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Just doing cat things... like disregarding your wishes, breaking your possessions, and giving zero f!#%s

“Oh, what? You didn’t want me to break that glass? Sorry I’m not sorry.” -Every cat in the history of the world.


Day to Night

Who said the consumption of alcohol is reserved for the afternoon hours of 5pm to 12am?! Some stupid fuck that’s who! Well FINALLY the fuck dynasters have discovered a beer for all hours of the day! 97 more words


Sexy Saturdays

Sexy Saturday of January 31st we, the champions at Fuck Dynasty, adventured into several realms of unknown. From flouncing across a mountain bridge with blunt in hand, to letting our snatches play the next Uno turn, we have successfully conquered new territory in the land of badassery. 209 more words

All Of the Fucks are gone

This morning driving to work,

along the side of the road

was a beautiful field covered with just

the slightest bit of frost.

I thought a saw the last of the… 48 more words


Fucks I Have to Give

Don’t judge me by this picture.  Or do.  I don’t give a fuck.  This picture was taken on “Scumbag Sunday Funday” which entails football and beer.  226 more words

Life As I See It

So much better than expected

Waking up at 7 am is a bitch when I’ve spent my entire vacation waking up after 12. Everything went quick and nicely though. Took a shower and was having breakfast with the family in 15 minutes. 456 more words

My Life