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John Ivison: Byelection result suggests Quebec is a two-horse race for the first time in nearly 20 years

The results of the Chicoutimi-Le Fjord byelection suggest the Bloc Québecois chapter in Quebec electoral history is over — and that the NDP’s is closing. 1,078 more words

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Josephine Mathias: Swimsuit competitions aren’t the problem. Miss America is

Never mind the swimsuit competition — is this outdated pageant worth keeping at all? My opinion: change the channel and watch something else, says Josephine Mathias on Comment Nation.

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John Robson: The Supreme Court just enforced conformity ... to protect diversity, of course

The weirdest thing about the Supreme Court decision that religious freedom essentially means non-religious people can disrupt a religious gathering, is that it now seems normal. 887 more words

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Canada has warehouses of weaponry that Ukraine needs. Why aren't we aiding our ally?

By James Bezan

Canada has always been proud to stand with Ukraine as a friend, partner and ally. For four years now, Ukrainians have been fighting to defend their country from Russia’s illegal military aggression. 520 more words

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Barbara Kay: The Yazidis are in danger of extinction and Ottawa's stopped helping

I’ll call her “Nada,” not her real name.

Nada is a Yazidi woman from Sinjar, Iraq, now age 31. On Aug. 3, 2014, ISIL came for her people. 913 more words

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Colby Cosh: A possible solution to the Macedonian naming problem (yes, it's a thing)

Joyous news arrives from the Balkans, as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, famous for having to be called that over-literal name by international diplomats for the better part of 30 years, has reached a tentative agreement with Greece on a new official name that does not make it sound like the country was Prince defying his record label. 973 more words

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Andrew Coyne: We know how much a carbon tax would cost. If only we could say the same about the Tories’ alternative

For twelve exciting hours last week, Parliamentary business was held up by a Conservative procedural tactic forcing a vote on every one of 200 items in the Main Estimates. 918 more words

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