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A Prescription from Dr. Feminace, PH.D of Done With This Shit

(This was a Facebook post I did a few days ago, edited for your reading pleasure)

This moment of education is brought to you by a moment’s ire while trying to relax and save Thedas. 680 more words


Put Away The Fainting Couches: What is and isn't an Insult

(CN: mention of slurs of various sorts)

There’s this thing where apparently being called a ‘racist’ or a ‘terf’ or a ‘homophobe’ is somehow considered such a great insult that there are pearls clutched and couched fainted on and ‘how dare yous’ thrown around, and frankly, I’m done with it. 487 more words


Sweet Nothings

Lying on my front

Pinned by you to the bed.

Your body on mine.

The best kind of blanket.

Your breath hot,

On my neck. 68 more words

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