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The older I get the less I give a fuck. There’s something incredibly freeing about knowing you have limited time left on this earth. I used to give a fuck. 950 more words


No Fucks for You

I’m sorry I was harsh with you, but you had to quit
the truth is, I only have so many fucks to give
and you didn’t make the list… 22 more words


Twist in the tale

She weeps like a child,A little harsh, a little mild.

The weeping is okay though,

For a soul so wild,

She can let it flow, … 169 more words

Not Giving a Fuck

Okay! I have a confession.

During most of my life up until a couple of months ago, I gave too many fucks about too many people, I cared too much about offending people, had the fear that they may not like me and spent a lot of time thinking what they would think of me! 511 more words


Ariana Grande - "da fucks up there?" ... Coachella

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Dueling smart assistants give zero fucks about your calendar

If you’ve ever wondered about the infinite loop one could create by pairing two smart home assistants, it’s this.

YouTuber Adam Jakowenko used both an Amazon Echo Dot, and a Google Home device to answer a simple question: “what’s on my calendar for tonight?” Using the Echo first, the device dutifully read off the beginning of a calendar notification before passing the buck on to Google Home. 88 more words