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Textbook Reading Hacks: Is the book THAT important?

According to a Huffington Post article published in January 2013, students will spend about $650 on textbooks each year; this doesn’t count the cost of additional supplies students are either required or encouraged to purchase. 266 more words


Full ET disclosure plan involves document dumps & whistleblowers coming forward

More powerful information coming forth by Dr. Michael Salla and his interviews with Corey Goode.  Slowly, new whistleblowers are coming forward and the more that do, the easier it will be to see the truth of what has been going on in these secretive programs.  964 more words


mental preparation - understanding more deeply

Our consensus consciousness is, in my understanding, the result of a kind of common denominator: what we all hold as true. Most of us are aware that our concepts about “truth” have been strongly manipulated and we are now in the process of dis-covering our own individual truth as a dynamic process of staying awake and alert, using inner awareness to bring about discernment, and thus gaining a more and more coherent view of what reality is and how it functions. 1,211 more words


Accounting Convention

ACCOUNTING CONVENTION includes those customs or traditions which guide an accountant while preparing a financial statement.

Accounting Conventions include the following.


The Surprising Benefits of Oversharing — HBS Working Knowledge

Here we have two HBS research studies looking at information disclosure/hiding in the online world, and the audience’s attribution of acceptability that follows when they recognize that some information is perhaps being hidden (or not). 320 more words

A Collegiate Affair

The following fill in the blank responses come from Virginia-based band, A Collegiate Affair. This 4-piece consists of members James Tuck (vocals), Dylan Morgan (drums), Mikey Stecher (bass), and Tim Fogg (guitar). 1,042 more words

Fill In The Blanks

Public Ignorance. Doesn't Take Spy School. Use ASK GMLA feature Commy's too.

As long as my Wish lists on Amazon.com are unfulfilled you are being lied too Commy public’s (Cause and effect-logic). Behind the scenes the Commy powers are working on more and worse denials of public benefits and “Starve and Die” punitive actions. 300 more words