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Burning Too

While buying a few records from the Crucial Response distro, I noticed this repress for a decent price. I do have the regular version but I always wanted to pick up the remastered edition too. 51 more words


The Grid Begins for My Kitchen

I’m moving my The Inefficient Kitchen site over to The Grid. The site will be down until at least morning, then I’ll see how she’s working. 66 more words


Milemarker – Overseas (7 out of 10)


Released August 26, 2016 on Lovitt Records

Milemarker is something of an enigma. Preferring to call themselves a collective rather than a band, they’ve also gone by the names Milemarker People’s Liberation Army, and The Milemarker Entertainment and Reprogramming Consulate looking back to the optics and aesthetic of late ’60s groups like the MC5. 321 more words


Glen E. Fugazi

If Glen E. Friedman ever took a bad photo, I’ve never seen it. Early Fugazi, featured here from the insert to their 1988 12″, Fugazi… 35 more words


August 9: 808 State, Fugazi, Gang of Four, Jefferson Airplane, 'Tubular Bells', Koffi Olomide, 'Exile on Main Street', 'Graceland', Nina Simone, Neil Young

808 State, ‘808:90’.

Containing their most famous song, ‘Pacific State’, this album both sounds exactly like you’d expect a dance record of its time to sound and pretty good. 533 more words