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ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙΝΗ ΑΔΡΕΝΑΛΙΝΗ: Τα μέρη που πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να πάει διακοπές ένας εργένης!


Το να ταξιδεύεις στον κόσμο είναι σίγουρα μία μοναδική εμπειρία για τον καθένα. Άλλωστε πάντα υπάρχουν λόγοι για να ταξιδέψεις. Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε μερικά από τα καλύτερα μέρη που πρέπει να πάτε όσο είστε εργένηδες, ελεύθεροι για λίγη καλοκαιρινή δράση…


Springing into Spring!

After Fukuoka, Bridgette and I flew back to Hong Kong for 2 days, and then flew home to the Bay Area with Brianne (for her Spring Break). 462 more words

Fun Places

Why We Love Disney Cruises

If there’s one question that I get asked a lot through this blog, and from family and friends, it is why we love Disney Cruises… 1,079 more words


Perfect combinations: Trampoline & Dodge ball

This probably is not the first time anyone has heard about these trampoline parks.  You know the ones that usually find a way to fit “Sky” into the name.   448 more words


A Week in Fukuoka

I can’t remember how it happened, but sometime last year, I stumbled across a Facebook group named Worldschoolers. Intrigued by its name, I joined the group, and was delighted to find close to 30,000 members that shared many of our family’s outlook and values on life learning. 917 more words



After secondary school I didn’t have a clue what to do with my life. Instead of just choosing a random course and wasting my year partying and skipping school, I decided to go abroad. 1,154 more words


Eating Our Way Through Tainan

Since our Maldives and Tokyo trip with some of my cousins, we’ve been trying to find an excuse every year to travel together as a group. 574 more words