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America's Aging Infrastructure

I met a very interesting guy yesterday at the Low Carbon Investors conference: a professor at Stanford whose discipline is disruptive technologies.  Among other things, he’s an advisor to several different groups of students who are working on new approaches to energy and transportation, some of which sound like they have real merit. 406 more words

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My schadenfreude cup, it runneth over.....

It’s only Tuesday, and it’s turning out to be a schadenfreude kind of week.

First, we have the Harvard professors who happily pushed Obamacare for the rest of us now finding out that they will have to live under the same onerous law as well.   314 more words

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10 Facts about the Kia Soul EV

When the 2014 Kia Soul EV was introduced it was all we could talk about! But, there may be some facts that we forgot to mention! 260 more words


"REVIEW" your car first - "Efficiency"


The nature calls it a day for the fossil fuels and want us to go green.Still it is a huge market of automobiles running on fuels which are going to vanish soon. 636 more words

It’s Much Larger than It Looks

Have you ever been outside a building and thought wow that is small only to go inside and be amazed and say to yourself it is much larger on the inside than it looks on the outside.   201 more words

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Top most Petrol Efficient Car in India

As per latest news in automobile market, Maruti Suzuki is considered to be the largest car marker in India. Now it is said that Maruti is going to introduce new petrol car in 2014. 121 more words


The Importance of a Fuel Efficient Car and How to Get the Best Deal

Fuel prices seem to be constantly going up and as the experts predict, there is hardly any sign that suggests this trend would get reversed. In this scenario, one must be very cautious in the choice of vehicle and buy only a Fuel efficient car. 233 more words