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Happy Solstice Everyone!

Wild roses in the pre-solstice evening glow.

Here in the country we are very aware of celestial happenings. Most of us can identify the different moon phases and know the kind of light they shed on the nighttime landscape. 391 more words


Night-time serves up a slender slice of moon,

proposes a toast of evening dew

and watches as giddy shadows stagger before they fall.

Nocturnal animals begin to stir – the night is theirs. 161 more words

One-word Prompt

The Phases of the Moon, the Gemini Sun and Lunar Cycle, and the Sagittarius Full Moon

In honor of the waning moon phase that the moon entered yesterday morning I’m publishing a transcript of my talk on Astrology, the phases of the moon and the Full Moon in Sagittarius that happened on Friday June 9th at Magick City for the Remedi Food Dinner Club. 1,162 more words


Moon Rise

There was a Full Moon last week. A line of trees along a creek east of our house hides the horizon so we do not get to see moon-rises (or sun-rises.) I happened to look out the window when the Moon was high in the trees. 81 more words