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What happens long after sunset

The day and hour are unknown, but it’s dark. I wake up from a restless sleep and look up. Somebody is standing behind me. That must be Dane, I conclude. 886 more words



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Magickal Arts

☽ Happy Full Moon Moonbeams! ☾

Full Moons never cease to amaze me with their powerful energies. As I soaked up the moonlight, the healing yielded tremendous effects. The effects of cleansing are definitely overwhelming and suffocating. 88 more words


Full Moon in Pisces 2015 (Super Moon)

You might already be feeling the effects of the Full (and super) Moon in Pisces on Saturday. Yep, the effects can be noticed by people a few days before and afterward. 349 more words


Έχει το όνομα, έχει και την χάρη! Αυγουστιάτικη πανσέληνος.

Η αντίστροφη μέτρηση ξεκίνησε! Γιατί το καλό με το δικό μας λαό είναι πως δεν το βάζουμε κάτω, βρίσκουμε λόγους να γιορτάσουμε και απλά αρχίζουμε τις ετοιμασίες.

Η φάση είναι τελευταία πανσέληνος αυγούστου και δεν γίνεται παρά να την απολαύσουμε εντός και εκτός σπιτιού!

Little Treasures

Howl On!

Oh No! That big fat moon overhead fooled me into thinking it was already Full…but I jumped the gun a little…I was so excited that I began to howl and SHE let me know I was a day too early…oh well…a great BIG howl is NEVER wasted…HOWL ON! 6 more words

Full Moon on Sunday—The Crone

In the days when rocks could talk and the Sun licked the Earth like a dog licks her puppies, it so happened that one of the Moon’s wives turned out to be a snake. 517 more words