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Shit sucks here you need to fix the fucking cables like fuck it’s so shit just beef them up already.


Ash (or "Shy Boy")

I wish the words would spill out
sand crashing from the oversized hourglass of my shattered mouth
my teeth so many shards that I can’t quite let you put your finger on; 119 more words


Sometimes, on days like today, when my brain won’t brain, I cross stitch.

Pattern from Subversive Cross stitch 


Mental Health

nobody particular

desert nights tasted like drunk glory once.

what the fuck is hangover?

pockets full of change,

veins pumping blood.

take me back to this place… 83 more words


New LDBR up!

The only practice I did today was 64.2, LG, on which I went -4 LOL. I don’t want to talk about it. I rushed into it at 8pm after playing 4hrs of Has Been Heroes… 44 more words

LSAT Journal

We Fuck Black Girls 8

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Non Classé


Just like that freshman year is over and i’m home working 40 hour weeks and walking on eggshells to not piss my mom off and i’m trying to get enough sleep and maintain relationships with people who i wont see over summer and i’m trying to have  768 more words