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Wow! Something completely different. Did you ever want to be in a show where you lose all sense of time and space? Where language doesn’t matter and personal space is ignored? 431 more words


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One of the many benefits of studying abroad in Buenos Aires is having a study abroad program which acts as a resource for students. My program, IES, has been a tremendous resource for me in so many ways (they rejected my application to write for their blog, so I’m not even being paid to say this). 621 more words

Fuerza Bruta is 'Must-See'

Melisa and I had a day and a half to ourselves before leaving Buenos Aires for our Antarctic expedition.  We did some research on Sunday afternoon to decide what to do, wanting to make the most of our time.   362 more words


Fuerza Bruta

Similar to a Cirque de Soleil performance, Fuerza Bruta was an unforgettable and rhythmic show. As the audience is on their feet, the stage moves from one side of the room, to the ceiling, to the other side of the room, to even being at the center of the crowd. 63 more words

I’ll never forget this moment. One of the images that really sticks in my mind from Fuerza Bruta: Wayra. Somehow, I felt identified with this particular moment. 51 more words

Escapism, spectacles and migration - the collective experience of Fuerza Bruta: Wayra (NYC)

I had never experienced anything quite like Fuerza Bruta: Wayra. Dragged by a friend of mine so I could start being optimistic about living in New York, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. 2,135 more words