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Who is Max Reger?

I’m currently skimming through Salzman’s Twentieth-Century Music: An Introduction. He briefly mentions Max Reger (1873-1916), a german composer who had some influence on Hindemith. I”ve always heard the name but never actually listened or learned anything about his music. 85 more words


The Fugue

I was going to talk a little bit about the musical composition of the fugue, but I think these guys do it perfectly fine in… 110 more words


So who is he? And what happened?

So, in reality, what can we learn about Andreas and this mystery?

It certainly seems that his story captured imagination – but was this empathy for our fellow man; a good mystery; a desire for the supernatural and the unknown; a malicious need for details about another person’s tragedy? 743 more words


We are in here. Here is where I come to pull you out of the scattered debris of who you are. Who you are is a collection of tattered trades and 45s whose dust crackles can be pinpointed to mishandling thirty years ago: an old liebe whose needle-placing skills left something to be desired. 427 more words

Flash Fiction

The original punk rocker and how my new love interest was destroyed last night, despite Beethoven's best efforts

by Angela Perez

Last night, there, in the back row of my Beethoven appreciation class, I was weeping just a tad.  No, I wasn’t balls out sobbing, but there were definitely some little tears gathering on the tips of my eyelashes and I felt a churning in my belly, which also could partially be attributed to all of the rosewater cardamom coffee I sucked down right before class.  582 more words

Literary Salon

Submissions Roundup: March

March’s submissions roundup is a short one, because, let’s face it, graduation got to me and April is now right around the corner. In a break from previous roundups, however, I will no longer include journals or magazines that are unpaid. 399 more words


Bach fugue

Early this morning, I was driving to 7:30 Mass at a church that was a bit further afield than usual, so I put the car radio on and caught the cadence of an organ prelude. 322 more words