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Fred Haitt: Honest advice for the President — stop radicalizing the Democrats. It's counterproductive

When it comes to political malpractice, the Republicans’ failure last week on the repeal-and-replace of Obamacare is not Exhibit A. For weeks there has been a more obvious question for Stephen Bannon and President Donald Trump: Why are they driving Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer into the arms of the implacable opposition? 783 more words

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Stephen Gordon: Some good news for Quebec (but also some bad news about the good news)

As the Quebec government gets ready to bring down its budget, the outlook looks reasonably promising. After years of austerity and tax increases, the provincial government has finally balanced its budget, inspiring a certain amount of pre-budget speculation about tax cuts, restored spending or some combination. 904 more words

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Lawrence Solomon: With an Arab NATO and a contained Iran, Trump is changing the Middle East

Donald Trump’s Middle East policy is emerging. Apart from supporting Israel, he wants to eradicate ISIL and other Islamic jihadists, he wants to deter Iran and its dream of hegemony over the entire Middle East, and he wants the Arab countries to bear the burden of their own defence. 856 more words

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Helen Ward: The new Liberal budget will send money for 'children' right to the wealthy and the bureaucrats

The federal government just allotted $7 billion over 10 years for “child care.” Who will benefit? The vast majority of families will benefit little if at all. 584 more words

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Peter Bowal: I have seen the ugliness of gender-based justice first hand. Canada is heading that way again

We have observed the takedown of a Canadian judge in the name of improving our judicial system. However, this public humiliation will have the opposite effect. 974 more words

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Graeme Gordon: The millennial love for Trudeau hasn't died yet (but it might soon)

From speaking with peers I get the sense many of my fellow millennials don’t pay any attention to politics. For instance, I was out at the bars recently and work came up. 786 more words

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Andrew Coyne: This is not how a liberal society responds to criticism

It will be revealed before long who forced out Andrew Potter at McGill and why, but the affair is already a calamity for the university, and for the principles of academic freedom and intellectual inquiry for which it supposedly stands. 947 more words