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Comfortably Hot (Redux)

It isn’t an everyday feeling. It’s not even one that you can guarantee a person will ever have in their life. So how do I justify having felt it more than once? 198 more words


Kids are Getting Bleach Shoved Up Their Asses!

I figure the only way to get your attention regarding this very serious issue is to put it bluntly in the tile of this piece: 705 more words


I am, and I am no one's fault.

I have chosen my path. I have made my own decisions about my life and whats in it….and whats not….from the age of nineteen. With very limited restrictions, I have lived in the exact way I’ve decided and selected. 277 more words


The Risk in a Read

As a young writer, say ten or eleven, I had dreams. Big dreams, that I’d write a book or fifty, would dominate the shelves at the biggest chain bookstores, would attend signings that were more like rock concerts (what can I say, I had just left behind my hair band days and was a little deluded about fame and that writers shared that kind of fame), and would pen the next ten blockbuster flicks people would rave over. 1,425 more words



Tell me everything, you said.

Really? I said.

Oh yes, yes, yes.

Every nuance, every detail.

Every move, every twist.

Every stroke of your skin, 103 more words

New And Just For You

Beware of False Education Prophets

Beware of false education prophets. They come to you in teacher’s clothing, but inwardly they support the anti-working class bastards who want to destroy the teaching profession. 610 more words


I cannot do this, but I can do that


proved to me that I

am not able to

1. Pretend to be alert when I am not

2. Not spill multiple cups of coffee (all time high 5 and 1/2) 51 more words