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Your Fave is Problematic: That Dilbert Asshole

Your Fave is Really, Really, REALLY Problematic.
Also, I believe that we will have moved ahead as a species once anyone uttering this sort of nonsense is treated as if they’ve just admitted that they enjoy congress with baby rabbits. 221 more words


Dear Autocorrect

What the fuck is guck? The Oxford Dictionary describes it as a slimydirty, or otherwise unpleasant substance. In other words it isn’t fuck. 137 more words

The Truth on Why you're not married at 35 aka Cock Carousel Rider!

“Cock Carousel “is a phenomenon where young women choose to have sex with various men in their prime of their lives (18-30) instead of settling down and getting married. 74 more words


What's Up?

So wow, the last month or so has been kind of nuts, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but busy doesn’t begin to describe it. 533 more words


So, Skepticon 8

(First Disclaimer: Because I know trolls don’t respect boundaries, I’ll just make this clear – try to add trash to my comments section, no one will ever see your shit and you’ll be shown the door.) 1,910 more words


Guy From The Misc Goes Rawdog On a Tinder Whore

We live in a generation, where women don’t care about finding a man for the future but right “now” It’s sad time we live in when all it takes is a “coffee” date now a days for a woman to give up the drawers in less than an hour and let some guy go raw in her and skeet, skeet, skeet all inside her vagina. 6 more words