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Francis Wilkinson: It's high noon for the angry white male

You can argue about when the contemporary era of white male reaction in American politics began. But surely May 8, 1970, four days after National Guardsmen opened fire on students at Kent State University, deserves a hearing. 692 more words

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Kelly McParland: Wynne Liberals lead Ontario down Michigan's path to pain

There is good reason to be gloomy about a new study contrasting Ontario’s prolonged stagnation to recent signs of revival across the border in Michigan state. 868 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Savouring the summer of wonk

The early line on the Conservative leadership race — and it is very early, with the vote still nine months away — has been one of disappointment: yawn fest, gravitas gap, if only that dreamy Peter MacKay were running, etc. 873 more words


Stephen Gordon: The economic growth problem that has economists stumped

Olivier Blanchard – the respected Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist and former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund – recently circulated a short memo with the title, Do DSGE Models Have a Future? 889 more words

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Colby Cosh: The improbable media journey of The Tragically Hip

How do you define success for a rock group? The nature of the ladder is very clear at the bottom: the rungs are marked with “playing competently in the same key,” “playing for money for the first time,” “becoming spiritual leaders of a local music scene,” “having a national hit single” … it is all easy to work out. 933 more words

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Father Raymond J. de Souza: The TransCanada Highway — the road that binds us

Summer is for road trips and Canada has a lot of roads. The pre-seatbelt family station wagon adventures of the 1970s have been superseded by more sedentary sojourns on the nation’s highways in the minivan, with children immobilized by safety constraints, but able to take liquids and be entertained, thanks to the two great automotive innovations of the 21st century — cupholders and videoscreens. 744 more words

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Letters: Canadians are too nice for our own good

Re: Canadian Offers Rare Lesson In Grace, Aug. 20.
Evan Dunfee, our groundbreaking and gutsy Canadian 50-kilometre race walker, said that he did not see any reason why Japan’s bronze medalist, Hiroki Arai, should be disqualified — even though he bumped Evan near the end of the race. 1,015 more words

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