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Weekly Wrap Up

In the name of full disclosure, I’ll give you the 411. (Do people still say that?)

We’ve let loose a couple of book reviews.


The next few days will see the release of a few more book reviews. 47 more words

Loretta Lynch - A Virtual Windbag of Lies and Non-Answers

Sort of like a vacuum cleaner in reverse – blows out dirt and debris and Wind.

That’s how I saw Loretta Lynch at her hearing today with the Judiciary Committee.   377 more words

Today's World: America, Government, & Politics

Let's get the truth out there - all of it

As someone who’s been chomping at the bit for years, hoping and praying for full disclosure, I fully support helping the masses better understand what’s really going on. 431 more words


Starseed Call to Action FULL DISCLOSURE PROJECT ~ Corey Goode

Published on Jul 8, 2016


This concept was developed by Corey Goode (Full Disclosure Project) and Emma Gold (Full Disclosure Now). It is based off a dream Corey had regarding a call to action for the “Starseeds” of the world to “Unite, Activate and Become Operational”.

The Journey

"There's something bad going on... Believe me!"

I had a flash of light the other day, thinking about things Donald Trump said in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando. One of the the things he said was “There’s something bad going on… Believe me!” He also said if we don’t do something about it now, one day we won’t have a country left to defend. 490 more words

Sgr A*

Back to The Future Predicts 9/11- and references 7/11

I’m a believer in the power of the human mind. The energy that exists just beyond our everyday reality is malleable, it flows and we flow within it. 155 more words

Sgr A*

Welcome to Full Disclosure Personal Finance!

We are a couple of 31 and 25, respectively, together since mid 2012 and married since late 2013. One of us has a master’s degree and the other has a bachelor’s degree, both obtained in late 2013. 319 more words