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In the middle of the ebb

I had a minor major breakdown today. I was the only one there to feel it. Being swept away by the tide is terrifying, good thing I was left alone,

waiting for the flow.


seriously, nabisco?

So apparently, this fuckery will exist sometime in the near future:

Seriously, Nabisco? Is the four-eleventy-thousand-billion dollars you’re raking in by owning the sandwich cookie market not enough for you? 219 more words

Entry 25: Jumbled Chaos

This isn’t the kind of shit I want to be in. I enter into a jumbled chaos and get too concerned about the outcome instead of the content of the words I have to say or the recipient. 96 more words

Struggle Diary

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” ― Albert Schweitzer

I sighed deeply as she spoke to her young son. Emotionally spent I was only in the mind frame to listen. As I waited, I watched. 745 more words



For the record, when there’s 3″ of snow on the ground – despite the weather mopes predicting 7-9″ – Vans should not be considered proper footwear. 20 more words

Science is not a democracy!

Ok. I kept on telling myself I wouldn’t discuss my take or my side on this matter because I didn’t want to get into it. This topic gets people so fired up and fucking crazy I wanted to skip the whole thing. 445 more words

I'm not a crybaby

I was taught never to whine and more importantly was instructed not to become a victim or an easy mark in life so that I have little to nothing to whine about. 483 more words