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He’s adorable. Weird. Hot.

The first time we fucked was fucking intense. He wanted to kiss me but was obviously unsure. He’d find reasons to touch me, he’d smile awkwardly. 511 more words

Not Be Gentle

I would not

In the mood I’m in right now you’d be taken…roughly. No safe words, hell no words at all. Strung up, bent over, secured to the ceiling by your cuffed wrists, and the floor by the steel around your neck. 46 more words


Summer '16 (realization)

The last time I ever remember being this happy was when I was a kid

as a kid I would constantly wish to escape to a world (a fantasy world like Pokemon ((IDGAF)) 44 more words

The pissed off game is afoot.

There is a special magic in seeing a group of angry old men playing chess in a Starbucks midmorning.

They play cut throat chess here. 486 more words

So Cute.

It’s cute if you get mad sometimes when you’re just fed up with how life has kicked you in the lady balls.

It’s not cute if you want to rage and swear and get FUCKING ANGRY on a daily basis because then you’re an asshole – or worse, unstable. 200 more words


Fuck y’all. I can honestly say that my every day mood has gotten a lot better but honestly, what the fuck? Why is it so damn hard for me to express my feelings to people? 711 more words


I feel trapped today, the noise won’t stop. The obsession seems to drive me onward and downward. Hit a meeting today which stopped the noise briefly but how to stop the noise in my head? 920 more words