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Endeavour - Fugue

Come, friends, gather. Tonight we sing the praises of Endeavour.

Welcome to my favourite episode of Season One, Fugue, and of course it is focused on music. 1,164 more words


The limits of control (of Bach)

Imagine yourself in a big gathering of witty Italians, dragged by many participants into all conversations simultaneously. Maybe a better example: imagine yourself reading a book, then being able to comment on it mentally without stopping to read, and there you go, commenting on your comment, keeping track of the book’s story and your commentary. 571 more words


The World Knows His Name

This is a theory about how we might discover S’s name.

If you haven’t already, read this older post called Is S on a Fugue Walkabout… 1,513 more words


Psychogenic amnesia and fugue

“Bernice L., a 42-year-old housewife, was brought to the clinics by her family, who stated that the patient had disappeared from her home four years previously, and had recently been identified and returned from R_________a small town over a thousand miles away. 623 more words


Queering the Ghazal

“In fugue or bastard ghazal, she is seeking no place like home. / When language becomes a girl, she speaks for a voice like home.” 590 more words

Thomas's fugue is a rainforest

I hear a struggle, running, pushing aside trees, run run run. Stop, wait, quiet. Be quiet. Look around. Is it coming. Listen. Breathe breathe breathe. Walk slowly slowly. 206 more words


2016-10-09 Notes from the Bench

“Toccata in D minor ‘Dorian’” by Johann Sebastian Bach

A commentary on this week’s music by Dr. James T. Gerber, Music Associate

Johann Sebastian Bach… 385 more words

All Saints' Episcopal Church