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Midnight Listening .2 // The Art of Fugue Listening

I want to talk about what it means to listen to fugues, and I want to talk about what listening to fugues means — in the most general and generative sense — for listening. 1,923 more words

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Été 78: un photographe, Philippe Herbet, et un drink de fin de saison

Le dimanche 17 juin de 14h00 à 18h: Philippe Herbet: vagabondage et fugue avec Albert Dadas + Artist talk à 16h + drink de fin de saison. 314 more words

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Easily Confused Words: Fugitive vs. Fugue

Fugitive and fugue are easily confused words.

The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. Spell-check is looking for words that aren’t in its dictionary, and words that resemble words in its dictionary, but are possibly spelled wrong. 287 more words

Easily Confused Words

The Eccentric Mind of Professor Portendorfer


Rico Lamoureux

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Just about every respected profession has a number of esteemed institutions of higher learning offering a cream of the crop curriculum to those who aspire towards greatness. 1,174 more words

Fugue by Agnieszka Smoczyńska (Semaine de la critique)

Alicja has lost her memory and when her family recognises her on a TV show, she has to learn again to be a wife, a mother and part of a life she doesn’t remember nor particularly like. 170 more words


Notes and analysis on J.S.Bach’s fugue in C minor BWV847

3 part fugue

1. The subject (annotated in red) is first stated in the alto voice. 183 more words

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