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Reason #4358 to hate big box stores

I realized that the hammered shitness might be an actual problem and not just a temporary feeling. Which meant that I needed to drag my ass into WalMart for some cough medicine. 345 more words

We don't knead no edukayshun

I was delighted to see bits of the University of KwaZulu-Natal go up in flames last week.

It made me come over all schadenfreudy, largely because I never got the chance to go to university. 1,082 more words

Ben Trovato

Does Penis Size Matter?

Yes it does any guy who thinks it doesn’t is lying to himself. Do you really think a woman gets more pleasure from a 4 inch penis than say an 8 inch? 224 more words


The Fucks I Give as a Grown Woman

Yesterday, I ran across this article; you may have seen it? It was entitled The Fucks I Don’t Give as a Grown Woman, or something close to it. 344 more words