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What ever happened to jessica?

School happened. I didn’t forget about my wonderful internet friends and I didn’t forget to post. I was literally overwhelmed with stuff with to do. For those you just going me now, I am about to graduated with my Associate degree in two weeks time. 133 more words

The Couple Swap

We’ve been talking about it for months. He’s insisted that it will happen one day. I have put quite a bit of thought into it, for it’s not something that I ever would have even considered to be okay with with someone that I had a strong connection with. 2,808 more words


Who should you fuck?

If you carefully analyse every social group, its rules are constructed with Sex as the base. Sex plays a major part in determining the sanctity of a human in our world. 284 more words

I have been wandering around the Atlanta airport for 6 hours.

This isn’t a post offering advice, more just a cry for help.  This airport is too busy but offers great exercise options if you skip taking the train anywhere.  62 more words


Comforting Becky Again


I felt her side of the bed shifting as I lay there trying to fall asleep after a night of intense sexual pleasure. It was a full three months after the last time and I’d missed her dreadfully. 1,935 more words