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Trader - Fisherman joke

​A trader was going to Kashi by boat.
*Chapter 1* – Casualty

On the way, his boat started sinking. He saw a fisherman on a nearby boat and asked him to take him aboard and save him. 314 more words


Evidence Based Medicine - Joke

​_*Evidence Based Medicine?*_
Put ice into a glass of water,

the ice floats..

It’s called observational study..
Press the ice down,

and it comes up again.. 98 more words


Paul's Epic Rant to the Church of Corinth

This is a continuing series of my quest to read the entire bible.

I skip around on which books I’m reading based on relevant conversations I’m having with people online and in-person. 2,355 more words

Religion & Atheism

⦿'Things Go Better With Coke'

Coke, freshly delivered on your doorstep every morning, circa 1934

how great is this !

Found on Once Upon a Town    via  messynessychic.com/

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New generation of MBBS students

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