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Music For The Day

Some restorative Bach for Sunday afternoon

The late, great Glenn Gould dissects one of my favourite fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Fugue no. 9 from Book II. 109 more words


The Liturgical Aspect of Süssmayr’s Sanctus in Mozart’s Requiem

First of all, let me make something clear. This article is not intended to be research-based, unlike the others I’ve written about the Mozart-Süssmayr requiem. These are just… 1,190 more words

Keeping Secrets from Myself

I looked up and down the street: next to no one around. I need a crowd to get lost in. The last time I felt this way I ended up three states away and missing six days of my life, but I was alone. 436 more words


Fugue-Chapter One

Chapter One

    “Hey, Flygirl! Any sign of our favorite pyromaniac, yet?” a voice in her headset asked. Icarus rolled her eyes.

    “Negative, Sleeper. No sign of Hellraiser,” Icarus responded. 723 more words



“Do you know what the topic of the sermon is tomorrow?”

Hubby replied: “What is your name and what year is it?”

2016.  Julie.

“Ok, here’s the easiest way for you to believe me.”  He grabs the phone and says “What is today?”  Monday, July 4th. 361 more words



(Written in response to Josef Sudek’s “Sunday Afternoon on Kolin Island”)
The camera’s lucid eye
swaddles them in gauze,
reverse cocoon effect
and causal brakes… 8 more words
John Biscello


One of my first real attempts at writing realist fiction. This was largely inspired by a woman who I saw all the time on the street where I grew up. 4,441 more words