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City Above

A community in the sky.

They have wings so do we think of them as high-flying birds?

Their home is the sky.

Are one of them flying over now? 49 more words


Happy Monday!

Happy 2nd day of March!

Sunny SoCal hasn’t been so sunny for the past few days. It’s been nice to get a new change of weather for once. 134 more words

Orange County

Why airline passengers are assholes 

To coin a catch phase from a magnificent ranter and author, Andy Rooney…..”Did you ever wonder why?”. In his understanding of the human psychology, Andy asked the question so many of us took for granted. 660 more words


Just cool: A picture of trichomes under magnification

Very cool.

The plant uses these to produce the essential oils that gives marijuana its distinctive odors and medical properties.

In some plants, trichomes are filled with poisonous substances, but in the case of cannabis, the oils are pungent and designed to fend off predators.



I know winter storms can be dangerous.  But snow is beautiful!  These are some pictures of the first real snowfall (here) this year.  Enjoy! 60 more words