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Eiheiji Zen Temple - we found Zen in eating

Great picture and slogan from the Zen Temple „Eiheiji“ campaign

Okinawa 2018

Exploring the Port City of Tsuruga and Tojinbo in Fukui, Japan

Let’s head away from the city of Japan for the meantime and head for the coast towards Fukui Prefecture! It has a number of sightseeing spots such as a huge temple called Eiheiji (which I will cover in a future post), but for today let’s head to Tsuruga which is home to the Symbol Road for anime fans, and Tojinbo which is named after a monk who fell to his death (how morbid). 1,145 more words


4 Months in Japan, Having Fun and More

***It was horrible. I forgot I made this blog until someone asked me about Misako’s All Night Diner video. I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates and the late reply. 386 more words


A Winter Night Stroll

Having grown up in northern Australia where it doesn’t snow at all, snow is very exciting for me. It was basically what I was most looking forward when I learnt that I would be moving to Fukui. 103 more words


Fukui Field Trip Day 1

Our second big field trip as a class was to Fukui; a 2-day trip in which we traveled on a bus and made several stops until we got to a ryokan in Fukui, then made some more cool stops on the way back the second day. 1,305 more words

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