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Fugazi (Incredible Shrinking Fanzine #5)

During a week of ‘holidays’ at the Edinburgh headquarters of A.K. press/distribution (actually my mate Ramsey Kanaan’s flat) in the early 90s, I was introduced to this fanzine. 1,547 more words


Tape and CDs...

Isn’t stuff I buy a lot, but when I see some very cheap ones, I can’t help my self.


Dawn of the Dread

Yesterday both of my children behaved horribly.  It was one of those days that make you question your parenting ability.  Maybe I’m not cut out for this merde?Stella has been having an off-week.   477 more words


Baby Has Grown Older

Playlist. Thirsty & Miserable Radio Hour. Week 13.

  1. Stumped, Minor Threat
  2. Cashing In, Minor Threat
  3. Stepping Stone, Minor Threat
  4. Minor Threat, Minor Threat
  5. Filler, Minor Threat…
  6. 44 more words

The Bad Brains @ CBGB 1982

Perhaps one of my favorite CBGBs sets out there. Early Bad Brains footage always brings out the punk in me

5 Great Shows I Attended (That Are On YouTube)

The first show / concert I ever saw was friends’ band in a backyard in Bridgeport, West Virginia some time around 1994. It was the start of many years of being very involved in live music in many ways. 80 more words


Interview: Deathfix

Deathfix is a supergroup. Although people haven’t been batting around that term with Deathfix, it is wildly appropriate. The group consists of Brendan Canty ( 2,240 more words