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I have only one question

Abe, how much contaminated water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean every day?

Well, may be two: when will it be stopped?

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Radiation From Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Detected on Oregon Shores

A Tokyo Electric Power Co. employee wearing radioactive protective gear works by the Advanced Liquid Processing Systems at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Japan, Nov. 111 more words


Trump Ascent Raises Nuclear War Fears: yet a nuclear accident remains far more terrifying

The possibility of nuclear war is a persistent concern of the human race. It seems to be the only way in which we can destroy ourselves in one fell swoop. 822 more words


Environmental Impact of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

By Ian Teñido

The Nuclear technology has invariably been linked to life threatening outcomes as well as environmental destruction when a fault occurs in its processes and this was confirmed in March 2011 when Fukushima Nuclear Disaster happened. 605 more words

Connecticut Native Going Where Few Ever Go

Way back in the 1990s a high school kid came to WFSB for a day of job shadowing, working with me to witness what I did on a typical day at Channel 3.   774 more words

Radioactive boars run wild around Fukushima nuclear reactors

| 06 April 2016 | Communities in northern Japan are being overwhelmed by radioactive wild boars which are rampaging across the countryside after being contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. 69 more words