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Shades of Grey

Here’s a song I liked when I was little. Like, age 8. I had great taste in music, what can I say. Back then I just liked it for its groove, but these days it has quite another meaning that I relate to only too well. 372 more words

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⦿Ronettes - Be My Baby & Shout, live

1965  ———- Ronnie’s a natural performer, sure knows how to work an audience  ————-

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⦿Gumby - Robot Rumpus 1956

the 50’s vintage toys in these cartoons make me drool ! youtube playlist of 109 Gumby episodes, excellent quality
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Cardiologist view

​Cardiologist view.

Wealth is like dynamic MR it regenerates quite rapidly!
Trust is like MI once affected it leaves a scar!
Ego is like a LV Hypertrophy …the more it swells; the more problems it causes! 51 more words

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⦿ The Ancient Lights Windows

       The ‘Ancient Lights’  Windows of England

On many old brick buildings  around London  are  signs  saying  ‘Ancient Lights‘ marked  beneath 97 more words
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