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Things My Dad Says

My dad has all these pithy little sayings that he repeats on occasion. Every once in a while, I’ll find myself repeating them to other people or I’ll be telling people about something my dad once told me. 162 more words


Trump Sings the Groping Blues

Why all of this fuss and moping!

Over a tiny bit of groping!

Don’t look at me, look at Bill!

Everyone grabs women against their will! 104 more words


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For any man, groping an unknown woman or one who is not in relation with him, is bound to bring blues. Not to talk of the sure fall of such gropey men who hold positions of power, and whose duty it is to stop such crime against women. Rather then stopping other men, the leaders themselves indulge in such acts. Are they good role models? Here's a fun poem in good humor. No intentions to change your political priorities.

⦿ An Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village

Nature always gets her way.  This is a series of photographs taken by  Tang Yuhong  of  22 more words
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⦿High-diving Giraffes - video

‘High-diving Giraffes’ – an odd but charming realistic digital animation  .      Hey –  no running by the pool
.ꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ
 ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒ ꖒꖒ ꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒꖒ ꖒꖒ

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⦿Stardust ~ Particles of Light - interactive Flash

. .     
 move the colored circles with the cursor for a constantly evolving graphic
  . .          or linked images  
. . . . http://wonderfl.net/c/4mly/fullscreen  

. . 53 more words
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