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She Watches Me

Each moment as I walk passed the window I can feel her watching over me.

Though as I peer through the window to get a glimpse of who she is, I see, nothing. 66 more words

The Indigenous Bohemian


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Dog Days-Chapter 26

The challenges faced by MIR are many. As a result, job roles are dynamic in nature to match the ever-changing landscape of isolation and retrieval. 3,012 more words


Blackberried Fingers

I disconnected today, on my way home from the gym, after all was said and done at work, papers put aside, computer powered down, a final check out with the higher power. 556 more words

It's called longing

I really do love my new, post-divorce life.  I love my house. My new job is going well.  I have a solid network of friends that provides social and emotional support. 201 more words


Fae on Friday - Full Moon White Hart

Wild Moon

I ha' seen them 'mid the clouds on the heather.
Lo! they pause not for love nor for sorrow,
Yet their eyes are as the eyes of a maid to her lover,
When the white hart breaks his cover
And the white wind breaks the morn.
202 more words


Blue Moon

Friday July 31 is once in a Blue Moon, because it’s a Blue Moon. A blue moon occurs every 2½ years on average.

Whenever there are two full moons in a calendar month, the second one is called a “blue moon”The next blue moon will not happen until January 2018… 80 more words


Getting ready for the Blue Moon Peak

So I’m here on the balcony, got some blue moon charging going on.
A jar that will be a money luck jar , started with white wine open… 112 more words