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Mr Osborne’s lack of energy

By Josh Robson: Head of Public Affairs (Knauf Insulation Northern Europe)

Energy efficiency was in the Chancellor’s statement, but the gritty realism needed to tackle issues that the UK faces sits unused in the wings. 910 more words

UK Economy

Winter mortality up; energy efficiency down

An announcement to cut the insulation programme by 42 per cent on the same day as increased excess winter mortality is announced seems perverse and even cruel.  416 more words


Nuclear nightmare, gas fracking free-for-all and fuel poverty: Tories unveil UK energy policy

As the world COP21 Paris summit on climate change nears, governments internationally are burnishing their environmental credentials for what will evidently be yet another failure in really getting to grips with global warming. 1,521 more words


No end to cold-related deaths

The Government’s latest statistics reveal that shockingly, 40,800 older people died in England and Wales last winter because of the cold. This is more than double the number of deaths than the previous year and far more than those who die from road fatalities annually. 311 more words

Older People

Correspondence with Sarah Newton MP on Tax Credit Cuts and fuel poverty in Cornwall

Exchange of correspondence below is between Sarah Newton and Charmian. Charmian which highlights the negative impact  of tax credit cuts on working families and those suffering fuel poverty in Cornwall (19% of Cornish households suffer fuel poverty). 1,411 more words
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Eliminating fuel poverty by Nov 2016? I think not.

Given the short term thinking that bedevils much political thinking, we can be forgiven for looking cynically at government targets that stretch long ahead of the political cycle. 807 more words

Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty - Tre milioni di famiglie in difficoltàcon mutui, affitti e bollette di casa - Corriere.it

Il peso delle bollette In particolare, si legge nelle statistiche, il 10,2% delle famiglie si è trovata in ritardo con i pagamenti delle bollette per le utenze domestiche; tra le famiglie in affitto il 16,9% si è trovata in arretrato con il pagamento; il 6,3% delle famiglie con il mutuo da pagare si è trovato infine in arretrato con la rata. 180 more words

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