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Thus spoke ARISTOXENUS / Natural Melody

Highlighted thoughts and rules from The Elements of Harmony                       by Aristoxenus, 375-335 BCE

The branch of study which bears the name of Harmonic is to be regarded as one of several divisions or special sciences embraced by the general science that concerns itself with… 1,581 more words


Pick of the Week - 5 February

What’s been happening in the arts this week? As part of our blog series, Pick of the Week, we’ve picked our favourite stories, interesting exhibitions and most thought-provoking debates we’ve seen and heard this week. 179 more words

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Interview: Jacob Brown of Fugue

Garrett LaBonte, Jordan Brown, Jacob Brown
Photo by N. Nadel; Courtesy of Fugue

It’s not a secret that Orange County outfit Fugue and my band Struckout have a relationship. 1,320 more words


Evening Hymn: Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor (Bach)

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!!!

This is an epic piece, though not a hymn. Also, check out the beauty of this instrument.

This video is from a larger video of a good portion of Bach’s organ works. 89 more words


When one is lost in the fog one wants to smash one’s head through the glass just to FEEL SOMETHING

When one is lost in the fog, one wants to smash one’s head through the glass just to FEEL SOMETHING, just to remember that one does have some reality left in one’s body, just for the red blood to remind oneself that there IS still colour in this world. 180 more words