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⦿ It Grows on Trees - 1952 film

 1952 comedy.  Irene Dunne, Dean Jagger, Richard Crenna
 —————————-  watch on youtube for better display  —————————-

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Bahubali & MBBS paper joke

MBBS question paper based on Bahubali:
*”Write a note on approach to Kattappa killing Bahubali. Enumerate the organs most likely to be injured and write a note on hemopneumothorax.* 254 more words

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⦿Ray Charles ~ Hit the Road, Jack

Live – 1961 When I heard this song on the radio as a kid, I decided my calling was to be a Raylette ! 12 more words
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⦿The Moon is Blue - 1953 film

This one was hard to find for free, but I did it. 29 more words
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