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I don’t write anything because I find that it is an easy task. Anyone can fluff rubbish. I write because whatever you’re reading needed to be read. 37 more words


last day of the verb

let’s go out to the country,
get away from the city lights;

sing the song of the mountains,
walk under the satellites;

feel the moon filling, ever- 31 more words


I Fugue out sometimes.

Have you ever heard of the state of fugue? I had not until I got diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder.  I will give you the definition below. 933 more words

Spider Forest (2004)

Review first published by Film4

Synopsis: Song Il-Gon weaves an inescapable trap for characters and viewers alike in this melancholic Korean mystery.

Review: A scene in the middle of  636 more words


By Nicholas Olson


We are in here. Here is where I come to pull you out of the scattered debris of who you are. Who you are is a collection of tattered trades and 45s whose dust crackles can be pinpointed to mishandling thirty years ago: an old liebe whose needle-placing skills left something to be desired. 491 more words


Who is Max Reger?

I’m currently skimming through Salzman’s Twentieth-Century Music: An Introduction. He briefly mentions Max Reger (1873-1916), a german composer who had some influence on Hindemith. I”ve always heard the name but never actually listened or learned anything about his music. 85 more words