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Quick Rant: Clearing the air

I’m so angry right now that if I write what I want to write then it’s not going to be pretty. So I’m just going to sit this here and you can put two and two together about what is on my mind right now. 379 more words

Virgin Islands

Weekly Progress Report

Well, all we managed to accomplish yesterday was:

  •  planting onions and potatoes
  • breaking a water line in the back yard
  • disabling the septic system
  • the foundation site is leveled and tamped…
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Not being able to write (what a fuckery)

I have to admit, having a blog and not knowing what to write is a special type of fuckery! I’ve been sitting (at home and work) for a couple of days wondering what to write and don’t get me wrong I’ve had ideas but they seem forced. 446 more words

Jeffrey Botah Blog

We're becoming quite the parking lot

Sunshine has two giant trucks and a jeep. I have my car. We live in a motor coach. Mrs B has her car. Mr B has his car, his truck, and 2 other cars sitting here (one for his daughter, one for sale, but still–they’re here). 207 more words

Finally finding out What My Nigga Uly really is! DNA Ancestory.com Test Results Revealed

The Results are finally in! If you ever wondered what my ethnicity is or how this DNA test work then check it out!

comment what you are if you’ve taken it too!(: 61 more words


How did this become my life?

I have been sore and stiff in some strange places since we planted the garden this week. My butt muscles hurt, all the way down into the backs of my thighs almost halfway to my knees. 979 more words