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Thursday October 5, 2017

Where realism often prompts sympathy, fantasy often prompts empathy: full, emotionally immersive engagement. Is it still possible, though, to construct aesthetic foundations for empathy across current divides in American society? 279 more words

Fugazi - Repeater (1989)

McConaughey: “It’s all a fugazi, you know what fugazi is?”
DiCaprio: “Fugazi, it’s a fake”
McConaughey: “Fugaaazi, Fugahhhzi, it’s a wuzzy, it’s a woozy, it’s (fluttering sound effects) fairy dust, it doesn’t exist, it’s never landed, it’s no matter, it’s not on the elemental chart, it’s not f’n real, right?!” 384 more words


Object Collection Make an Opera From Fugazi Stage Banter

You can learn a lot about how New York-based performance collective Object Collection work just by paying attention to their name. As their website puts it: “We value accumulation above cohesion.” That description certainly fits, but also barely scratches the surface when it comes to their latest piece—tentatively self-described as an opera— 904 more words

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Fugazi- First Demo

I might not be born and raised from DC but I can definitely call this my home.  One of my favorite things about this city is the punk music that started here in the 80s and definitely still is prevalent today. 337 more words

Fugazi vs. Minus The Bear

yearning for Fugazi, we rummaged in the web to find some possible live footages of the post-hardcore band, as we found this incredibly refreshing version of… 152 more words

Take Cover

Random Start: Minor Threat - “Look Back and Laugh”

I never really believed this statement when my parents would say it to me as a kid, yet it seems to be all I do now.