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The E-Space Trilogy Trilogy: Part One (Full Circle)

I have a lot of correspondence with Gareth, but one regular occurrence in my outgoing mail is a list of bullet points about whatever Doctor Who  1,991 more words

Doctor Who

The Spirit of My Grandmother

Surrounded my the familiarness of my childhood home, I find myself stopping to marvel at the trees, the squirrels, and even the long ago walked on sidewalk with the exact same cracks and uplifted slabs from roots of massive trees. 274 more words


The bottomless pockets
of retribution
will always win out against
the deep-nosed altercation
in the metaphorical drop bear
that rules the passions
of the emperor of pain… 17 more words

Annoying Things Only #Writers Will Understand

It is said that writers are a different breed. Hopefully the word different isn’t used in place of a less ambiguous word…like warped.

I don’t know if writers can claim exclusive rights to such a label, but they definitely don’t fit neatly within most accepted classifications. 2,268 more words

Vintage Plaid Pleated Schoolgirl Skirt

Can you guess what year this article was from?

that crazy circle of life

Life is funny in the way it brings great people back into your life. Some say it is the universe rewarding you, but I think it just fate and dumb luck and a case of you just never know. 398 more words


6/14/15 Workout of the Day


  • Pull-ups/Inverted Rows
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups

Tabata is an interval workout. For 20 seconds you will do as many reps as possible, then rest 10 seconds. 92 more words


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