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Joe Gross - In on the Kill Taker

Fugazi’s third record, In on the Kill Taker is a great great album! Here Fugazi managed to replicate their raw punk sound AND experiment with different genres, thus escaping the emo tag they are known for, still saying that the political edge that comes attached to the band is still there and in full force. 108 more words

Just to Put This in Perspective ...

“It’s 2017, Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States of America, and it is hard to find a Fugazi fan who doesn’t wish they were still around.” 136 more words

Autobiographical Order No. 277: Fugazi - Fugazi EP

It might be because of my age—a little too young to have caught wind of the phenomenon at first—but I got into Fugazi a little later than everyone else. 335 more words


With a Familiar Rhythm Section at Its Core, The Messthetics Reinvent the Power Trio

“Brendan is Brendan, and I know him really well as a musician, so that aspect is the same. But of course, it’s completely different, because it is so not Fugazi. 10 more words


International Jazz Day (April 30th, 2018, Columbia, MO)

I selected three jazz CDs I hadn’t listened to in awhile to celebrate the day. They all were good medicine.

Junko Onishi: Baroque

Ms. Onishi put her all into this outing, which is clearly an homage to her pianistic mentor Jaki Byard, a player of deep-pocketed wiles who ought to be a household name, jazzwise. 346 more words

Listening Diary

Poetry Killed the Video Star

Poetry Killed the Video Star by Ursprung Collective

Poem written and spoken by Israfel Sivad from his collection The Tree Outside My Window.
Music writtenm, performed and produced by Weylin’ Rose
Artwork: “Lacuna” by Alex Barry


Fugazi - 13 Songs (1988 & 1989)

You may be aware (as I vaguely was) that Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat formed a new band called Fugazi later in the 80s. Actually the creative helm of this group seems to be split roughly evenly between MacKaye and another guitarist/vocalist, Guy Picciotto. 392 more words