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Read Paul Bowles's short story "The Fourth Day Out from Santa Cruz"

“The Fourth Day Out from Santa Cruz”


Paul Bowles

Ramón signed on at Cádiz. The ship’s first call was at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a day and a half out. 11,981 more words


jack london's three paragraphs

A lie, really, because it isn’t by Jack London, and it isn’t even three paragraphs.  I was looking for inspiration and saw a quote (which London… 376 more words

Short Story

Stone By Stone - Short Story

War was hard won. Years of sword, cudgel, adze, tar and flame had etched themselves without remorse onto our lives and deaths. Yet we were always many and they were less and without us who would grow the wheat, who would tend the livestock, who would build the realm? 335 more words

Short Story

The Alnatic Encounter, Part 1


The slide of the pistol locked back as he fired his last round. Gunfire was erupting from the barricade ahead and he ducked behind the wall as he ejected the empty magazine. 10,698 more words

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The Old Men And The Sea - Short Story

He stood there on the marram grass, a rough carpet at his feet, and held the sword aloft. He was a proud man, our hero, for he was strong and he had vanquished the tyrant. 742 more words

Short Story

Story - Versas

Versas – There were people who could speak to the different ages of themselves, the different version of them throughout a lifetime. Jemma was one of those people. 888 more words

Creative Writing

Going Home

This is another parallel posting from Literotica. This is a change of pace, suspense and eerie rather than sci-fi. This is early in the Millwater horror series even though the town only has a cameo. 14,868 more words