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Kubrick in Color

This is one of my favorite videos on the internet. Set to “Blue Danube,” this montage features striking shots from Stanley Kubrick’s color movies, with the exception of Spartacus. 12 more words

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Happy 240th Birthday: “Ain’t war hell?”

Author’s Note: This article first appeared on my tumblr and on Moviepilot on November 9, 2015, and on MonkeyGoose on November 10, 2015.

“But always remember this: Marines die.

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Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Stanley Kubrick turns his attention to Vietnam in this bleak and emotionally draining representation of a conflict that was the perfect subject for which to turn the accepted war movie cliches on their heads. 232 more words


Stanley Kubrick and me

A new memoir published by Kubrick’s personal assistant

Stanley Kubrick and me, an illustrated book by Emilio D’Alessandro and Filippo Ulivieri (Arcade Publishing) is available now.

Source: A Stanley Kubrick tumblr.

20th Century

You know the drill



The images are so similar, one might assume influence. And I would imagine Kubrick saw WINGS at some point. And in order to deliver the above POV shot, he has to cheat a bit, since Matthew Modine’s character is actually looking at the floor (he’s just been gut-punched by drill instructor Lee Ermey). 39 more words


Donald Trump May Reignite Passion for Art

By Andrew Nogay
Assistant Web Content Manager

Right now, Donald Trump is in position to win the Republican nomination for president, a sentence that would have seemed beyond impossible a year ago. 581 more words

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