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Why Nigeria is finally pulling the plug on its controversial fuel subsidy in 2016

In the last few years, fuel subsidies have been a polarizing issue in Nigeria. Put in place as a people-oriented policy to help reduce the price of fuel for Nigerians, the subsidies have become a oft-debated policy as it has burned deep holes in the government’s pockets. 486 more words

Historic Opportunity to Reduce Global Fuel Subsidies

With crude oil prices under $50 per barrel this is an historic opportunity for Saudi Arabia and other countries to eliminate energy subsidies.

Low crude oil prices are making the impossible possible. 881 more words

Honda, Toyota, Nissan want to change how you fill up the tank

The lack of fueling stations is one of the bigger—and more expensive—challenges that stand in the way of the widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered cars. In geographically massive places like the United States, it seems like an impossible task. 374 more words


Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan just did incoming Buhari a big favour with the fuel crisis

As Nigeria gradually pulls back from the brink of the ‘Petrocalypse‘, it is just the latest example of why the petroleum sector of one of the world’s biggest exporters needs urgent reform. 567 more words

Nigeria's fuel crisis looks set to end just in time for its new president

With the country facing the real prospect of its economy grinding to a halt, Nigerians received good news that the current fuel crisis, easily the worst in recent times, will be resolved immediately. 346 more words

Charades in Acid. Critical News, 24th May 2015

Sydney Casely-Hayford, sydney@bizghana.com

This past week, we murdered a prominent politician, and our Finance Minister attempted a charade explanation of the economy.

Some sort of in fighting within the NPP created resentment and pent up sentiment that some person(s) decided the only way to settle this was to do an acid test on a human being. 1,310 more words

Sydney Casely-Hayford

Fuel Subsidy Policy and Popular Mobilization in #Syria | Middle East Research and Information Project

On February 17, Syrian Minister of Oil Muhammad al-Lahham warned Parliament that the price of fuel would have to increase. This announcement came just one month after the government raised the official price of diesel by more than 50 percent to 125 Syrian pounds (70 cents) per liter, the largest single hike since the uprising of 2011 and an eightfold increase since May of that year. 1,152 more words