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My Favorite Things

by Raven

Here are some recent photos from this blog of the joys of Communal Living:

The folks at Kibbutz Mishol

The pool at Cambia… 50 more words

Twin Oaks

Full Circle

“Full circle” may seem a strange name for part of a blog about Moravian Music archival and music resources, but for me it is encapsulates a personal journey. 635 more words

Full Circle

CATS in SPACE guitarist comes 'Full Circle' with reissue

The band CATS in SPACE have been enjoying some much-deserved success over the past year; comprising guys who have been around the block as it were, their collective experience and musical craft has seen them gain favour with rock fans quite quickly. 369 more words


Resolute Hounding

Call it an inkling, but I knew some thing was wrong.

It was not irregular for him to be away for long stretches of time – I had come to expect it, even, and grown accustom to extended stays at whatever half-baked hovel he could find to drop me at while he was on an “assignment.” It was the nature of his work – I had come to understand that. 358 more words


On the up and up

Maybe when we are babies, the world is very simple.

It is all about “me,” at all times, everywhere. You hardly recognize your own body as being yours (I love the expression babies have when they first discover their toes… it is universally cute!), so why should you recognize what is you and what is not? 626 more words


The Spectrum of Wisdom is Round

The acts of the highest wisdom often appear the most foolish because higher wisdom is counterintuitive, while regular wisdom is 180 degrees opposite of both the most foolish and the great sages. 185 more words

Sam Tomlins' EP Review: Full Circle

We have a winner; a singer-songwriter who doesn’t sound like Ed Sheeran.

Sam Tomlins has just dropped his debut EP. And what good news that is, because it’s probably what your Sunday evening playlist is missing. 229 more words