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Music Is Life

I’m in my early 40’s, and like Toby Keith sang, “I’m not as good as I once was.”ūüé∂

Tonight as I type work emails and feel the heaviness and anxiety of another workweek approaching, the MTVclassic channel is spitting out some seriously great tunes on RockBlock. 47 more words

Weight Loss

Save $Money on Gas/Petrol

Anyone who drives a car needs to download this App!

If you are paying full price for fuel, you are paying too much!

Within two days of downloading this App, we have saved $0.30/gal on gas… 381 more words


for those crazy nights: a super easy go-to dinner

We all have those crazy nights where nothing is planned, or the plans we did have¬†get thrown out the window for whatever reason. We’re left scrambling, hungry, and often tired. 286 more words


Last chance: Do you know someone who will benefit from the borough's Home Energy Service?

Although it may feel like the worst of the winter weather over, there is never a bad time to spread a little WARMTH –¬†Kensington and Chelsea’s Home Energy service for the borough’s most vulnerable households. 141 more words


The Six Phases of Fueling... The Narcissist Lifeblood

Another insightful look…..

Fuel is our lifeblood. Whether it is positive fuel from admiration, delight and love or negative fuel from hatred, anger or upset, we want fuel.

39 more words
Narcissism 101

New diesel Chevy Cruze can go an estimated 702 miles on a single tank of fuel

(Source: arstechnica.com)

This week, Chevrolet announced that its new 2017 diesel Cruze will get a jaw-dropping 52 mpg on the highway, making it the car with the best fuel economy among non-hybrid and non-electric models in America. 711 more words


Bright Eats for 4

This weekend I had the privilege of hanging out with my family for almost¬†48 hours straight.¬†It was absolutely the best.¬†Running in college and being really tied down here¬†has truly made me appreciate the times when I do get to be with my family, because they’re far fewer than I might have hoped for.¬† 440 more words