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Copping out with a list

This is massively cheating, but I love to talk about myself and I also have a major case of writer’s block. But I need to write something, my fingers are itching, so here it is – Mere summarised. 837 more words


Forget “An Arm and a Leg” — Here’s The Really Expensive Stuff

We refer to something outlandishly expensive as “costing an arm and a leg.” Perhaps a better comparison would be the cost of a unit of blood. 203 more words

Fun Facts

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In 2006, a woman farted on an airplane and tried to cover it up using matches, causing the plane to make an emergency landing.


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Adam's Fun Facts: Christmas Vacation, Elephants, Pinball Machines & More!

by Adam Alexander
Why does the house in the movie, “Christmas Vacation” look familiar? What city BANNED pinball machines until 2014?  How long do elephants sleep?  174 more words


Good Luck Talismans: Most Vikings believed in good luck talismans. They carried good luck charms with them everywhere. Some talismans protected them from certain monsters, from health problems, in battle, and relationships.

Idunn was the goddess of youth and beauty. She grew the golden apples that all Norse gods had to eat regularly to stay young, healthy, and strong. 55 more words


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A study published in Psychological Science says that Twitter may be more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol.


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