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Happy to Wait

Dark and infinite nights.

Hot and blistering days.

The haze that melds the two.

The waiting would be interminable,

But for the fact that you… 91 more words

New And Just For You

Fandom Rant!

Quelle surprise ( – no one ever), but this was very likely long overdue.

Twitter got me all hot and bothered yesterday and with damn good reason: FANDOM FUCKERY BINGO. 1,128 more words

Random Shiz

Sunday Night Choose Your Own Adventure Story-Time: Chapter 1. In which we meet our heroine.

Are you sitting (or lying down, or lounging on a chaise longue, or leaning against a wall, or curling up on your cuddlebuddy’s lap) comfortably? Then we’ll begin. 822 more words

Rant: Marginalization for Profit

Some of you, but not all, know I’m engaged to Kate Aaron, and because she’s English and I’m American, we have to go through the immigration process. 1,247 more words

The Life Of A (Former) Bachelor


Today in “shit I can’t believe I have to say”:


Attitude will get you in trouble socially.  Attitude will get you fired.   982 more words


We are all #SandraBland

Sandra Bland was 28 years old and phenomenal. 

I won’t eulogize her here because this is bigger than a laundry list of accomplishments and achievements. Sandra Bland could have been any of us. 692 more words


What will they think? Will it be okay? What do you say? Be easy on me...

Sitting in a mall waiting to get this damn phone fixed, I sit and think of all the shit I want and need to write. This world is a beautiful place with plantations of humans controlled by an alien force. 368 more words