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February follies...

Yes, I jinxed it.

After a gorgeous day in the 60s that permitted a few moments of bare vitamin D-sucking arms in the yard…

They say snow's a'headed our way… #sunset #winter #clouds #treeskeleton…

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Post 329: Classic Colonial

The roots of YouSuckatCraigslist go back to the furniture section, when the vivacious and talented Llama-nun needed a new sofa, cheap, for their student-on-a-budget apartment. Lately in Sparkyville, the same couch, or living room suite, or at least the same upholstery fabric, surfaces like fish in a lake where dynamite has been set off. 107 more words

Free Is Good

Post 327: The Sweet Smell of Nothing

It was a dark and stormy night. Sparky lost power and needed candles to see the television by. Luckily, someone had given him or her a very special present last Christmas. 99 more words


13of30 - fugly first rose

  1. something to note if you’re a total novice like me: choose small canvases or areas on which to paint. when i decided on this, it made me think more specific as far as what my subject should be.
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6of30 - make (lots of) room for off days

value is the relative lightness or darkness of a color. it helps to define form and create spatial illusions. basically, it helps the subject conform to the rules of reality as it pertains to shadow and light making the subject of the painting look realistic or believable. 210 more words


Post 305: That Sinking Feeling

Here’s your Rose-tinted glasses. You are going to need them to look at today’s offering. Remember, things in Sparkyville don’t get fixed up all that often, so an item we would classify as trash is an antique to Sparky. 84 more words


Fugly! - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


John Leguizamo seemingly uses his life story as inspiration for a mediocre movie.

Review (with Spoilers)

Recently I was listening to Sommore on The Breakfast Club talk about how people look at doing standup as a launching pad, rather than a career, and also I recently watched Whoopi Goldberg’s first Broadway special. 473 more words