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Dueling smart assistants give zero fucks about your calendar

If you’ve ever wondered about the infinite loop one could create by pairing two smart home assistants, it’s this.

YouTuber Adam Jakowenko used both an Amazon Echo Dot, and a Google Home device to answer a simple question: “what’s on my calendar for tonight?” Using the Echo first, the device dutifully read off the beginning of a calendar notification before passing the buck on to Google Home. 88 more words


How does fuck know everything?

“What is life?” “Fuck knows”

Fuck is everywhere. He’s much like god, but I don’t believe in god. I believe in Fuck though. Fuck is just his shorterned name, short for Fuckery. 225 more words

uncensored Canadian thoughts on living in America today

It was a very long night, and this morning is not looking much better.

I’m oscillating between Debra and Maya Angelou; between Fuck absolutely everything and Oriah Mountain Dreamer; between running home to Canada, and staying here to fight for what I believe at my core is the right thing to do. 753 more words

Yogi Thoughts

Zero fux

I’m working real hard at giving zero fux.

As in, not caring anymore about what people might think about what I think and feel and do. 310 more words

Life And Living

Trying not to give a fuck

Here is Mark Mansons article on not giving a fuck

Mark Manson apprently doesn’t give fucks, or rather has a fuck account and never spends more fucks than he has or is needed. 139 more words

A Gorillas Existential Crisis

Look at All the Shits I Give (zero)

One thing I really like about my generation is that, for the most part, we don’t really give a flying shit what each other believes in. 521 more words

Fucks, whores, marzipan

A conversation from just now:

Drop by in an hour. Should be OK. Just had some warfare go down at home here.

What was it about? 18 more words