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Kelly McParland: Ontario's curious war with its doctors

The government of Ontario is engaged in a very curious war with the province’s doctors.

The doctors have been without a contract for two years, and have twice had their fees cut unilaterally in that time. 728 more words

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The Wente pile-on continues

First, a bit of plagiarism of the selfie kind.

What has Canadian journalism come to? Judging by Margaret Wente’s experience at The Globe and Mail over the last few days, the business will soon be — if it is not already — held hostage by dreary dictatorial avatars of pretentious rules and political correctness. 1,244 more words

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John Ivison: Give the Liberals an 'A' for effort

Justin Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister on November 4, with vows of sweeping change and country-wide renewal. But after half a year in office, how well are the Liberals delivering on their promises? 1,061 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: B.C. legislators seethe over 'c' word as Clark defends her ... stipend

Shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, New Democratic Party MLA David Eby rose in the B.C. legislature to take on Premier Christy Clark.

The two had clashed before, of course. 930 more words

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Brian Hutchinson: Everything stinks about Christy Clark’s mysterious salary ‘top-ups’

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Premier Christy Clark moonlights. She spends hours outside her busy and important day job, helping attract big bucks for the B.C. Liberal Party that she leads. 761 more words

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Michael Den Tandt: Canadians need to start preparing for the possibility of a Trump White House

The day Donald J. Trump is sworn in as president of the United States, the received wisdom holds, pigs will fly and snowballs freeze in hell. 821 more words

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National Post View: Stephen Harper's 'unequivocal act of integrity'

Lawyer Robert Staley’s defence of Stephen Harper’s handling of the trial of Senator Mike Duffy is written in the sort of legalese you would expect from an attorney representing a former prime minister. 762 more words

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