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Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Master Djwhal Khul share information about the next three full moons which represent powerful Ascension Festivals of Light: The Christ, Wesak, and Humanity. 1,905 more words

Harmony of the Creative Mind-Full Moon in Libra

April 11.2017
Full Moon in Libra

In the early hours of the morning tomorrow, the Moon will wax full in the airy sign of Libra. 789 more words


Libra Full Moon

On Monday April 10th at 23:08 San Francisco time, the Moon is Full in Libra. Ahhh Libra, airy sign of the artist so well exemplified by Sun in Libra Oscar Wilde. 163 more words

Practical self improvement, healing & our deepest wounds

Virgo Full Moon 12th March 2017

This Virgo full Moon may activate some profound healing, but we must do it through facing some uncomfortable truths. 497 more words

Full Moon

2017 Virgo Full Moon March 12

Virgo full Moon on March 12, not 10. I apologize for the typo.

March 12 2017 is a full Moon in Virgo. Earth sign Virgo rules the 6th house of health, service, and work. 209 more words

Susan Levitt

Leo boosting the vital life force in our heart!

Leo lunar Eclipse 10th/11th February

Leo: A deep hearted connectedness to life and to each other

Leo urges us to do things HEARTILY! Shake off our inhibitions and be passionate about life! 509 more words

Full Moon

Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse:Receptive Ground

Image: Holly Sierra

February 10.2017
Full Moon in Leo
7:33p.m. (EST)

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
5:34p.m. (EST)

Sun in Aquarius

Tomorrow evening the Moon waxes full in the astrological sign of Leo. 925 more words

Auspicious Days