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Bridgette’s 8th Birthday in Hawaii (Part II.)

Mimi had thought I was finished with my final birthday surprise for her back in January, but little did she know……I had just one more schemed up for this Hawaii trip. 1,025 more words

Bridgette And Brianne

Bridgette's 8th Birthday in Hawaii (Part I.)

Bridgette turned 8 earlier this year, on February 20th, and as always, her birthday fell on mid-winter break at school. It’s hard to plan a birthday party when most of her friends have travel plans that week so for the past few years, we’ve also traveled to celebrate her birthday. 766 more words

Bridgette And Brianne

Berries Drip

I will feed you berries

Till the juices run down your lips and into mine

May they stain yours with sweetness and make you think of me… 79 more words


Weekend in Yosemite

Although there is still another week of school for Bridgette, we officially kick started our summer vacation with a trip to Yosemite with our friends this weekend! 667 more words


Long Trip

Our ultimate summer experience trip doesn’t necessarily have a hard timeline and it will touch all 48 states in the continental U.S.. We’ve estimated that this trip will take a good portion of the summer, about two and a half months depending on how much time the traveler would like to spend in a specific locations and if they feel it’s necessary to touch every state. 415 more words


Little Mandarin

She tasted the Mandarins

Peeled then from their skin

And popped the sweet juice into her cherry lips bit by bit

Winter days had gone too soon… 54 more words