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Packers expecting new rules to create more kickoff returns in 2018

The NFL was recently on the verge of eliminating the kickoff from the game. Take it completely away, and one of the most dangerous plays in the sport could no longer produce violent, brain-rattling collisions. 405 more words

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No Fucks Given.

Not three. Not two. Not even one.

How many fucks do I give? I give none.

I search high. I search low. Can’t find one. 49 more words


What I Should Have Said...

I give a fuck. I give lots of fucks, actually. I’m a prostitute of feelings.



On Not Giving Two Fu*ks, or Even One.

Let me begin by wishing all readers and non-readers, a meaningful Christmas. While it may look different from person to person, and place to place, my prayer is that each human being, and our collective human community, give and receive healing, love and joy. 503 more words

Prioritizing Your Fucks This Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, I BLOODY LOVE CHRISTMAS, but there are certain seasonal chores necessary for its success that have lost their appeal over time. 518 more words

Midlife Observations

This Playlist Helps You Get Pumped Up for the Day Like LeBron James

Meet LeBron James. NBA superstar. World champion. MVP. ¬†Actor, entrepreneur, and music snob. Yes, the tales of “A&R Bron” run deep, as the 32-year-old modern GOAT has never been afraid to issue his co-sign on the new music of the moment. 307 more words