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Number of times I had to buy gas in February: 0

I love my car.

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Can Vehicles Be Full Sized & Fuel Efficient? Aluminum Could Be Solution

In the constant fight to make vehicles as sturdy as the are fuel efficient, Ford may have come up with the solution. The General Electric partner will release its highly popular 2015 F-150 with one major change – an aluminum-alloy body.   133 more words

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Japanese Auto Makers Working Together On a Hydrogen Project

Last week only, Japan’s three biggest vehicle manufacturers jointly issued a press release, which announced their collaboration in order to speed up the growth of hydrogen cells. 377 more words

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Look Beyond The MPG Rating When Car/Truck Shopping

A few years back my wife and I decided to trade in her old Pontiac Vibe for a newer vehicle. Since my daily driver is a 2008 V8 F150, we decided to look for a smaller, and more fuel efficient, vehicle for her. 340 more words


Hybrid Showdown!

You know that scene in the movies where two souped-up muscle cars pull up to a stoplight, side by side, and start revving their engines loudly as the tough-guy drivers stare each other down before peeling out and racing off once the light turns green? 101 more words

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Gas Prices Won’t Be Cheap Forever

With the current decrease of gas prices over the past month; dropping from $3.54 to over a whole dollar currently. It makes you wonder how long will these gas prices stay; the national average for gas is $2.20 but if you know the economy well you know it will not last forever. 345 more words


Esquire: Ram top truck

Esquire magazine has named the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, America’s most fuel-efficient pickup, its Truck of the Year, considering efficiency, functionality, versatility, safety, value, and style. 112 more words

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