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Mapping Command 2.0: Diplomacy

This is another installment of the Mapping Command redux series. No bit plot changes, a few extra lines here and there, lots of typo fixing. If you’re new to the series this is the sequel to Mapping Command:First Contact. 18,002 more words


The Things I Freely Give - Short Story (full)

You are beautiful. By my standards. I cannot speak for the standards of others. Your eyes, their depth, the contours of your nose, each lip, each piece makes a greater whole. 382 more words

Short Story

Dark Angel 

Chapter 1

I look up at the sky and watch

it get darker from the temple

roof I am crouching on. Im

here for one reason and one… 1,498 more words


Agonies Of A HouseHelp

Episode 3

I lighted the stove immediately and put some water into the kettle and placed it on the stove.
“Hope you’ve put the water?” My madam shouted from the sitting room. 327 more words


Agonies Of A HouseHelp

Episode 2
A severe lash of cane sent me hurrying to my feet the next morning.
“So you’re still sleeping?” My Madam asked looking ferociously at me. 487 more words


"Cages" - FULL STORY


I’ve decided to go all-out and post a full short story of mine. It is currently just under 6.2k words, and pretty damn near finished. 11 more words

Pilgrimage - Short Story (full)

I walk into the bar and no one smiles at me. It is a world lit by the slit light of the disco ball. Toned torsos undulate in the screens on the wall, they possess no hairs, they barely possess faces but they do promise: they promise of all the things I could have, of a world of so much more than this. 859 more words