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Chris Selley: Don't act surprised that the Liberals are flip-flopping on electoral reform

To realists — not cynics, realists — the likeliest outcome of the Liberals’ electoral reform consultations was always obvious: a lack of electoral reform.

The precedent for holding a referendum was too strong; the arguments against holding one were too laughably weak (it’ll be like Brexit! 695 more words

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Letters: Donald Trump is only an apprentice puppet

Re: Trump Denies Accusation He’s Putin’s ‘Puppet,’ Oct. 20.
I was astonished to hear Hillary Clinton bring up the possibility of Donald Trump becoming a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presidential nominees third debate.The hacking of her top adviser’s emails reminds us that her own emails were likely hacked (at the least, a definite security risk) and that the Democratic National Committee server was hacked, and all under the Democrats; watch. 1,000 more words

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Full Pundit: Happy anniversary, Mr. Trudeau. But don't get too comfortable

“Overall, one would have to struggle to make the argument that (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau isn’t off to a good start,” The Globe and Mail… 1,679 more words

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Kelly McParland: Poor Maryam Monsef held town hall meetings on electoral reform all summer, and for what?

Poor Maryam Monsef must wonder what she did to deserve the last few months. As the Minister for Democratic Institutions she was supposed to spend the summer presiding over town hall sessions at which engaged Canadians shared their views on the matter of Canada’s electoral system. 813 more words

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Christie Blatchford: Most jurors emerge remarkably unscathed after even the most horrendous trials

The murder trial of Michael Rafferty in 2012 was an absolute sewer of a case, the evidence grim and unrelenting for more than two months. 894 more words

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Kelly McParland: Scottish separatists announce plans for a second referendum

When Scotland voted convincingly not to leave the United Kingdom two years ago, innocent minds may have thought it settled the issue of independence. But Canadians know better: the inviolable rule of separatist movements is that you keep trying, as often as required to wear down the opposition. 703 more words

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