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Why did I even spend 16 years at school?

​Have you ever had that feeling when something bad happens, then everything else seems to go wrong as well? This is exactly what is happening to me at the moment. 313 more words


A Moment of Chaos

Sometimes I just need a single moment of chaos…of passion…of fire.

It’s like the feeling you get, standing at the top of a mountain staring down into valleys below as wind blows across your face. 153 more words


The Mind Games Begin...

Currently I’m lazing on the couch, a headache looming, listening to some of my favourite horror OSTs. Anyone who knows me will realize this isn’t uncommon. 110 more words

Bad Hair Day

I decided to do something a little bit different this Halloween. Let me preface this by informing you that normally I buy loads of candy, dress up (by myself), give out said candy to, mostly, kids and watch horror movies (again, by myself). 1,030 more words


Reason #4358 to hate big box stores

I realized that the hammered shitness might be an actual problem and not just a temporary feeling. Which meant that I needed to drag my ass into WalMart for some cough medicine. 345 more words