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Johnson faces 22 counts of vandalism, one count of burglary and four counts of animal cruelty. A $35,000 reward is being offered for information that … 10 more words

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Story - Bevra's Gift

Loa had the potential to Shift, to take another creature’s form as her own. However, acquiring another creature’s form was a process that was fraught with danger, especially if your chosen Shift was that of the Griffin.  2,255 more words

Short Stories

“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.”

Today is truly another day in paradise. The weather is sunny, dry and in the high 70’s. The breeze, coming from the north, is cooling. It ruffles leaves and sways the smaller branches. 388 more words


16 Struggles Of Just Wanting To Call Everyone Out On Their Bullshit But Being Too Polite To Do So

If there is one thing true of humans, it is that we are fallible, unpredictable, ass-saving, ego-driven creatures (among other, more noble things) and we love to carry on with our attention-seeking, problem-avoiding, procrastinating, lazy ass ignorant bullshit so as to not actually have to face ourselves. 809 more words

Story - Nightmare

Amy’s nightmares were more than terrifying. They hunted her, haunted her, and hounded her until she woke up.  Or at least, when she thought she had woken up. 1,337 more words


SFC-Oman 7th National Conference - Love More

May 16, 2015, the most awaited day for all singles men and women for Christ in Oman to celebrate the 7th National Conference with the theme: “Love More” (John 21: 15-17). 2,040 more words


Let's Talk A Bit About Divergent (And The Hunger Games (But Mostly Divergent))

Spoiler Alert for The Hunger Games and Divergent

I don’t really want to get into anything about the movies. The first one was pretty bad, and i have yet to see the second one. 389 more words