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Poetry Class at Westpoint

CADET 1 and 2 stand in the center of the room.



CADET 1 and 2 stand at attention. SERGEANT enters room.


I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. 980 more words

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Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is a great Vietnam war film. This movie follows the characters’ journeys from boot camp to battle. It demonstrates a different style of movie, one that does not follow a problem then solution type story and instead focuses on the evolution or growth of the characters and seeing how war and training affects them, making the characters more interesting. 89 more words


Action's Villainous Sidekicks: Ed O'Ross

This week’s recurring henchman is Ed O’Ross, a character actor that has appeared in many movies and TV series, especially action films, since 1979. His first role was in the TV series Ryan’s Hope, where he portrayed a thug in a few episodes. 289 more words

Movies - General

Classics: 'Rear Window', 'Full Metal Jacket' & 'JFK'

In this blog entry, I’m going to focus on some classic movies I’ve recently caught up on. Right now, between the Award Season and the blockbuster summer, is the perfect time to do so: 489 more words


What is an "Extraction"? What is Threat Assessment?....How Important are they?

“I’m right handed…and I carry on my right hip at 5 o’clock..do I need to learn how to extract my weapon with my left hand?” “Should I learn to draw my weapon with the opposite hand?” “If I’m in a tight situation will I be able to extract or draw my weapon with ONE hand”? 519 more words

2nd Amendment

Kiss VS Compton

So you’ve seen that Ice Cube and Gene Simmons are trending because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and don’t know why. Here’s the go: 384 more words

What Happened To Discipline?

What Happened To Discipline?

I was sitting in class talking to an Army recruiter today. It is nothing out of the ordinary. He brings high school kids to my class to talk to them about their future in the military. 311 more words