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This week has been a pretty big one―my family came down to visit, I graduated from university, and I found out my placement in Japan… 223 more words


Field Report: Maruoka Castle and Kitanoshō Castle, Fukui, Japan (30 June 2015)

Diego visits two castles in the space of a single afternoon: one whose main tower still stands high above the ground, and one brought so low that not even its very foundations have survived intact. 685 more words


Field Report: Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, Katsuyama, Japan (30 June 2015)

Some places make one feel almost like a child again. Amusement parks, zoos, old-fashioned game arcades … and of course, one shouldn’t forget dinosaur museums. 549 more words


A journey to the stars

Making a welcome change of pace after the intense run of shows that had characterised my first week in Kansai, I left my bicycle in Kyoro and took the train north to Tsuruga in Fukui Prefecture. 777 more words


Field Report: Sticks and stones at Fukui Castle, Japan (29 June 2015)

Not every city can boast of an Edo-period castle right in the middle of their downtown area, but Fukui is one of those that can. Diego sets out to view this historic landmark. 917 more words


Field Report: A temple in the forest at Eihei-ji, Fukui Prefecture, Japan (29 June 2015)

Diego takes in the beautiful sight of traditional wooden buildings set within an ancient forest – a refreshing retreat from the urban sprawl of downtown Fukui. 871 more words


Field Report: A cliffside walk at Tōjinbō, Fukui Prefecture, Japan (29 June 2015)

Diego heads off to visit one of Fukui Prefecture’s natural treasures: a special place with blue skies above, a wind-furrowed sea below, and long stretches of jagged grey rock in between. 868 more words