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Hacker science versus closed science

My article “Risk Communication surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: An Anthropological Approach” was cited in a study titled “Hacker science versus closed science: building environmental monitoring infrastructure”, written by researchers Akiko Hemmi and Ian Graham at University of Edinburgh. 233 more words


Governance and Risk Communication in Fukushima

Spread along a narrow meandering highway in Fukushima Prefecture known as National Road 288, Miyakoji village has a population of 3,128. The main part of town concentrates a post office, a fire department, a library, a kindergarten, three elementary schools, a junior high school, a supermarket, a health center, a clinic, various shops, and even a taxi company. 162 more words


Don't panic! Fukushima radiation just hit the West Coast

Nuclear energy gives plenty of people the heebie-jeebies: Like horror-movie ghosts and ancestral curses, you can’t see or feel or smell it, but it can still kill you.  542 more words

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