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Watch "Feel The Turn | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS" on YouTube

Samantha be like John Oliver is getting a reputation for being truthful about subjects. She is impartial and sometimes I don’t agree with her but I’ve never found her to be unfair. 70 more words

Is Zac Efron REALLY Naked in 'Neighbors 2'?

If you go to see Neighbors 2 this weekend, be ready for a scene where Zac Efron is showing off his private parts! But are those private parts really his? 100 more words


Watch: Samantha Bee Exposes the Hideous Lie of Fake Abortion Clinics

One of the most disgraceful con jobs in America often goes unreported.

By Alexandra Rosenmann / AlterNet

May 10, 2016

Recently Samantha Bee introduced her audience to an atrocious anti-woman lawmaker, Senator Renee Unterman of Georgia, who has fought against justice for rape victims. 247 more words

Week of 13 May 2016

Monday morning, I woke up to an Uber-free Austin, Texas. My city voted to uphold requirements to document drivers through fingerprinting. I think rideshare is a very useful service but like many folks, I was more than a little put off by Uber’s bullying and massive marketing campaign. 230 more words

May 2016

Why Can Samantha Bee Say What Late Night Men Can't?

I am the new Feminist Comedy Expert –you like the caps there?? Makes it sound like an actual job — for Lauren Schiller’s killer radio show Inflectiom Point. 17 more words

Katie Goodman

Samantha, Bee my mommy?

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show V.S. Samantha Bee of Full Frontal. When people have so many options, in terms of quality, there is no reason to have patience. 948 more words