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Wintering through - Lessons Learned

When we purchased Silver ‘Rita in September 2013, we made arrangements to store her for the winter. It was a smart move, as the winter or 2013-14 was quite brutal in Indiana. 692 more words

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Last week, Adam worked tirelessly getting details hammered out so that we could start moving into the 5th wheel as soon as possible. He took (and passed) his written and practical Class A driving tests, he got new (safer) tires put on, got the unit weighed and inspected for registration, and he installed an EMS unit (like a giant surge protector) to shield the RV from potential electrical mishaps. 609 more words

Manifest Destiny

The Great Tadpole Rescue, Day 2

The sun was hotter today than it was yesterday, and by the time we got down to check on the tadpoles, the puddles were much smaller and more tadpoles had met an arid fate. 326 more words


"Good Thing We're Superheroes!"

We saved about 100 lives today. That was wasn’t originally in our plans. Maya wanted to redeem her free ice cream ticket this morning, so we rode our bikes down to the restaurant to do so. 719 more words



If you don’t know what Roadschooling is, it’s pretty simple: homeschooling for fulltimers. The country is our institution, our RV is our classroom, and every day, every conversation, had educational value. 723 more words

General Musings

It's all happening...

Our RV was delivered yesterday!

The plan is to:

  • Put new tires on her today (the tires that come standard aren’t the safest).
  • Hubs will take his special driving test this week and get a new license.
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Manifest Destiny

Souls Wax Fair As Earth and Air

The emergency alert came over our phones just before midnight last night. Tornado warning in the area! Take shelter now! We knew a storm was coming, and thanks to our manager’s suggestion, we had mini bug-out bags already packed, but you always hope you won’t actually need them. 546 more words