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Day 246 - Keep the rubber side down

Day 246 – Nov 19th

Now I am settling into my early 40s it is fair to say I am quite a different person than when I was in my early 30s. 710 more words

365 Project

Silver Birch

Silver birches in the Dänikhorster Moor. A nature resort close to my home. Intimate landscapes. No sound. No other people. Just me and my camera. I always enjoy these quite moments. 6 more words


Day 214 - If I can't win today, maybe I'll win tomorrow

Day 214 – Oct 17th

A 365 project can be a tricky thing, some days you don’t feel as inspired as others. One of the hardest things is trying to find inspiration in a routine. 195 more words

365 Project

Day 206 - it won't always go your way

Day 206 – Oct 9th

The week hasn’t started well. I am full of germs and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Not sick enough to actually stay at home and rest, but just enough to complain about it to anyone who asks. 138 more words


Day 203 - Friday night fish and chips, its the law!

Day 203 Oct 6th

Olivia needed her flu shot today, for kids its a spray up the nose. We’d prewarned her yesterday, well in advance as to what was going to happen, she seemed pretty cool with it and knew it would stop her from getting really poorly, but when she actually got there and it was time, she freaked out a a bit and had to be held to have the spray. 76 more words


Day 202 - There are worse ways to spend an afternoon

Day 202 – Oct 5th

It has become quite expected now that when daddy gets home from work its time to put our shoes and socks on and go out for a walk. 150 more words