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The Party's Over! Living in the post fossil fuel era.

In this wired age, with access to computers and smart phones by the millions, no one should claim to not be able to get the facts and to understand global warming. 3,004 more words


Killing the Golden Goose

We all know the fable of the golden goose. The goose lays a solid gold egg every week or so, but someone get greedy and one day kills the golden goose, only to find that there are no more gold eggs inside. 588 more words

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10 Must Have Road Trip Apps

If you know me at all you know we are travel ballers. My entire life for most of the year is taken up traveling from baseball field to baseball field. 942 more words

Maybe This Will Help

Fort Smith's Cheapest Gas-Today

Here’s the cheapest gas around town today. Prices are still going down!

Buick Convertible coming soon! They say about “top down” time we should start getting the new Buick Casada. 45 more words

Fort Smith Arkansas

Gas Prices in Fort Smith Today

Here’s the cheapest gas around Fort Smith today. The price keeps going down & I’m loving it! I hope it goes down, down, down!

According to… 159 more words

Fort Smith

Cheapest Gas Prices in Fort Smith- Today

All under $2.00! How exciting! This is great for holiday travel. 

If you’re in the market for a new Buick or GMC or any make and model of  used car, truck, SUV or even van please check us out. 59 more words

Fort Smith Arkansas

Mixed Messages

I had planned to attend the Peoples Climate March a few weeks ago, and walked around the edges in downtown Portland. But then I left. The event concept is heartfelt, the idea that instead of everyone marching on Washington and all the associated airplane, bus and car travel that it would take to travel there (thank you Bill McKibbin, 350 .org), instead, on one day, there are over 1500 separate actions, marches, and demonstrations in cities and around the world. 1,006 more words