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Scott Stinson: Parliament builds an expensive rink for the community, then makes it hard to use

On the lawn of Parliament Hill on Thursday, crews were busy erecting a very expensive monument to that most Canadian of pastimes: excessively prudish regulations… 520 more words

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John Robson: It's not just clickbait, it's fake news, and it's making us dumber

Remember how, in Men in Black, Agent “K” tells his baffled protégé “J” that tabloids have the best news coverage? If so, you are probably over 30 because the joke is about print publications not news feeds, and about a distinction between real and fake news that seems to be vanishing. 790 more words

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Marni Soupcoff: America revisits the contentious affirmative action debate

The United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating Harvard University over the way the school considers applicants’ race during its admissions process. The DOJ has already declared, in a letter to the school, that Harvard is not complying with federal anti-discrimination law, and the government is threatening to sue if Harvard doesn’t turn over requested documents by December 1. 761 more words

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Avi Benlolo: Campuses allowed anti-Semitism to fester. Now they're paying the price

Avi Benlolo

Last week, the editors of “Your Ward News” were arrested in Toronto for willful promotion of hatred against Jews and women. Those of us involved in the ongoing fight against hate breathed a sigh of relief. 589 more words

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Kelly McParland: Notley makes an unlikely champion for pipelines. But she's sure trying

Rachel Notley may no longer be Alberta’s favourite politician or the toast of Canada’s left-wingers, but she delivered a message in Ottawa Tuesday that demonstrated the sort of intelligence and leadership that has been sadly lacking on one of the country’s most crucial issues. 1,085 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Germany's political 'crisis' is not an example of proportional representation's ills

Germany in crisis, blared the headlines: its politics in turmoil, its chancellor, Angela Merkel, fighting for survival.

The cause of all this garment-rending? The collapse of talks on forming a new government, after September’s election reduced the chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union, after 12 years in power, to its worst showing since 1949: still the largest party by a considerable margin, but with just 33 per cent of the vote (as always, these figures include votes for the CDU’s Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union). 838 more words

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Christie Blatchford: Last question left in gas plants trial, was the destroyed data personal or not

TORONTO — The contention by David Livingston and Laura Miller and their lawyers that they hired someone to wipe 20 computers in the office of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty merely to delete personal information is nonsense, a prosecutor says. 845 more words

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