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Revolution Justified.

Castro’s speech is a perfect example of the bullet proof rhetoric that has guided revolutions this past century. Imperialism is worse than ill-fated national self determination, the pain and humiliation caused to a people subjugated by an imperialist power is all to often forgotten in today’s “post history” landscape. 947 more words


Harbour - Fukuyama

Depuis la gare de Fukuyama, deux bâtiments frappent le vue : les murs du château et la façade d’une église gothique.

From Fukuyama station, you have a view of two mayor buildings: The walls of the castle and the facade of a Gothic church. 482 more words


Progress and Technology

Do you know what progress means? Do you know what technology is? Many elements of cultural structure have been so consistent and unchallenged now for so many years that we may have landed in a kind of intellectual stupor. 737 more words


Francis Fukuyama, 'End of History' & our Law Schools | Shantanu Singh

“Ichweißjetztnichts von Rätseln. Allesgeschieht: Das ist die ganze Weisheit.[i]
(I do not know anything about riddles now. Everything happens: that is the whole wisdom)

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@FukuyamaFrancis is wrong!

Who am I to take on Dr. Fukuyama? A bored American sailor.I read a recent interview with Dr. Fukuyama  (whom I respect – I have read every one of his books.) He tells of his concerns for the globalization movement and the rise of the mini-Trumps (his description) in Europe. 123 more words


More reflections on 2017: The end of history revisited

In 2017 Francis Fukuyama published two podcasts providing a retrospective account of his essay, “The End of History” (1989) which was later published in more extended form as the book… 2,374 more words

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