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Has the world forgotten Fukushima? If it had happened at all once, the amount of radiation released from Fukushima since 2011 would have possibly destroyed half of mankind, but because the radiation grim reaper kills silently, slowly, and cunningly through cancers and heart attacks, no one seems to be noticing.

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"Japan is lying to the world about what is going on. It is now illegal to say anything about Fukushima in Japan." Illegal to report on Fukushima? That in itself is a massive RED FLAG


The nuclear bomb is older than our knowledge of dreams. 64 more words


See No Evil, Pay No Damages - 50 reasons to fear the worst from Fukishima

[T]he basic reality is simple: for seven decades, government Bomb factories and privately-owned reactors have spewed massive quantities of unmonitored radiation into the biosphere.

The impacts of these emissions on human and ecological health are unknown primarily because…

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An Unwelcome Extinction

Long before the swallows disappeared a new bird came. Its head sat slightly askew and its eyes bulged a bit. More often than not it hobbled along the ground instead of taking flight. 774 more words


Are Virtual Power Plants the Next Generation in Electrical Utilities?

Germany’s energy giants are lumbering behind the rapid advance of renewable energy. They might stay afloat for a while, but they don’t seem flexible enough to achieve a turnaround, says DW’s Henrik Böhme.

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