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Fashion F**kery: Haute Couture

Oh hey, didn’t see you there! I was too busy pretending to actually know something about fashion, haute couture and coming up with a very inappropriate title for this post. 893 more words


Natural Feel

Your hand on me, in me,

Your skin ‘neath my fingertips,

Exploring the contours, the curves,

The dips and hollows.

Your kiss on my head, 58 more words

New And Just For You

Here's a funny thing

People think I don’t know what they’re getting at

I do

It’s that I can’t believe what they’re getting at
It’s called~ astonishment

You’re not coy, or subtle, or obscure.
Just fascinatingly unbelievable

Daily Life


(Image courtesy of Dove in the Dungeon‘s favourite mailman.)

Hold me close.

Wrap your arms all the way around me, and clasp your hands on your arms, so that we’re bound together until you choose to release us. 141 more words


A New Understanding (Redux)

I find that I am not often able to entirely lose myself in a moment. To the extent of about 90-95% percent, my mind is floating in the air, moored down only by a firm and reassuring arm. 621 more words


Amuse Bouche

I keep thinking about you at inopportune moments, and getting wet.

TMI? I don’t care.

You should know about these things. You’re all the way over there across the other side of the world, and I’m here. 390 more words


Whispers of wisdom travel far

What has become of me anyway?

Even I don’t know,

Where did I run off to?

Logic tells me we can’t both do what makes you feel good…. 31 more words