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The Stalker

Become the stalker of your ’’me’’ relating to others. Every time you interact with someone keep track of your personal neurotic patterns—the interfering fears—that set you up for a trip up & impel you to abandon and lose track of the other for the sake of your demanding, insatiable ego. 31 more words


(On watching butterflies)

Do caterpillars
Faced with existential change
Suffer fugue, or dreams?


Tippet Fugue

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Cello Piccolo and Harpsichord| 3′ 55 more words

Luna Pearl Woolf

A fugue by J. S. Bach

I chose Fugue No 8 in D# minor, BWV 853 from Book I, which the Harvard Dictionary of Music mentions as one example of the use of augmentation. 770 more words

Listening Log


I am lagging and flagging,

I wink at the Moon,

I make her swoon.

Tides crawl and creep,

Brides look and leap,

Season of harvest. 868 more words