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To the only guy I am crushing on for the past two years...

Oh hello there prince charming!

That monday experience was really something — besides it being the closest face-to-face encounter I’ve ever had with you, it was also the day I felt we really are worlds apart. 442 more words


Video: "One fugly tick"

There is so much beauty in nature but like with everything else, of course there are exceptions. This is in my opinion one of the most disgusting creatures in our world, and when filled up with newly sucked blood like this, it’s even worse.



Tomorrow and Someday

So Tomorrow I’m off to Swansea with the kids.

Soon I’ll be off looking for the Fuglys. You know ? …. Class 70s.

Now whilst I need a number of them for photos I only need seven for sight. 100 more words


Post 545: Zombie Cut-rate Apocalypse

Rob zombie fans look here

True zombie fans check this out a singed and dated by rob zombie fake bloody chain saw makes chain saw sounds singed by rob zombie in the Spokane colosseum concert and light scafly 5 ft peace singed and dated by rob zombie in Seattle concert (chain saw $ 150 cash firm)
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Post 529: Clubbing’s Too Good for It

Club Chair- Free

Nice club chair, very comfortable. We have cats and there is some scratch damage on the lower arms ( see pics). Still very clean, non smoking home.
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Post 516: Don’t Rock the Duck

In the Lake District around Sparkyville, there’s a legend about the mysterious Rocking Duck. According to the old tales, the Rocking Duck would come out of the mists in the fall and tell the migrating ducks if the lake was a safe place to land and rest. 129 more words

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