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channelling poe

NeedleInTheHay.net called it “lyrical beauty”.  I like that.  The challenge this time came, fittingly enough, from a dead man: Martin Heidegger.

Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.

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Short Story

The Book of Pattegon - 3/4 - Nettlie

The ancestors wanted their Magics back safely in their own corporeal arms. And that meant that the Book of Pattegon had to be stolen from the Inner Council itself. 2,550 more words

Fantasy Writing

Pennies From Heaven - Short Story (full)

In a city not dissimilar to our own, one made of concrete, rock and human bone, one etched with the lines of eroding time, one that etched itself onto human skin, in that city a little girl got lost. 1,271 more words


in my nightmares

How do you cure a non-biological disease?  This week you will be able to read the conclusion of the story which started HERE and was rewritten… 346 more words

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still living forever

Hello, Monday!  Breaking with tradition, I’ve decided to upload something on time.  Please enjoy an update to the story from before entitled: I Live Forever. 756 more words

Short Story

gorge yourselves

Although it appears I have seriously fallen off the wagon when it comes to regular updates, let me assure you that I am, at the least, gainfully employed in my craft.  653 more words

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