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Darwin, Batman, and the End of History

This week’s reflection material:
“History: What & Why? Ancient, Modern and Postmodern Perspectives”
By Beverley Southgate


“The Historian and The Believer: Faith and History in Contemporary Theology” 1,280 more words


The primacy of politics for development

It’s the politics, stupid.

I have always thought politics was incredibly important, because it tells us not just what needs to change, but how it’s going to change.

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Campus Resource Helpful to me last Semester

A discussion in the Writing Center led by colleagues John Covaleskie and Sterling Mosely on microagressions and inclusiveness was quite helpful and encouraging. Has this directly affected my teaching? 227 more words


Indonesia Sudah Modern atau Masih Neo-Patrimonial State?

Catatan “Pengajian” Fukuyama Tentang Negara Modern

Sambil mengisi waktu senggang, saya sering menyimak pengajian lewat youtube, dari pengajian lucu ala Kiai Anwar Zahid sampai pengajian yang butuh agak mikir tanpa ketawa ala penceramah-penceramah Amerika. 1,143 more words

Challenges to the West from the Rest--Ross Douthat

Here is a post from our other blog on the crisis in liberal education.  It responds to a great piece by Ross Douthat in the 26 December NYT.

EDEV_503 Week 7_1

I’ve just come back from a 4-day conference in which I gave 2 academic presentations, hosted a few educational business meetings and generally had a fantastic time. 522 more words