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Soggy Birthday

Waking  up  from  a  nightmare  where  you’re  on  a  boat  and  everyone  in  it is  being  killed while you’re screaming  for your  mother  is  not  something  you’d want  on  your  Birthday. 939 more words


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I aspire to be a writer, director, and actress. I hope to work in the creative industry one day but for now I’m working on how i can get to where i want to be step by step. 62 more words

Fun And Humor


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Fun And Humor

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Hi, I have a new blog on http://www.feykegsblog.com and would like you to check it out, include your comment, and subscribe if you like it. On my new blog I post my stories (Satan ) talk about life, rant and post inspirational memes, all sorts lol. 28 more words

Fun And Humor

The New Language

It was  during  a  presentation  that I  noticed  the  odd  accent  with which  the  girl  spoke  about  her marketing  plan. Although  her  voice  was clear  and her  English  good,  which  is  a  rarity among  private university  students, there  was  something odd  about  the  way  she  pronounced  her  R’s and O’s.   637 more words

Fun And Humor

The Pain of Wisdom

If you’re in your early twenties then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The whole process starts with that odd swollen gum at back of your mouth. 643 more words