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Defining Kubrick - Eliza Slawther

As well as being a full-time member of the Sonder writing team Eliza Slawther is an English Literature undergraduate. She was born in Warrington and is studying at the University of Manchester. 765 more words


Ranking Stanley Kubrick's Films [The Yellow Kubrick Road]

We’ve finally finished my Stanley Kubrick odyssey, or should we say that we’ve reached the end of the yellow (Ku)brick road and it has been a rather lovely journey. 1,079 more words

4 Shots From 4 Films: A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut

These 4 shots from 4 films are in honor of Stanley Kubrick’s birthday.

4 Shots From 4 Films 28 more words


Movie Recommendations: #30

Full Metal Jacket(1987)

Director:Stanley Kubrick

Starring: Matthew Modine,Vincent D’Onofrio,R.Lee Ermey.

Full Metal Jacket is a film which depicts the experiences of two US Marines(Matthew Modine,Vincent D’Onofrio) during the Vietnam War.The first half follows their gruelling training along with other recruits under Gunnery Sergeant Hartman(R.Lee Ermey), who rules over the training recruits with an iron hand in order to prepare them for combat. 52 more words


Stig of the Dump | Kubrick

Stig of the Dump is back with the video for the title track from his recently released full length feature Kubrick. And a great video it is too, with multiple homages to the great director’s work, enhanced by Stig’s lyricism and Jehst’s atmospheric production. 13 more words

Hip Hop Videos

From "Librarian Boot Camp" by Robby Tailor IV

“I am Senior Subject Librarian Lea Manhardt, and from now on you will speak only when spoken to. The first and last words out of your thesauri will be “Ma’am”. 249 more words


Why do People Like Full Metal Jacket So Much?

The first time I watched Full Metal Jacket, I was in a tent in Kuwait on my computer, waiting for a plane to take me to Iraq for the next seven months. 2,785 more words