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The story of my 2nd ER visit

My second ER visit happened a few years later. I was working at the time, and I ended up in my own ER… when I was supposed to be the one covering the ER. 469 more words

The story of my first ER visit

My therapist told me once that memories from your past surface when you are ready to handle them. I hadn’t really thought too deeply on this but it is true, and why wouldn’t I share a good story? 444 more words


Thermostat wars

Random memory brought on by my DH telling me that the house we live in is my house too, and if I’m cold, I have the ability to turn up the temp on our thermostat. 236 more words

Timeline Of Fuckery

Channel Awesome Has A Problem-And It's Channel Awesome

Those of you who follow these sorts of things may have noticed some things floating around on Twitter regarding Channel Awesome. Many may not. Either way, holy shit are you guys in for a fucking ride. 989 more words


Up Uranus.

I’m only associating this with astrology for the worthy notation that Chiron is on my ASC, Mercury Retro Cazimi was in effect, and the Libra Moon opposing Uranus at the time of this trigger event. 353 more words


A winter coat

Everyone has one right?

Before this winter, I had not purchased a new winter coat in over 10 years. After being berated over my spending on a book or 2 once a month, and over house essentials at Target, I just never bothered. 239 more words