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The First Climb: Fresh, New View

Perhaps there is a reason that people refer to college as a higher education. I think of  all that I’ve learned from going away to school. 598 more words


Feel-good Friday: feeling good all week

 My Week started off with an invite to the annual California Wine Fair presented by Vancouver Arts Club.  Followed by dancing…and more drinking… 509 more words

Hokey Pokey

We found Hokey Pokey in a wine store. So the TG is obviously us. Here’s to Chardonnay and mango ice cream.

The packaging is simple, fun, plastic, not slippery when frosty and a sweet message outside that asks us to ‘please reuse the tub for something else, like fruits’. 13 more words


What's on in May?

As usual AIPE is providing a jam packed calendar of events. If you haven’t come along to the careers sessions on Tuesday nights you should drop by. 49 more words


Achievement Unlocked

When Tetris first came out on the Game Boy, I played it too much, and then I’d have Tetris dreams where puzzle pieces would be constantly falling from the sky, and I had to keep fitting them together. 340 more words


This is bananas...

This is just a quick thought on my lunch break.

The other day I was filling in as 8th grade history teacher while the teacher I work for/with was testing other students. 270 more words