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Big Moon Rising Behind The Trees

11-4-2017 Magic Moment:

It is a warm night so I have my camping hammock set up on the porch to enjoy the fresh night air. I am half asleep, curled in my warm sleeping bag, when I notice a bright light emanating from behind the house, seeping silver shadows between the trees. 41 more words

Magic Moments

Apex Chapter 23: An Invitation

As the day wore on, the Omegas were lead outside with the guidance of Terry. It wasn’t the fist time most had seen him, but for Tyler, is was. 2,262 more words


The Night Sky

Sometimes, when the full moon comes out, I like to step outside with my zoom lens and try to capture the texture in some of the craters on the moon. 27 more words


Bye Bye Love

There was a full moon that night. There was always a full moon now.

It began simply enough.

Who knew that moving the kitchen table, just a slight angle so she could look out the window, not one direction but three, would make the difference. 768 more words

Latest Scientific Study Shows Correlation Between Full Moon and Full Yoga Classes

TORONTO – Four Post-doctoral researchers in the faculty of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Toronto have just published a scientific paper that links the influence of a full moon to yoga class attendance. 319 more words


Moonlight Reflections

Moonlight Reflections


moonlight’s soft white glow

dancing on silver waters

waves of holy light


If you want more cosmic perspective, here is a fascinating video showing the scale of the earth relative to the known universe. Far out!


Book Reviews: November 2017

Those Across the River

by Christopher Buehlman

A few years ago, I requested a book for my dad that was written by an investigator who had researched missing person cases from national and state parks around the country. 549 more words