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The Art of Motivation

And how do we motivate ourselves? I ask myself this a lot. It seems like for some things motivation comes easy. It’s different for everyone, of course. 309 more words

Tit for tat

If you’re ever in the market for feeling pretty awful about yourself, your life, and your future… I highly recommend hoping on social media for a second and looking up everyone you’ve ever known to find they’re finishing up their masters, getting married, and having babies. 61 more words

What is underneath all this

Recovering alcoholics say that in order to maintain sobriety, one must uncover and treat not just the drinking, but the underlying reason for the drinking. 143 more words


08 12 16

Aku cerita ke beberapa teman, tentang orangtuaku yang memaksa untuk menikah di Bulan Januari, sedangkan aku belum siap sama sekali dalam segi apapun. Aku mau pernikahanku adalah sebuah pernikahan yang bahagia, tapi bagaimana bisa itu terjadi kalau aku dipaksa seperti ini. 194 more words

Daily Life