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Fugazi - "Repeater" (1990)

Fugazi are punk rock royalty with being credited as one of the founders of the post-hardcore genre. “Repeater” was the band’s first full length album and is widely acclaimed as a keystone album for post-hardcore and punk in general. 292 more words


The biggest bands that Kill Rock Stars ever put out

“The biggest bands that Kill Rock Stars ever put out each got their momentum in a different way. Sleater-Kinney’s biggest momentum was from the press — second to Radiohead, they got more positive press than any other band in America in the 90s. 90 more words

Fellow Musicians

Quicksand and Thrash

Quicksand… another band on my list of bands that needed to be checked out… and by coincidence they’re kinda more evidence to back up my thoughts on scenes… Wikipedia says “ 396 more words


Friday Night Tune: Robert Hood - Unix

The heavy mass of genres and styles which have influenced electronic music are well known, and we’ve been subjected to plenty of guff about it over the years. 986 more words


Harold Rosenberg

Wikipedia Poem, No. 657

harold scrape scratch chisel

wet in wet with hair dryer worse the camera
one learns proper representative hand

and i am me so i will click quit impasto… 20 more words



Recorded live at Brewerytown Beats in Philadelphia on October 25, 2017.  Bevan McShea and Charlie O’Hay were also featured.

Jim Trainer