s over it’ll feel fucking great. 215 more words

Hello, cruel world!

Just making this first blog for shit and giggles…

Souhm…. yeah…