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Fragments on Liberal Democracy as the End of History


Sometimes we come too early. We could say that Marxists who celebrated the success of the global proletariat came too early. The revolution will be spread across the world. 754 more words

A Problem of Trust in Indonesia: Learning from Meeting with a Stranger

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to be interviewed by one of my friends who is currently working on a social project promoting tolerance culture in Indonesia. 805 more words

Field Report: Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan (18 November 2016)

A short hop on the San’yō Shinkansen brought me to Fukuyama, near the border between Hiroshima Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture. Although this place doesn’t figure very highly in Chūgoku itineraries – save perhaps for the lovely old port of… 1,364 more words



Though much of what follows sounds like a nightmare made in homage to all your favourite sci-fi films, the leading exponents and adherents of transhumanism include some of the greatest inventors and experts in a broad range of disciplines, from neurology to artificial intelligence. 859 more words


Ideologinen sota ideologiaa vastaan

Nyt-liite, tuo ruma syylä Hesarin kyljessä, julkaisi tänään artikkelin Piraattipuolueen Petrus Pennasesta. Olen aiemminkin kirjoittanut Piraattipuolueen ongelmista, esim. tässä, mutta Pennasen jutut alleviivaavat sitä. 410 more words


#25 the sadness of fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama’s infamous thesis of the ‘end of history’ is often taken to be a smug, self-congratulatory paean to the triumph of capitalism and liberal democracy. 205 more words