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I can't remember my room number

Sometimes I think things and do things that I feel absolutely ridiculous about. I just spent all day looking forward to something, spending a extraordinary amount of money to ensure that it happened and thinking I was doing it for another person as well as myself but it turned out to be not that. 80 more words


I never wanted to call it home but

My eyes sting

My throat hurts

My head aches

My stomach churns

Breathing is difficult due to the boulder on my chest

I usually have several days of mourning all by myself on the anniversary of his death. 115 more words



I’m on a break from school, still with nearly a week left. I’ll soon have five days with no work and a trip out of state to visit family and attend a beautiful uplifting family event. 75 more words


Dear Former Clinic Escort,

Blogmaster’s Note: This’ll be a long one, but worth it.  Also, if you come up with some some anti-choice argument BS, have your shit recent and accurate, or you WILL be shown the door. 2,715 more words


No Love, Me: Geekery Edition

Dragon Age fandom:

Do better. Please.

You’re making me sad to be associated with you.

No Love,


Wednesday Words: My Favorite Word . . . (Prudes and Children Are Not Safe)

Fuck. It’s so . . . powerful. People say it’s overused, that it has lost its impact. I say we don’t use it creatively enough. I say we must use our imaginations. 105 more words

Wednesday Words

JD's 20th Annual Viva La Ruckus!

Ahhhhh…2015. It feels so good to be here. A full twenty years since the first ever “JD’s Roundball Ruckus”. If memory serves, it was about a half page worth of notes and instructions along with an old-school printed bracket sheet, cranked out on a shitty old IBM computer in the back workroom of a job where I was raking in a whopping $16,500 per year as an Assistant Account Executive. 2,101 more words