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gorge yourselves

Although it appears I have seriously fallen off the wagon when it comes to regular updates, let me assure you that I am, at the least, gainfully employed in my craft.  653 more words

Short Story

Never a full story

On any given day, I spend a substantial amount of time reading through the news of various sources, domestic and international. Sometimes, it surprises me how the same story is covered so differently by different journalists, sources, and countries. 359 more words


Kingdom Hearts I, story pt.2

After visiting Olympus Coliseum and locking Deep Jungle in search of his friends, Sora and the others find a Gummi piece and travel back to Traverse Town to ask if someone can do something with it. 624 more words

Kingdom Hearts

The Book of Pattegon - 2/4 - Twale

The ancestors wanted their Magics back safely in their own corporeal arms. And that meant that the Book of Pattegon had to be stolen from the Inner Council itself. 3,439 more words


KH: Birth by Sleep - full story (pt.1)

Along with the written story I’m going to post here, I recorded all the cutscenes of the game from each caracter and put them together in the order I thought fit best according to the timeline. 856 more words

Kingdom Hearts