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Holy Nights

Silent Nights for echoing lack of resonant laughter
are not most Holy Nights
as purgation’s self-effacing advent
opens sublime econormous therapy
of Earth Rights and Wrongs… 102 more words

Random Fact: February

February is the only month that can pass with no full moon. The next time this will occur is in 2018.

The moon takes 29.5 days to go through it’s full cycle, but because the moon reaches full at a particular instant in time, whether there’s a full moon in February depends on which time zone you’re in. 53 more words

Random Facts

Current Astrology: Uranus, Aquarius & Current Transits

By Barry Kerr

The Sun moved into Aquarius on January 20.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and resonates with freedom, authenticity, intuition and seeing past the limits of the status quo. 749 more words


February 2016 Astrology

Take a deep breath… ahh… ok, Happy New Year! Last month may have not felt like the right time to start you’re new years resolutions. Mercury was in retrograde most of the month, so we were finishing up loose ties, mental, emotional and spiritual. 516 more words

LA Weather Summer 6/20-26 2016

Now starting my summer time weather forecast for 2016.  The season looks more typical for Los Angeles than last year’s summer season (it was gray and cloudy the first month).   57 more words

Weather And Astrology

Luna Certainty

Tell her for me
she knows nothing
about moons

It’s waxing and gibbous,
there’s nothing more to be said

Chagall 2016