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Story Time Embarrassing Moment When I Tried to Ask a Girl Out In Middle School

Welp here’s another story time of an embarrassing moment when i tried to ask a girl out in middle school, and it did not go as plan hahaha… 75 more words


How does fuck know everything?

“What is life?” “Fuck knows”

Fuck is everywhere. He’s much like god, but I don’t believe in god. I believe in Fuck though. Fuck is just his shorterned name, short for Fuckery. 225 more words

Bridge to Nowhere

Fucked up country!

Apologies, I would not want to start this post with such profanity but man……. fuck it.

I don’t really know if this emotion is pent up anger or the amount of fuckery flying around in this country that is fueling this rage. 430 more words

Restraint (Power Exchange Book 4) or How This Disastrous Election Won't Stop Me

I think I’m done reeling from the election results. I might have my balance back. Now, I’m rolling up my sleeves and ready to fight. I’m ready to take on those who want to see immigrants and Muslims and People of Color and LGBTQ people shuffled out of their country, into dark corners, or into some other kind of oblivion. 2,197 more words


'Not All White People'

Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Just typing those words brings out anxiety and panic within myself. It brings about worries for my safety and the safety of some many people that I love all across this country. 450 more words


Hunger Games: the farm animal edition

Nobody put the chickens up last night.

Which meant that the fucking chickens terrorized the cats while the cats were trying to eat this morning. 267 more words


We have three remaining chickens out of the four we were given. We suspect the neighbor’s dog might be the culprit that disappeared the missing chicken, but we can’t be sure so we just keep an eye on the little bastard when he comes to visit and play with Mollie or Mr B’s goofy dog. 276 more words