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I can’t say I been through hell, but I’m glad that’s over.
I just need to be good to myself right now in what ever way I can. 951 more words

Her: CAUTION: REACTIVE POST Because Reality Bites

You’ve read “Him” recent posts from an apology to his views on our latest dynamic. “Him” and I have differed greatly in our view of “us” and today I think we finally synced. 478 more words


Pet Peeves

I wanna name my next dog “Peeves” so he can be my pet peeve.

*raises hands in guilt* If you heard that before………. I stole it off the Internet somewhere. 829 more words


Bodybags Never Go Out of Style

cut my finger on a tape dispenser,
trying to scotch shit together,
cut my tongue on a paper envelope,
licking away words I should never say, 228 more words


Spill it Scarlett.

So, come on then Scarlett! It was your birthday this week, and birthday celebrations followed this weekend. I am hoping and presuming that there is some scandalous gossip you… 570 more words



It’s raining outside.
And I sit here thinking of you.
Yet, again.
The way you smiled, your intoxicating hair.
The way you’d drip onto me, drop by drop. 147 more words