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Here Comes the Anger Train: Military Anime!

I have always enjoyed military shows, the sense of brotherhood and the fighting for a larger cause. The idea that any character that you enjoy can die at any moment. 293 more words


The Strange Case of Fuko Ibuki: The Existence of Ikiryō?

A mysterious girl is seen in a dim classroom holding a wooden star with wounded hands. There are rumors saying that she may be a ghost. 472 more words


Održano drugo predavanje!

Naše ovonedeljno druženje je proteklo podjednako zanimljivo! Na početku, Tamara Biljman, istoričar umetnosti, je u okviru specijalnog predavanja održanog u okviru programa govorila o uticaju koji je na međunarodna političke tokove XX veka ostavila propaganda u popularnoj kulturi. 305 more words


Accel World - 24 (Fin)

Haru summons Gale Thruster and flies into the sky with Nomi, and is about to finish him when Lime Bell “heals” Nomi” with Citron Call. However, Chiyu reveals her power doesn’t heal, but turns back time. 281 more words

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