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the untamed snarkdump

Tis but a short linkdump this week – and not a sweet one. I’ll add trigger warnings to items I haven’t snarked at, mkay? Barring that, I’m in bad tempered bastard mode – lock up your sheep post haste and with alacrity. 1,331 more words


New year, new memories

A brief last post of 2014 from me.

It’s crazy to think about how much has changed in my life in the space of 8 months. 341 more words


Fanfic and Profic: My revelation for the month.

While I haven’t really talked much about it, I had a novel rejected by Dreamspinner Press last month.  After the initial “WHY???” response, and then the “What do they know?   727 more words


Witnessing a miracle, re-living the pain

This week I have been blessed.  Blessed beyond words.

I never thought I would ever witness a baby being delivered, I can only just about stomach the graphic scenes shown on ‘One Born Every Minute’, but on Tuesday evening, I was lucky enough to be an additional birthing partner for my sister.   687 more words


And the prize...

for the only customer service agent at Harper Collins who actually does her job goes to Wilma, who sent me this today:

Thank you for contacting the HarperCollins online store.

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Ranty McRanterson

Seeking trainable monkeys for customer service position

Remember my post from yesterday?  About Harper Collins’ customer service reps?  Well here’s today’s answer to my reply:

Thank you for contacting the HarperCollins online store.

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Ranty McRanterson

Customer Support Personnel Wanted: Must be able to cut and paste

Harper Collins had a special on Richard Kadrey‘s Sandman Slim books yesterday.  I have all of them except for “Kill City Blues” so I thought I’d take advantage of it.   680 more words

Ranty McRanterson