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Distant Romance

So’ I’ve been pondering.. Is it bad that I have been messing around a man with a girlfriend? It is. Although he obviously does not want to be with her, five years is a lot to walk away from. 1,120 more words


A Night In Your Bed

– Damn it!!! I am late again!!! – says Kathy to herself while she closes the door. She calls for the elevator but it takes forever as usual and she is almost giving up but her neighbor – her very, super hot neighbor is walking her way so she decides that elevator is the best option after all. 2,427 more words


There were a lot of days without ink. Those were some good days. But those were also some of the worst days ever. It was like walking through a desert—I loved the heat and the way it made my skin feel but every so often I’d get so thirsty I’d practically fall over. 341 more words


I feel like I must be pretty close to my period (which makes sense time wise I guess) because of my fucking emotional instability. I feel all jacked up on anger and energy, fucking annoyed to death by every little thing, just mad mad irritated. 298 more words


I forgot that I responded to this guy with that joke! Looolllolololopllololopolol

as it continues

the exclusionary policies of the established order in control.
the hierarchical chains of command.
obey or starve in the street.
no place nowhere (now here). 2,727 more words