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7 & 1 = the right kind of crazy

Dear Avery & Bayley,

Happy birthday week to both of you.

Avery, somehow you are turning 7 — and Bay Bay, you’ve reached 1 full year of life. 717 more words



Funny, expressive or just strange. Signs from around the world. It’s a perennial here at CS&W, and it’s a good excuse to publish the photo at the bottom one more time. 145 more words


Mad Mailbag Madness

One of the things that
drives me absolutely crazy
about watching television
is this trend toward ads
with screaming guys tellin’
you how great their stupid… 311 more words

Music Review + GIVEAWAY: "Whole Heart" Album by Passion Music

This is release day for the latest installment in the “Passion” event live praise & worship albums: WHOLE HEART. Today I’m sharing a review + ways to learn more about Passion and an opportunity to win your own copy of the music. 437 more words


1920's Musical Anomie

The 1920’s were an
interesting time in
American history.

The earliest part of
the century had a
strong vibe of puritanical
stuffiness that, by the… 337 more words

Feeling Some Felix

I bet you
remember this cat.

But just in case that
whole ‘memory loss’
thing they’ve always
warned you about
has finally kicked
on in….. 472 more words

ANCC: Altered Carbon

Check out the latest edition of the All-New Culture Cast where the Gorehound, Cuz, and Jen discuss the Netflix series Altered Carbon. Did all of the sci-fi tropes fall into place in this graphic novel adaptation? 19 more words