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Cello sheet music: Adagio from Bach Organ Toccata

Folks, more free Bach cello music can be found in this new article. It is part of the Clean and Free Sheet Music initiative I’ve undertaken. 428 more words

Free Sheet Music

Musical Interlude

A few years ago, before I spent the time I now spend blogging blogging, I sometimes wrote music. The only people who’ve heard any of it is me and the wife, and for the last few years those files have been gathering dust in a forgotten subfolder of my Dropbox. 638 more words


Poem 69: Sorry you didn't. Loser.

(This week’s poetic form is nothing other than nonsense – sort of fugal nonsense!)

I can’t recall the way I wasn’t.
Remember things? I simply doesn’t. 187 more words



The sat nave is plugged into my computer not only taking charge, but also making a meal of updating itself.  One hour and twelve minutes according to the magic timer, long enough to gulp a re-energising first and second course electrical feed. 192 more words

Echo within... beyond the multitude

A multitude of faces, amidst

Anonymous crowds, within

A cacophony, and confusion…

Yet, listen; hearing that voice;

Seeing the unknown Beloved,

Drawn by desire, sweet… 136 more words

The writer who doesn't read books

I was at a book sale and signing event recently, sharing a table with another writer. The bookstore, located in a place with virtually no foot traffic, was near-empty, and the only people who came to our tables were interested in getting our signatures so that they could use them to enter a raffle the store had organized. 589 more words


Contrapunctus I by J.S. Bach

Our second piece to explore is Contrapunctus I from The Art of Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). As you’ll read in your listening guide, he was a prolific German composer whose works have become foundational in Western music history. 206 more words