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Liek an sucribe if u smoke wed evrydy

you don’t believe in fukú but fukú believes in you

Hello there, I’m back, not that it’s big news, important news, but I wanted to say hello.

I’ve recently added another group blog to my glowing list of underachievements. 167 more words


you don't believe in fukú but fukú believes in you,

that’s what she said, as her fingers smoothed out the wrinkled edges of a paper coaster, damp from spilt beer.

It was quarter to six on a Tuesday, when the pub was usually empty, and Max, the bartender, and I indulged in monosyllabic conversations, which I found soothing for their brevity and clarity. 452 more words


Top 10 Dishes of 2015

Did you think I had forgotten about this?  You were right, I did.  But then I remembered!  Then forgot again… remembered… but then decided not to bother.   630 more words



Finally a day off!

I’ve been busy at work for the past  week, and I think I’ve sprained one of the flexor muscles in my palm (which incidentally makes texting hot guys EVEN MORE DIFFICULT than it has to be ;-; ) 528 more words


The Stomach that Never Sleeps, part 1: "If I can make it there..."

I spent December 20 – 27, 2015 in New York City and ate a silly amount of burgers. Every day this week, I’ll document every fucking burger from my trip in a 5-part series of stories from what might be one of the most diverse burger cities in the damn world. 952 more words



David Chang’s fried chicken sandwich ”FUKU”

FUKU      163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003 

Cuisine: Sandwiche

Chef: David Chang

Neighborhood: East Village

Famous Dishes: Friend Chicken Sandwich… 84 more words

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