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Bye Felicia!

Cancelling utilities has NEVER felt soooooo good!! What an amazing feeling to cancel them and not have to worry about setting them up somewhere else. Not to mention, I will NOT miss our $300/month summer electric bill! BYE FELICIA!!

First Full Year Fulltime RVing

The week of April 20th marks the end of our first full year fulltime RVing.  We had spent more time in our motorhome than our home for most of the previous 7 years but we did not cut loose of the home on salt water in Florida until April 2015.   520 more words

RV Travel

Am I Ready?

One of my very close friends asked me today if I feel ready to move into the RV, or if I’m totally stressing and freaking out. 325 more words

The Container Store

I’m sure the employees of The Container Store thoroughly enjoyed our  2 hour long weekday outing…

We all survived and did so without tears! Winning! :)

Life is Full of Goodbyes

We are fortunate enough (depending on how you look at it and how big of a travel bug you have) to be able to stay local due to my husband’s job. 171 more words

The Road to Fulltiming

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but I feel like an update is much needed/deserved for our awesome followers! That’s you! :) Once we officially decided to give  321 more words

This Move is Harder

I have a few moves under my belt because, well, we apparently don’t like to sit still for too long. With all that experience, I will say that this particular move is harder. 170 more words