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Don't you just hate those days when..

Don’t you just hate those days when sleep does not restore the amount of fucks you can give?



That’s when it hit me: I’m living in the generation that is transitioning between the extended rural family and the modern nuclear family. And then that’s when it hit YOU: what the hell am I talking about? 605 more words


A year older is a year wiser

I’d just realized the craziest thing. You know when you finally let go of all the negativity and ‘bad’ people for your soul, it actually opens a space for other positivity and ‘good’ people. 270 more words

Cray Thoughts

Well Dear
she said
in an unshaken voice
you are lying

you leave me no choice
I have had more than
enough of this shit… 108 more words


People These Days (Kids)

Some people had the luxury of not experiencing hunger, struggle or pain. Maybe that’s why they think the world is cruel when they don’t get things easy. 206 more words

The Dichotomy (a.k.a. The Trouble With Love)

How do you tell whether or not someone likes you?

That’s all I want to know. Because to me, it’s an exceedingly grey area. Sometimes you don’t even know if you want them to like you – heck, sometimes they don’t even know whether they like you themselves! 1,406 more words