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Let's Talk A Bit About Divergent (And The Hunger Games (But Mostly Divergent))

Spoiler Alert for The Hunger Games and Divergent

I don’t really want to get into anything about the movies. The first one was pretty bad, and i have yet to see the second one. 389 more words

Is there a true story?

I have already posted about Opinionated Man’s following suspension. I did my best to report both sides of the story—how beneficial OM is to WordPress, what he could have done wrong, how WordPress could have interpreted his actions, and finally, WordPress’s action and its subsequent statement. 530 more words


Writing Roundup 2014

Here is the full list of links for all the stories I posted over this year! Thank you to everyone who has followed me so far, and liked and commented on my stories, I really do appreciate it! 535 more words

Creative Writing

My Full Bio

My Story

Nadine always had a huge passion for music and started off singing in her school choir. This led on to singing lessons and guitar lessons. 1,097 more words


"Pickman’s Model" -- H.P. Lovecraft

“Pickman’s Model”


H. P. Lovecraft

You needn’t think I’m crazy, Eliot—plenty of others have queerer prejudices than this. Why don’t you laugh at Oliver’s grandfather, who won’t ride in a motor? 5,643 more words



Stitched is a short horror story I self-published in 2012 under the pen name Dani Marchand. Despite positive reviews, I can’t stand by it as firmly as I once did, so it’s no longer available to purchase. 7,082 more words


Tuesday 20th August*!

  • In bed – 9.56pm
  • Lights off – 12.05am
  • Woke up – 8.51am

I spent about 4-5 hours today, playing piano, and writing a new song. It too over everything. 515 more words

Unnoticed Dream Sign