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Two days in a row.

Round two.

I’ve had moments of just being and other moments experiencing nothing but malaise.  The notion of working with rotten individuals with self-entitlement issues really doesn’t appeal to me in the least.   375 more words


Flying the Unfriendly Skies - with Glenn Beck

My flight attendant…merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me…

When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin.

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Life Lessons

Ashton Kutcher is a Fucking Asshole

Yes…yes, I know this rancid pusbag has a shitload of money, fame (in a way), and in the whole scheme of things this ass-crack is set for life… good for you, asshole…. 135 more words

Great Internet Truth #15 (mildly NSFW)

(from Penny Arcade–not my favorite webcomic, but occasionally right on the nose)
Comics Wonkiness

Abusive Parliamentarian

Ugh!  Have you seen this?

That’s John Baird, a Minister in Steven Harper’s cabinet.  You know what he’s doing?  He’s engaging in abusive behaviour.  It is not only verbal abuse; it is also abuse of power and privilege. 143 more words



Whilst I am still very much mellowing in my melancholy moment of madness I have decided to find something to make me smile. A quick google search for “funny email correspondence” brought me to… 604 more words

Life, The Universe And Everything

No motivation.

To do anything. Write. Exercise. Laundry. Cook. Sex. Read. Play. All I want to do is sleep!!!! I’m trying trying trying not to slip away, but I’m finding it very hard. 78 more words