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LAS COSAS MAS RARAS DE JAPÓN ¿A que no sabías estas cosas super extrañas del país del sol naciente?

Cosas Impresionantes y Raras Que No Sabías de JAPÓN el País del Sol Naciente, cultura encantadora y costumbres muy extrañas que lo diferencian de otros países. 66 more words


#1 TOP IA STORY OF 2017: HELEN CALDICOTT: The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated

The radiation measurement was 530 sieverts, or 53,000 rems (Roentgen Equivalent for Man). The dose at which half an exposed population would die is 250 to 500 rems, so this is a massive measurement.

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The Avalanche - Snapshot 8 - Dec 7, '17

“Fukushima Darkness – part 1 of a 2-part series” by Robert Hunziker

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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The radiation effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant triple meltdowns are felt worldwide, whether lodged in sea life or in humans, it cumulates over time. 1,357 more words


A strong earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, about 200 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake has hit off the eastern coast of Japan, about 200 miles from the Fukushima power plant, whose meltdown after another quake in 2011 was described as the worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 events in Chernobyl. 97 more words

Interview with Miles Johnston Bases 48

I recently appeared via a Skype link at Miles Johnston’s Bases 48 conference. We discussed, among other things, the continuing danger and damage being caused by the aftermath of Fukushima’s multi-reactor nuclear disaster. 105 more words


Fukushima Plant Set to Release 770,000 tons of Highly Radioactive Water Material into Ocean

An enormous amount of radioactive waste is to be dumped into the Pacific ocean, despite existing pollution fears. 300 tonnes of radioactive waste are already leaked into the ocean on a daily basis, and this huge new dump is not going to help matter. 25 more words