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The New Language

It was  during  a  presentation  that I  noticed  the  odd  accent  with which  the  girl  spoke  about  her marketing  plan. Although  her  voice  was clear  and her  English  good,  which  is  a  rarity among  private university  students, there  was  something odd  about  the  way  she  pronounced  her  R’s and O’s.   637 more words

Fun And Humor

The Pain of Wisdom

If you’re in your early twenties then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The whole process starts with that odd swollen gum at back of your mouth. 643 more words


Odd Coffee Cup

Found this little weird bundle of joy while shopping. I thought it was a weird play on words, so i spent 20 sec starring at wondering what it really means.


Finals are here :(

Well it actually started two days ago and will continue on until the 13th of this month. Its also part of the reason why I havent been able to post anything since before and after eid because I was so busy trying to finish up 4 asignments and three class tests and two presentations! 56 more words


Hot summer day

Sometimes I wonder how lucky some of my relatves are, living in Canada where its cold all year round. They dont have to worry about the burning heat of the summer, the sticky humidity and the monsoon rains that could drown a man in this country in his own home overnight, while hes asleep. 177 more words



Mid-term  week  is  over!!  Finally!  God  I am so happy  and  relieved.  I  haven’t  slept  for  more  than  two hours a day, studying  my  head  off,  trying to  cram in  useless  business theories  at  the  last  minutes.  737 more words