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Before we leave

Running late again
that seems to be our way
but every time I look at you
I just want to stay

You always look so good my dear… 129 more words

Random Thoughts

You're not the boss of me!!!

It makes me smile each time
to nudge and boss she tries
big wide grin upon my face
a twinkle in my eyes

Has it slipped your mind… 69 more words

Random Thoughts


Power is made by power being taken
Remember I was born a devils child
Loves radiance is untouched
We walk the valley as lambs
We tarnish it like snakes… 70 more words


Fuck Realism in Video Games

Am I the only one that thinks developers are focusing too much on realism in games? I hate sports, but I used to buy sports games because they were fun. 384 more words

Office Romp

Earlier today I went and fucked one of my playtoys at his office.

He’s a special one, actually. I wouldn’t have been out the door in less than ten minutes for anyone else. 340 more words


Chasing Assholes

A couple of days ago, I typed in Matt’s real name and his nickname on Facebook’s search bar. I tried it before but didn’t find him. 656 more words